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    WTB: Quadro P2200

    Looking for a Quadro P2200
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    MSI RTX 4090 Gaming X New

    Can vouch for this seller
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    Motherboard that allows selectively disabling m.2 slots

    Well I already found one board (pictured in the OP) but I’d prefer an ATX option. Also the Ghost/QuartzCanyon NUCs have this option. I think Skull Canyon too but I haven’t verified that one.
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    PC Gaming?

    Windows 11 has no option to expand taskbar icons rendering it incredibly frustrating to use for me.
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    PC Gaming?

    Nope, does that consistently happen with Win10?
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    PC Gaming?

    What makes it a "must"?
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    Motherboard that allows selectively disabling m.2 slots

    Sample photo attached. I'm looking for a motherboard that allows for selective disabling of m.2 slots. I want to have multiple OS installations that are totally isolated from each other.
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    SOLD: Ryzen 7950X - $429 shipped

    I wanna know where you got that rose. That thing is healthy.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    I would pay a premium for some small capacity SLC drives but have never seen anything for sale. Still have and use my OCZ Rally2 Turbo 4GB for important things like BIOS updates.
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    SOLD: EVGA RTX 3050 XC

    Good seller. The 3060 Ti I bought from him was in excellent condition.
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    WTB RTX 3060 ti, 3070, 3070 ti (or similar performance)

    Asus Tuf RTX 3070 with retail box, light use, clean card. $370 shipped.
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    FS: $100 G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 RAM F5-6000J3636F16GX2-FX5

    Someone buy this before I find an excuse to get a second kit
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    WTB: Low end i3 Coffee Lake CPU (i3-8100, etc) and small Ubiquiti PoE switch

    I need a low end Coffee Lake CPU to test something. Only required spec is ECC support in Ark. Also looking for a small Ubiquiti PoE switch, probably a US-8-150W.
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    FS: $100 G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 RAM F5-6000J3636F16GX2-FX5

    Nice RAM, mine completed a full Memtest pass using AMD EXPO settings, no fuss. And sweet mouse pad as well.
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    Mix and match RAM for server?

    I installed as follows: A1 16GB, A2 16GB, B2 32GB. BIOS and CPU-Z are reporting dual channel mode and a qiuck AIDA64 bench mark is showing read/write speeds comprable to other DDR4-2400MHz dual channel results.
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    2TB Samsung 980 Pro M.2 NVMe -- Brand new/sealed

    FYI for anyone who has one of these, make sure you update the firmware, they recently patched some issues. I’ve had no problems with mine, just a heads up.
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    *Closed* WTT: X570S Motherboard

    Consider WS ACE?
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    Mix and match RAM for server?

    In my experience server ram is actually a little more forgiving in the sense you don’t have stuff that’s way off from the JDEC spec and as long as the voltage and type matches up I haven’t had any issues. Someone at STH recommended 16+16+32 and said I would get dual channel. I’m still trying...
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    FS: Amazon Gift Cards!

    Use the Cash app from Square?
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    Mix and match RAM for server?

    I have a mixture of DDR4 ECC UDIMMs - 2x Kingston 16GB, 1x Hynix 8GB, 1x Hynix 32GB. I think some are different speeds as well. I have tested the single sticks and the matched pair independently in my Asrock C246 motherboard with Passmark’s MemTest86 and all passed a full round as well as all 4...
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    SOLD~~~ Playstation 5 Console

    somewhat ironic you are posting here since HWS requires PayPal GS
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    WTB: Carfax

    Need a single Carfax report, does anyone here have a 3 or 6 pack they'd like to sell a single from?
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    cheap LGA1700 coolers?
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    FS: iPhone 14 Pro, iPad Pro, Intel i5-12400, Asus RTX 3070

    Have several items for sale. No pictures yet for some items as I'm still in the process of getting everything ready, will update post. I accept Zelle for payment and shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. I have been a forum member for going on 20 years now, 2FA enabled, long...
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    WTB: Supermicro JBOD power module (CSE-PTJBOD-CB3)

    Those are so expensive. I gave up and just bought a cheap motherboard/CPU/RAM.
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    FS: Analogue Pocket

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    WTB: RTX 3070 Ti FE or 3080 FE or 3080 Ti FE

    Looking for one of the following FE RTX 3070 Ti FE RTX 3080 FE RTX 3080 Ti
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    FS: Analogue Pocket

    I had to look at the map but yep!
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    FS: Analogue Pocket

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    FS: Analogue Pocket

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    FS: Analogue Pocket

    BNIB Analogue Pocket in White that is still sealed. I preordered both colors and decided to keep the Black one. Looking to get my money back so $280 shipped.
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    WTB: RTX 4090 FE

    Worth a shot right?
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    Is the RTX 4090 FE vaporware?

    can't get anything here