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    Farewell, Android Pay. We Hardly Tapped You

    I literally only use it when there are incentives by my credit card company to do so such as cash back bonus or statement credit. I can see it being handy to pay for stuff if you forget your wallet though. Using a credit card is generally slightly faster and easier.
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    R9 Fury 4gb $240AR

    I've had good experiences too with crossfire and I'm even using 2x 7970 still going strong. Most major titles support crossfire and if they don't you likely don't need it to drive to high settings anyhow.
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    I bought this and tried to use as a PC monitor (coming from a Auria 27" 1440p monitor). Using it as a workspace was fairly nice and looked really good at 4k after adjusting the icon sizing in Windows to be close to what I was coming from at 27"/1440p. However, for gaming, I felt the image...
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    Picked up a bundle @ MC in Mayfield Heights as well last week, thanks op. Sale rep said they knew it was a mis-print but were honoring the price. Also stacked with that retailmenot 10 off 50 coupon code. I asked about replacement insurance direct from Microcenter but they said it would only...
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    Three Senior Executives To Leave AMD

    Not really a good sign that three of them are leaving at the same time. Still rooting for AMD to stay competitive. Big fan of their cost vs performance.
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    Grand Theft Auto V Delayed On PC

    I will pick this up when it's 80% off. Still haven't even finished Episodes from Liberty City.
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    7970 cf vs 290x

    I'm running 7970 CFX @ 1440p and don't have many problems running it. I think some people tend to exaggerate the effort involved to run CFX. Most games that require the graphics power of a single 7970 will support CFX, and lower resolution games that don't need CFX in the first place won't be...
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    Yep, the game is fun again, I started playing again a few days ago after writing it off from the past.
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    Saints Row IV $15.99

    Fun game, basically GTA style game with a char with superpowers.
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    I hate you, Tigerdirect.

    I've had mostly a positive experience with them. I've gotten some very good deals (and some FAR items). Any direct rebates I've done with them have been processed very quickly (4x as fast as Newegg direct rebates). However, their customer service is lacking. Near BF 2013, I ordered a...
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    Tomb Raider Finally Hits Profitability

    Really fun game, visually stunning and enjoyable combat, good plot so far. Glad to see they hit profit, well deserved.
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    HP Brings Back Windows 7 'By Popular Demand'

    Windows 8 is a good to great OS after installing Classic Shell. I alternate between metro UI and the desktop and I actually enjoy having the flexibility of both interfaces. Obviously, not everyone feels the same way :)
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    [H]ot - Hotline Miami - $2.49

    As someone who doesn't play a lot of indie games, I really enjoyed this one, challenging, frustrating, but you feel good once you finally beat some of the tougher levels. Though, I'm still not sure how my 7970 was able to handle this game, so demanding :).
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    The Darkness II at Microsoft Store - $2.99 + FS

    I think it's also activates on Steam, so you can just get the code from the box then toss it.
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    Man Forgets Buying $27 Of Bitcoin, Worth $886k Now

    What are the odds that his memory was jogged coincidentally after his divorce settlement was finalized :)
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    [H]ard Drive Disaster of the Day

    Looks like a secure erase to me.
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    Bioshock Triple Pack For Under $20

    Good deal if you don't have any of the game already.
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    What used card should I get for around $80 ?

    You probably will want to get more specific on what resolutions you plan on running. If you are below 1080p, I doubt you need any video card higher than 1 GB of memory. If I had to guess based on the limited info you have provided, getting the HD7770 might be your best bet.
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    NVIDIA Hires CFO, Ends Two-Year Search

    Needed to find the right man who knows how to cook the books, can't put a rush job on that.
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    Mushkin Unveils Its Scorpion Deluxe PCIe SSD

    Definitely not needed by most people unless its for a special application, but good to see the technology progressing nonethless.
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    AMD's Matt Skynner Talks New Radeon Cards

    Can't wait to see some benchmarks.
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    NZXT case rebates.

    Did a rebate with them a couple years ago on a case ($10 MIR). Received it after 3-4 months without needing a follow up, can't speak for their current practices.
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    7970 users: does this card have coil whine? Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC with Boost

    My 7970 only tends to get coil whine when running certain benchmarks, most of the time its quiet.
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    Never Settle Forever question

    Yep, just rumors, but it would be sick if it was. That 7950 deal I got not too long ago would be crazy cheap, but I'm not banking on it. The only game I've seen them add since I bought it was Saint Row, so not expecting it.
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    CAT: 13.10b Worth It

    Thanks for posting, didn't even know 13.10b was out, downloading now.
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    Tricks Facebook Uses To Keep You From Quitting

    The only thing I use facebook for is to occasionally get discount codes from amazon or other websites.
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    Overclockers Set Five New World’s Records with Corsair Memory

    I've never noticed any real world performance increase by overclocking my RAM (DDR2 or DDR3), maybe I'm doing it wrong,
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    Netflix Uses Pirate Sites to Determine What Shows to Buy

    I always thought it was funny that when cancelling netflix, they prompted to ask in the electronic survey if torrent sites were a reason why you are ending your service. They definitely don't pretend to turn a blind eye to everything like some companies do.
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    Windows 8.1 Starts At $120

    Start up the $15 upgrade program that didn't even require the Win7 key, then I'll pick up another copy of Win 8 :)
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    AMD's Matt Skynner Talks New Radeon Cards

    This should definitely give AMD a slight edge in the driver dept., however it remains to be seen.
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    GTA V Review: So Realistic It's Boring

    I will wait until the PC version is heavily discounted (also hoping it doesn't port as bad a GTA IV).
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    AMD's Never Settle Forever Promo Adds Saints Row IV

    Yes, getting great bang for the buck is often a terrible choice. :rolleyes:
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    Xbox: We Wouldn't Trade Places With Anyone

    You typically don't get to be that high in buisness without having a refined ability to bs people no matter what the situation is.
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    Pandora Names Former Microsoft Exec As CEO

    I hope this doesn't mean more Ads.
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    Intel Solid-State Drive Pro 1500 Series Reduces IT Costs

    SSD's certainly would speed up to reboot time. It easily takes 5 minutes to reboot with all the security software in place that slows the machines down, so that's 10 minutes (5 for end user + 5 for IT worker) for everytime time there is an issue that requires help from IT. That would easily...
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    New Intel CEO Outlines Product Plans

    Just don't forget about the desktop market...
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    IBM Helps Track Down Movie and TV Show Pirates
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    Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements

    Wow 30 GB, that is a lot. Good to see it will utilize 4 cores though. 2 of my cores are sad and lonely 95% of the time.