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    Sync two computers over the internet

    I hate SaaS as much as the next guy, but so long as your collection is not massive, syncing these directories via OneDrive will be easy if you already subscribe to Office 365.
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    Building shelves

    That’ll do pig. That’ll do.
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    [Epic Store] PC Building Simulator (Free Till 10/14/2021)

    Part of me really wants to know if this comes with the Streetwalker DLC so that you can fund your in-game purchases for the GPU.
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    [Leak/Rumor] Valve Deckard - Wireless VR/AR

    VR is still on the leading edge of tech maturation. No one should expect to buy any VR hardware and not feel the early adopter sting eventually. Any rumors about headsets getting upgraded or supported with new features after release are just that. If Deckard drops support for lighthouses, will...
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    iPhone 13 Pro announcement major disappointment

    While I may or may not agree that it is underwhelming, “sidegrade” is ill advised at best. Even if nothing else changed A15 is probably an upgrade if all it changes it the battery life. Don’t believe industry rumors, don’t project alleged upgrades onto a device as gospel then fall disappointed...
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    Outdated game mechanics.

    Health pickups make sense. Cannot imagine playing HL2 or especially HL Alyx without them. Regenerating heath makes sense, it was cool in GoW. And both together make sense: ME:LE and FTL both show how regernation and “pickups” can be used in the same game. Agree that filler gather/kill quests in...
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    Places to buy mining cards in bulk.

    They just canceled a preorder I had in for a water blocked Asus 3080. Preordered about eight months ago. I thought $900 was steep at the time. They sent about 12 emails updating me on shipping delays and MSRP changes. Product was discontinued by Asus before ever even getting the chance to buy...
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    Soundbar: Atmos/DTS:X and HDMI 2.1 VRR/ALLM

    In short: Very happy with it. I ended up liking the “smart” features much more than I anticipated. Having it work as an airplay receiver and being able to adjust volume from the phone is very nice. As for sound, it does very well in my odd room. I cannot compare to anything else really, but I...
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    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    I have not had time to review the tech details, but are they hashing the image or hashing what a Neural Net outputs as a potential match? That is, is there level of filtering/analysis/matching on-device with a neural net then the result of that is hashed?
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    Games you've beaten in 2021.

    Lots of CIV V ME1:LE FTL, through I have yet to beat it.
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    Laptop for daughter/college...Lenovo Legion 15" RTX3060 vs ASUS ROG 16" RTX3060 and others..

    I agree with NIZMOZ. Those are pretty large device to lug around. I say that as someone that lugs around a HP 17” Z workstation laptop for work, and own a 14” ROG Zephyrus. I would strongly suggest you take a hard look at the Zephyrus, it is probably among the best blend of power and form factor...
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    Threadripper 5000 mobo support speculation

    I think the general consensus is that the TRX40 boards will accept the new processors (With BIOS updates) which would at least match the X399 boards in terms of number of generations supported. AMD got a lot of flak for killing X399 quickly after Threadripper Gen 2, and with DDR5 on the horizon...
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    some recommendations needed please.

    I may not understand your question, so please confirm my understanding: You want to use a HMD to replicate the experience of sitting in a room looking at a huge flat screen on which the Xbox Series S game is displayed? Sort of like a virtual movie theater?
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Salinas based friend went to San Fran and gave up when he got there at 10PM last night when there were already about 70 people in line. No idea what stock was like in the morning.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Savannah, GA BB still has stock of everything except 3080. Picked up a 3070Ti for a friend in San Fran area.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Anyone have any idea how long the “line” is for the XSX on the Microsoft store via the insider program? I do not need an XSX immediately, but checking stock wears on me. I randomly hit up the big names, but expect that this it is all still bot’s paradise.
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    Bitcoin mining operation in Finger Lakes sparks local concerns

    I embarked on the math because I suspected that the power plant would easily eclipse the grills. I called bullshit, but as it turns out there are a lot of grills in the USA. Factoring in the split of gas to charcoal and not factoring in that charcoal is semi carbon neutral (Burning wood is...
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    Bitcoin mining operation in Finger Lakes sparks local concerns

    I got curious and ran the numbers. The subject plant emitted about 245,000 tons of CO2 in 2020, or about 490,000,000 lbs. Some quick research shows that there are about 20% more gas grills than charcoal grills in the USA, and that grilling with gas emits around 6 lbs of CO2 (Although that is...
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    TRX40 owners and in particular Gigabyte

    TRX40 Aorus Master. Has BIOS reset seemingly randomly once about six months into ownership. Did not pay attention to what version it may have reverted to. But was a PITA since it reset all my fancurves and lost the memory OC settings. I plan on moving the fan curves to a Aquacomputer Quadro and...
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    Microchip Shortage Hits Auto Industry Too

    NVIDIA, unlike Intel and Micron, cannot manufacture their own chips. So the global semiconductor manufacturing shortage is unlikely to help them, since all they stand to lose is the ability to sell as many chips as can be made. NVIDIA’s purchase of ARM will likely have a much larger impact on...
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    Anyway to use Valve Index with HDMI or TB?

    If the USB-C port on your laptop is configured from the manufacturer to implement DP-alt mode with the dGPU then that adapter will work. The exact same one works with my Index and Asus ROG Zephyrus to get DP via USB-C.
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    When PCIe x1_3 & PCIe x1_4 are occupied, PCIe x16 run at x2 mode, what if ONLY ONE is occupied?

    If there is a powered card that is communicating it’s presence, then the lanes will get allocated to it regardless of whether the lanes are actively being used. PCIe bandwidth is statically allocated, not dynamically. That behavior is not Asus’s fault, that behavior is simply how PCIe works...
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    where do you buy the tape that stick thermal sensor to chips?

    Get the Kapton tape, it works. Aluminum tape (Like 3M 425 variety) will work as well, but keep in mind it can be conductive, which may hurt a lot if you are not careful when applying it. In either case, clean the surface with >90% isopropyl alcohol to ensure tape will stick.
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    Domino's Delivery Robots

    Am I the only one that finds it weird that we have the meat men making the pizzas and the robots delivering them? As a young lad I imagined things the other way around.
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Been playing ME1 LE recently, having a good deal of fun so far. Textures looks great, 4K is lovely, and I really appreciate the HDR. Happy that I started my play-through with Legendary scaling after the last patch, hopefully should make hitting level 30 pretty simple. Playing on Insanity, and...
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    Your favorite price to performance heatsinks.

    Deepcool Gammax has been my go-to for a cheap aftermarket heatsink that beats the stock Intel pancakes. $30 and it does a great job. Looks like the be quiet Pure Rock 2 is a slightly better version with a much better fan for $10 more. Glad to hear about the ID cooling sink. Will check it out...
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    Noctua's Fanless 'Passive CPU Cooler' Slated to Arrive Soon...

    Absolutely agree. This thing will die in a closed case. It needs open airflow above it, and ideals open flow beneath it, although from the side will probably be acceptable.
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    Noctua's Fanless 'Passive CPU Cooler' Slated to Arrive Soon...

    Well, if you are being pedantic and restricting all natural convection (No passive airflow, IE heat sink in a sealed case) then 30w is hard, but with enough surface area you can accomplish anything. This heatsink is design to generate its own airflow passively via natural convection: Buoyant...
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    Need help finding

    Crucial Ballistix are also generally lower profile. Let us know the capacity, how many sticks, sub timings, and price you are looking at. Go ahead and crowdsource the search.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Won the option to buy a $2400 6900 XT in the shuffle. First win, and of course I let that go. Can buy a 6900 XT for those prices any day of the week it appears. Never looked close enough at scalper prices to see that what Newegg charges for some items in the Shuffle is downright asinine.
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    3080Ti Review: Mostly a Neutered 3090

    Fair enough. More SFF friendly / Less SFF challenging. Although to your point, there will be more people trying to cram this into an even smaller space. At least FE to FE.
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    3080Ti Review: Mostly a Neutered 3090

    TechSpot review is up. As predicted, this is closer to a 3090 than a 3080, both in performance and price. Basically a SFF friendly 3090. Other Reviews: TPU Hexus TweakTown GN (YouTube) Optimum Tech (YouTube)
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    Need laptop for wife

    If you want a Mac clone: Samsung If you want something within budget: Dell
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Interesting. Does the game still make available the Specter VII / X level gear on Legendary at (I take it to be) Level 25 or higher? I really loved that equipment and will happily slog away in game to unlock using it, just curious if it unlocks on play through 1 on Legendary. Otherwise it was...
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Sorry, this is likely more that I fail to comprehend than that you were unclear. What shouldn’t? The game should not require two play throughs? The game should not give me an issue selecting a new class upon importing ME1 save for a level 60 ME1 run? Or something else? You guys are all awesome...
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    So, to get to level 60 on Insanity still requires two play throughs on ME1? Not a huge bother, but seems needlessly redundant given we have ME2 and ME3 now. Regardless, I forget, on the second playthrough you must reimport your Shephard and use the same classes, no? Or can you change you class...
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    Soundbar: Atmos/DTS:X and HDMI 2.1 VRR/ALLM

    Yeah, I gave up on HDMI 2.1 pass through and will live with dedicating an eARC port to the soundbar until HDMI 2.1 ecosystem settles. First world problems.
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Good catch. Does moving the cursor around over the hidden body emit an audible indication at least, or is it a totally blind click?
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    Are we missing or needing "mid size" phones?

    It’s all personal taste of course. I have bigger hands, daily a 12 mini as my personal, have an iPhone 8 for work, and use a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 for Androids apps. The Mi Max is great for content consumption, but I would never want to pocket that beast. I LOVE being able to use the 12 Mini with one...
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Anyone know if they baked in HDR support? Not seeing anything, so I guess not. Might be a UE limitation I guess.