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    How many of you have DVD writers

    I bought mine a month ago. I backed up all my mp3/video on 4 dvd. Which is better dvd xcopy xpress or DVDShrink. I use xpress. it takes me about 45 min to rip the movie.
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    9800XT go insane

    Good work...atleast one person got it. They can't come after him right? See that he paid by credit
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    9800XT go insane

    try taking the ad to bestbuy or CC and see if they pricematch the ad price....see if it works. Do they call frys when they pricematch?
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    Cheap mag SUB they have maximumpc for 3.39 or something like that....
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    Reccomend me an mp3 player

    yeah dish out a 100 bucks more for the ipod mini, or alittle more for the regular ipod. If you cant afford the ipod, if it was me i would get... irivers iFP-190T 256MB Flash Music Player, with FM Radio it goes for 150 i think But the ipod would be well worth the extra money....
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    WD120gig HD for $39 AR

    im pretty sure that they dont price match with Frys....
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    2nd shipment of Unreal Tournament 2004 SE!!! doesnt say SE anymore it just says regular dvd version.....i think that what people will get, not the SE version... that sucks man
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    Free T-Shirt and Video

    Dude they came to my door...asked me if i wanted to join(they said i called them up and gave them my info)...i was like fawk no i didnt call you guys...they were about to talk to me but i said i had to go .....hahahaha
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    ATI 9800 Pro 128MB 199.99 @ BestBuy and UT04 DVD Edition 29.99

    bestbuy sold out.....and i cantfind the SE anywhere else. When will they get more?? I checked out ebay and ppl are selling it for around 70 bucks...
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    FREE- 1 year of GamePro Magazine and Electronic Gaming Monthly

    Just got EGM yesterday....
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    DVD RW Recomendations

    I have the TDK 880n. Loving it so far.
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    Amd fx-53....benchmarks

    A64 fx-53 benchmarks....
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    $199 Radeon 9800 pro (retail)

    is the IR only for this week....or was it a price break...
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    How do I get this person to NOT buy parts at CompUSA

    i buy stuff from compusa if it almost the same online. Keyboard and mouse, printer, video card. Oh yeah pc games too. oh yeah i should just say that i get employee discount there. At emplaoyee cost its almost the same online. I too get the replacement warrenty there, i re place my keyboard and...
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    3.2 prescott vs 3.2c

    did you guys see this yet...
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    Any [H]ot GBAsp deals??

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    3.0 P4 for 175 come can only hope.

    just read this article at the Inquirer..... :D
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    Free 2 Yr. Sub. to Stuff Magazine

    has anyone got theres?
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    Newegg extend warrenty?

    You guys know how you can extend the warrenty with newegg. Should i do this with all my purchases or do you think its a waste of $$$. For example mushkin 1 gig pc3500 cost 16.98 for the extended warrenty. How long is the manufactor warrenty on this anyways? just wondering...
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    New comp in progress....someone help me decide

    Im planing to build a new computer soon. I already decide the memory is going to be Mushkin 1gig pc3500. But im trying to decide on the mobo\cpu. Options that i was thinking about is: 1) abit AI7($110)\P4 2.8c($214) = 324 2) Abit Ic7-g($130)\p4 2.8c(214) = 344 3) Asus p4c800-e($180) or...
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    COMCAST Offers 4.0MB download for $52.99 an month!!!

    i dont have comcast in my area..... i pay 40 a month for 2mb down....i forget what up is.. thats a good price for! i cant get that