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  1. J

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Fire emblem awakening. Witcher 3. Kings quest.
  2. J

    What new games are you hyped up for this year?

    All the aforementioned plus Metal Gear Solid V.
  3. J

    So.. when did you start your Steam account?

    September 12, 2003 - day of steam release.
  4. J

    Planetside 2

  5. J

    Windows color scheme?

    This happens to me also. Only while playing Sleeping Dogs. Got a fix?
  6. J

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

  7. J

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    love that setup bowhuntr.
  8. J

    Planetside 2

    I got in the beta. Having horrible graphic glitches. The game runs horribly on my system. Shame, as I am a ps1 vet and have been anticipating this game for years.
  9. J

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I believe that is spotify he is using to play music.
  10. J

    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    ps2 and ps3 hidden in there.
  11. J

    PS2 emulation set for PS3 & DC titles set for PSN Store?

    anyone care to speculate if these titles will also be playable on PSP?
  12. J

    DVD disk drive woes.

    its not software that wont play cds. they are just not detected whatsoever. no auto play. nothing in the E drive shows up when I insert one.
  13. J

    DVD disk drive woes.

  14. J

    DVD disk drive woes.

    Long story short. New laptop couple months and I am just now discovering this problem. Gateway Vista 64 bit. DVD drive will read dvds just fine but will not read cds. So far I have tried un-installing device driver and letting windows re-install. Hooking up external burner. CDs still not...
  15. J

    data recovery

    I have 2 hard drives. hard drive a had a bunch of junk I didn't want anymore so I wanted to re-install windows and format it. hard drive b had important files that I wanted to keep. when I went to re-install windows on hard drive a i accidentally selected windows to be installed on hard...
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    Looking for a gaming headset

  17. J

    Optimizations for LCDs

    bump, I also have just recieved a new LCD. being native too CRTs I would also like to know some optimizations for my new monitor.
  18. J

    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    Server (main): Bleeding Hollow [PvP] Name: Jawsh Race: Dwarf Class: Paladin Level: 44 Mount: Yes Guild: Halcyon Trade Skills: Mining (263) and Blacksmithing (246) Favorite Activity: Raiding
  19. J

    World of Warcraft

    playing wow
  20. J

    Need a 17" LCD in the 250-300 range

    i also would like to know, i'm looking for an lcd within this price range that has good image quality for games.
  21. J

    Who IS playing world of warcraft?

    Jawsh lvl 19 dwarf paladin on bleeding hollow, atlantic PVP
  22. J

    Abbysmal 3Dmark05 score.

    please move this to the video card section
  23. J

    Steaming Poo.

    works perfect for the slight exception of the friends network
  24. J

    Nvidia fans <-------------

    shut up
  25. J

    Breaking news from VU!!!!

    original? No.
  26. J

    Mouse and pad combo

    mx510 and func :)
  27. J

    Steam is the devil ...

    yes it's pretty obvious steam is the problem.. cough.
  28. J

    WoW Stress Test/Open Beta Signups @ fileplanet

    I want mah key~ I paid my monay now gimmeh mah KEY
  29. J

    san andreas

    i think it's sweet
  30. J

    CS:S feels!

    cl_smooth "0"
  31. J

    Anyone playing FF XI?

    FFXI doesn't even begin to get fun until around level 18 when you get your sub-job, so unless you have a lot of patience, about 20 hours or so, don't get FFXI. However, I would recommend getting WoW, I played the stress test beta and it was a lot easier to get into then FFXI.
  32. J

    Got My powerbook... pics inside

    congrats *jeaous*
  33. J

    6800 FX, 6800 FX/GT, 6800 Ultra.. hmm, which one?

    around 10,800 stock speeds
  34. J

    Half-Life 2 shipping to US retailers November 23, 2004.

    soooooooo far away but why