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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    Another Fury X graph
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    Fury won't beat 980Ti, much less Titan

    Did you folks see this chart? legit?
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    ASUS is downgrading me to a GTX 780 on a GTX 780Ti RMA

    I hope the ASUS cards hold up because I have three on hand. I have had their cards since the "Dark Knight" cooler AMD cards. I have never had to test their support system. I hope I never have to.
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    ASUS is downgrading me to a GTX 780 on a GTX 780Ti RMA

    It is an upgrade. I have had both.
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    ASUS GTX 980 STRIX DC II OC Video Card Review @ [H]

    I have 3 Asus Strix cards, and none whine while gaming. I don't play benchmarks, so I cant comment on that. You don't hear the fans ramp up at all under normal daily use.
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    Choosing a new video card for my ready-made PC

    Maybe a 750 Ti as you wont need a PCIE connector and your weak psu might be able to handle it. You could also save up for a whole new PC. You could keep the 3770 cpu, and use it in the new build.
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    Corsair HX850

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    Frustrated Re: Lack of Competition

    I am not a fanboy, but have not owned a AMD card since 5870s a few years ago. I don't like loud, hot, video cards like AMD has been releasing for quite a while now at the top end. Give it similar performance, run cooler and quieter, and I will buy it. Multiple cards in sli and crossfire suc as...
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    GTX 980 May Lose The Performance Crown To AMD’s R9 380X in February 2015

    I have had many AMD cards in the past. I hope they can make a quiet, cool running, powerful card in the near future. I will buy whatever, from whoever. Nvidia has just been better for the last few generations. I don't mind buying, selling every generation if there is something interesting to...
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    Is coil whine present on the 980 reference cards?

    I have ref 980 with hardware in sig without coil whine. I am pleased with the card.
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    Zotac AMP!: The Unloved

    I just bought the Zotac 980 ref cooler, runs great, no coil whine, $549 at amazon. Seems to clock same as all other 980s.......2 six pin power connectors also.
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    970/980 Coil Whine

    In years past I have had terrible coil whine. I switched PSUs and problem has gone away. My Corsair HX750 has been great, I don't recall any coil whine from GPUs since I have put this in years ago.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Overclocking Video Card Review @ [H]

    Yes I did, boost stays at 1440 on 3dmark11, temps in 60s, 1 test went to 72 max, fan left on default auto. No throttling here. I will try higher settings when I get a chance. I just cranked it this amount to see if it was ok at these speeds.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Overclocking Video Card Review @ [H]

    Just bought a ref. cooled zotac for the msrp of $549. It has the 2 six pin power connectors, I just added +200 and +300 on memory right out of the box, base is now 1327 boost 1416. I see it boosting on benchmarks to 1440. Fan is on auto, stock voltage. The card is working great. I don't know...
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    EVGA 500B 500W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    I ordered this as a PSU to sit in my closet as a test unit. I had to use my last test unit as a replacement for a corsair CX600 that failed out of nowhere on my sister's PC. That CX600 was a disappointment, as that PC was hardly ever used, and in a low end build.
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    gtx 760 or (2) gtx 450 sli

    Not gtx 450 sli.
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    FS Crucial M4 256gb SSD

    This is from my wife's home use laptop. She almost always is on the other laptop provided from her work, since that is the one she uses daily. The M4 has barely been used. $115 OBO, shipped priority mail, no trades, paypal only. I will format it on Tuesday, and ship anytime after that. Thanks...
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    FS (2) Corsair SSD

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    FS (2) Corsair SSD

    I have (2) Corsair Accelerator SSDs for sale. A 30gb and 45gb, take them both for $40 shipped. No trades. I reformatted them this morning to sell. Paypal only. Thanks, Dave
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    Small SSDs

    I have 2 Corsair Accelerator SSDs for sale. A 30gb and 45gb for $50 OBO shipped, for the pair. No trades. I take paypal. I reformatted them this morning to sell. Thanks, Dave dccmadams is my heatware
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    FS/FT PSU, Video card

    You say hd 7750, the link is hd 7770. Which do you have? Thanks
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    WTB micro hdmi cable

    Hello, I find myself needing one of the micro to normal hdmi connectors that used to come with some of the video cards. I threw all mine away when I was moving 7 months ago. Does anyone have a cable to sell me? I live in CA now. I have paypal. Thanks, Dave
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    FS Pair of EVGA GTX 460 SC 768mb

    A matching pair of EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked 768mb cards. Work great. $115 shipped USA. I am not splitting them up at this time. No trades. Firm on price. Paypal only. Thanks, Dave SOLD
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    My heatware is gone

    Were they hacked?
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    My heatware is gone

    Anyone having problems with their heat? I had 23-0 rating, and now it wont let me log in. It even says invalid user when I try one of my older links from a for sale post I had.
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    FS Cheap Mobo combo, gtx 460

    I have a gigabyte MA785GM-US2H mobo with onboard 4200 graphics, dvi, vga, HDMI. Athlon II x2 240 2.8ghz cpu with stock heatsink. 2gb Geil pc2-6400 4-4-4-12 2v ram.The cpu, HS, and ram are mounted in the mobo already. Not splitting up combo. $70 shipped USA. EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked 768mb...
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    FS EVGA GTX 570 SC w/backplate.

    Added gtx 460 sc for sale
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    FS EVGA GTX 570 SC w/backplate.

    Back up bump
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    FS EVGA GTX 570 SC w/backplate.

    I just recieved my RMA from EVGA. It is the superclocked model with the high flow bracket. I installed the EVGA 570 backplate. I am looking for $160 FIRM shipped priority mail in USA. Paypal only, no trades. Thanks, Dave Just added EVGA GTX 460 superclocked 768mb $60 shipped...