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    Disapointed with Hydravision

    I haven't used an ATI card since the 9200- so now that my 4870 is up and running, I'm acclimatizing to the catalyst control center and Hydravision. One of the contributing factors in my switch to ATI was that nVidia's multiple-monitor control application, nView, STILL isn't available for Vista...
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    ATI-based brands to avoid?

    I haven't seen and 4800-series cards from Asus, but apparently they exist. A 1 gig 4850 but no 1 gig 4870? Ahh well.. I'm sure if the 4870 x2 comes out, that'll be the enthusiast's dream for the next little while... Asus' support website has gotten much better than it used to be, but...
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    ATI-based brands to avoid?

    Just bought a Visiontek- good website (which I've found to be surprisingly rare), plenty of recommendations from others, good price. So yeah. Bump.
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    ATI-based brands to avoid?

    well, that summed things up nicely
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    ATI-based brands to avoid?

    VisionTek only mentions that they're a "premium retail partner", which is probably what the other brands are as well. I've heard a few horror stories about EVGA- I'm leaning toward HIS and VisionTek at the moment (partly because they seem to be decent brands, and partly because they're in...
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    ATI-based brands to avoid?

    Agreed- I'm not so sure about Sapphire cards. Back when ATI was it's own company, I got the impression that the Sapphire brand is where ATI sold its less-than-stellar cards. Even though Sapphire made the majority of ATI cards, I think they may have saved the best chips for ATI branding. Who...
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    ATI-based brands to avoid?

    It seems every time I've gone to buy a new video card, nVidia has been the 'best' choice- but this time ATI seems to be the way to go (and I'm more than happy to fund nVidia's once-Canadian competition!). I'm used to dealing with the usual brands for nVidia cards (and happen to be a BFG fan...
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    Top of the line case choice: Lian Li, Silverstone

    Armoursuit P60 or its more subtle cousin, the A17. There's the A77as well, if you want the extra space. I've owned both Silverstone and LianLi cases, and while they both look nice I've found Lian Li has an edge in terms of quality- they're a little sturdier, a little easier to work in and...
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    Lian Li v2010

    Purty... huge, but purty.
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    Trying to find the lian li PSU mounting bracket

    You can try FrozenCPU- they carry a good selection of Lian Li parts.
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    Lian Li PC-A17 Aluminum Mid-Tower Chassis

    hahah- nice. I was waitin' for someone to try that! Kudos Kadozer.
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    Lian Li PC-A17 Aluminum Mid-Tower Chassis

    there's no reason you can't put the harddrives in 'backwards'; I'm not sure whether they fit but with some right-angle connectors they'd probably fit. As for the mounting holes at the bottom of the chassis to show off your RaptorX- the floor is relatively smooth, with a few holes for the case...
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    Lian-Li PC-A77

    I'm still likin' the A17... the space on this puppy is great.. but I just don't need it anymore. The A-17's a great alternative if you like this style of case
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    Lian Li PC-A17 Aluminum Mid-Tower Chassis

    It's nice to see pictures of this case start to appear! Few people seem to be discussing it. I've been waiting for a Canadian supplier to stock one of these; whatever stock of the black version of this case seems to have been sold out to the lucky few first buyers. I've seen an ETA of April...
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    Dell 2407WFP Rev A04 Spotted.

    Ordered one from today- I'll post whether it's an A04 when it arrives. Judging by how many others have received A04s in this thread, I'm confident I'll receive one as well. And if it's only an A03.. no biggie. Still a great panel (and I couldn't care less about 1080p, 1:1 pixel...
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    Need a laptop for collage, six choices, help!

    Another vote here for Asus. Great build quality, sexy design and great screens. Trust me- I've been reasearching laptops for a long, long time and I've seen every barebone and almost every ensemble (their super-fancy line) that asus has right now- and they're all amazing. For the price, you...
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    I managed to watercool both the cpu and gpu in a shuttle, which is much more constricted than the qpack. Trust me- with some careful planning, you could watercool just about anything in that case. I would- just make sure you've got a decent rad, and enough airflow across the rad to keep the...
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    Project: Black Death

    Looks like a halloween UV funhouse. Nice work on the custom waterblocks though- and I've never seen a res quite like that.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Here's my desk while I'm home from school: The LCD is nothing impressive... but it was cheap. The 21" monitor still beats any image an LCD can produce, especially for the low-low price of $200 Canadian... I can feel the flames already And yes.. I painted the monitor black. A really...
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    You can help make longhorn better!

    Anything but the old FDD would be fine for me. Why make an aging technology a necessary part of an OS install (if you need third party drivers). I had to find a way to hook a FDD to my HTPC just last week to install MCE2005- a royal pain in the ass, considering I had to pull a floppy drive...
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    Remote Desktop puzzle

    I forgot all about those old-school trojans I used to play with in my script-kiddie days to hijack my friend's computers. As I recal they didn't work overly well though... mogman- I'll definitely change the listening port, that's a great idea. I don't know if there are actually people...
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    Remote Desktop puzzle

    yeah.. I've been through that one.. didn't work I've done my research.. I was hoping someone might know something about VPN setup that I haven't been able to figure out.. I guess I'll keep reading up on it and try again next time I go home.
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    Remote Desktop puzzle

    Pardon my n00b question, but I figure something like this'll be no problem for you guys to answer (and I'm having trouble figuring it all out myself...) I currently go to university and live in an apartment away from the house. I have an HTPC at the house that also acts a fileserver. I'd...
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    Shuttle SB75G2 motherboard question

    It's a form factor specifically designed for the shuttle case- it won't fit in a normal ATX setup. Sorry 'bout that..
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    New HTPC change over...

    also- If you don't mind using half-height cards, I'd check out the Antec Minuet. It's a nice small case, and it is definitely cheaper than many other HTPC cases out there...
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    New HTPC change over...

    If you're looking for cheap, I wouldn't bother with SFF. You tend to pay a premium for the small case. I'd find a cheap mATX motherboard instead, and get a relatively slim mATX case. It'll likely fit whever you'd need it to (you may have to find or modify cards to fit a half-height case)...
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    Just bought BFG 6800 GT OC

    have you tried playing any other games yet? It'd be good to rule out the monitor/cabling
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    Leadtek 6800GT & SN95G5

    best place to ask this question would be They're the experts.
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    All-In-Wonder X800XT

    I'll be shuddering once I see the price... the x800xt's just about the most expensive card available.. I can't image adding an extra 100-150 or so bucks. Yikes. But, I'm sure late-adopters will be pleased with the price.. sometime next year.
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    Got my BFG 6800GT and I could NOT be happier

    Wow.. I forgot how hard that e-mail was to read. I assumed BFG was an american company; but the guy who wrote that e-mail seemed to be struggling with the language.
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    Got my BFG 6800GT and I could NOT be happier

    heheheh, nice one. I'm in the same camp myself.. I've preferred ATI's cards, but I think NVidia may have done a better job this time around. I'm sure it'll swing back and forth for the next little while... About the reference vs. custom cooler on the BFG card. I sent and e-mail...
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    Dead bfg 6800gt in less than a week!!!

    sooo... is BFG any good? must I shamelessly bump this thread?
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    Dead bfg 6800gt in less than a week!!!

    I love BFGtech's whole super tech-support approach.. but I'd rather not have to turn to tech support in the first place. Do they make decent cards? I ask because I'm trying to choose between BFG and MSI for a 6800GT- and I don't plan on buying a lower-quality card.
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    Nvidia nv45 update?

    Either that, or the 512 meg cards will be ridiculously expensive, and the GT cards will drop slightly in price, until production on NV48 increases
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    BFG custom fan VS reference fan

    Shoot.. and I was just about to buy the BFG 6800GT. My computer's quiet as it is.. I'd trade an increase in heat if it meant quiet fans.. but I doubt that's the case. Two small fans are rarely as quiet as one big one. But I could be wrong. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Leadtek 6800 128 Meg now -OR- BFG 6800GT in 2 weeks - $165 difference!

    the extra 165 would be worth it in terms of gameplay. I'd wait an extra month, and you'll probably see prices drop even more, once supply increases and demand decreases...
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    Got my 6800U - my impressions

    good point plus, switching back and forth between NV and Ati drivers could definitely cause some problems (unless you completely clean them off your system)
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    Highest speed AGP card

    I'm sure AGP'll be around for a while. Hell, just about every AMD chipset right now runs AGP. I'm just wondering if the vid card companies'll stick with it. There doesn't seem to be much talk about it... even with ATI's latest onsalught of x300s and x600s- all for PCI-X
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    Highest speed AGP card

    I've been waiting for the dust to settle on this x800/6800 debate; mostly waiting 'till something showed up in stock, so I don't have to pre-order. At this point it looks like I'll probably be waiting until mid-september. If I'll be waiting that long, then why not wait for the next gen, right...