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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Been lurking hot deals for years, saved a lot of coin.
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    FS/T: Apple Airport Extreme

    fuck ya'll sold! bout time
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    FS/T: Apple Airport Extreme

    BuMp, would take an lcd for trade, or any cpu/mobo combo for a net machine. Maybe even a lower end camera/receiver for home security.
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    FS/T: Apple Airport Extreme

    Bump, make offer.
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    FS/T: Apple Airport Extreme

    Bump, if price is unfair LMK
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    FS/T: Apple Airport Extreme

    This is in mint condition, comes with everything originally included when purchased. Have receipts in the box. Not actual photo, please PM me if you want photo. Model #MB053LL/A I'm asking $120obo shipped, or I would also LOVE to trade for a 14 Dbi antenna or similar to pick up wifi...
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    Looking for feedback on an Android App

    Nice time killer, only hit 2200's thus far.
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    1W Blue laser for $200

    Just ordered one, I can't see any regulations popping up in Canada anytime soon, but just in case...
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    pc vendors which one should i buy from

    Avoid the vendors, even look in the FS/T forums for some good deals on parts.
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    High Tech Computer Desks

    This makes me want to go desk shopping again. Gates has it right.
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    I never knew that, thanks.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    The airport extreme seems pretty decent, dual band.
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    Best Blu-Ray player software for PC

    I've always used TMT, might try out powerdvd.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

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    Starcraft 2 Art Contest

    That looks awesome!
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    Monitor the Internet

    Perfect, and they'll know you can see the history, be interesting.
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    Fan store?

    Never heard of sidewinder, thanks!
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    Applecare on eBay: ok as long it's the actual box?

    Check out his refs first, I'd be careful getting apple care on ebay.
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    Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality @ [H]

    Toms hardware has help me out too many times over the years. Good write up.
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    MacBook Pro 15" battery life

    I'm going to run bare minimum, then try with wifi. The difference can't be too bad just browsing.
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    Gateway XHD3000 - 30" Widescreen Extreme HD Display

    Thinking about getting one now.
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    What's the technology that has higher GB capacity than Blu-ray?

    Solid state drives good for back-up if you don't access them all the time?
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    Get it done with ultra fine powder.
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    Looking for Quake Live Beta Key

    Still avail.
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    Iphone newbie. Some questions.

    Check out or similar sites.
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    iPhone firmware 2.2 is out

    I'm making an attempt at the 1st gen tonight.
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    FS: Oakley GMT watch

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    FS: Oakley GMT watch

    thanks, upup
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    FS: Oakley GMT watch