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    FOUND: Inexpensive ATX AM4 Motherboard

    Did you have the Aorus Ultra Gaming X470 die on you? I had my first ultra gaming die on my after about 13 months. Got lucky and Newegg sent me a replacement. Now my replacement is hard crashing to black screen, can only reset if I cycle the power supply switch. I will never buy another Gigabyte...
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    Intel 7nm ambitions are...lofty

    Intel 10nm is primarily targeted for laptop segment. When Intel starts talking about 7nm release in 2021, prior to any 10nm desktop parts being available, you can read between the lines that 10nm is complete trash and Intel is just buying time until 7nm is ready. My prediction: Intel 7nm mobile...
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    Intel 7nm ambitions are...lofty

    Data Center market is where the margins are at. Intel is royally fcked until at least 2021 in data center market. Their 14nm Xeons are power hog compared to equivalent core count AMD Epyc Rome releasing in September on 7nm. Intel 10nm yield is atrocious and will likely never support their Xeon...
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    AMD AGESA Buggy, Company Pulls it from Motherboard Vendors

    With all the issues pointed out with Ryzen bios in this specific thread, its a miracle all the Ryzen 3000 reviews were able to publish on time, and without any notes of instability or crashing during testing. Sucks that I had to wait 7 days for a bios update to run Ryzen 3000 on my old recycled...
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    9900k or 3800x

    If the OP is not gaming on a 2080 or 2080ti class GPU, and primary use is 80% gaming (as stated), any CPU above $300 is an absolute waste. Don't even consider anything over a 9700k/3700X unless you have above GPU.
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    AMD 5 Ryzen 3600X, 100Mhz over max boost clock boost override

    Thumper, can you tell us what clock speeds your 3800x maintains in game? Very curious to see how in game clock speed compares between 3800X and 3700X. Also what cooler and temps you see in game? Thanks
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    LMAO, are you really running a 9900K to game at 720P? Please explain to me why you game at year 1996 resolution on top end hardware. Also, agree that unless a gamer is running a 2080Ti, they are better off buying a $329 Ryzen 3700X and getting the best damn gpu they can afford (2080TI) If you...
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    AMD Ryzen R9 3900X Review Round Up

    Are these chiplets not the same utilized in upcoming Rome release? I would expect nearly identical (or better due to binning for enterprise higher margin) ipc and power efficiency gains here for the Rome product.
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Very surprised to see such low all core overclock with the new 7nm process. Expect this to win solid market share for data center and cloud market due to power efficiency and price vs Intel. Hopefully TSMC can tweak the process for next 7nm+ release to up the max operating frequency and close...
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    AMD Ryzen R9 3900X Review Round Up

    Power efficiency, ipc improvement, and competitive pricing look great. If this doesnt secure significant server market share from intel, there is some shady shit going on. The max clock speeds are very disappointing for 7nm (4.2 ghz ryzen + vs 4.3 ghz ryzen 2). Was planning to upgrade my...
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    NVIDIA RTX 2070 & 2060 Super at Amazon

    I wouldn't consider two consecutive quarters of revenue decline "killing it". The only thing great about Nvidia financials this year are the high margins, as usual. Here are the key numbers (FY2020 Q1 Released May 16 2019) Earnings: 88 cents per share, excluding certain items, vs. 81 cents per...
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    Was this website sold to a new owner?

    Serious question here so let's get a consensus before this post is also deleted. There was an article posted this afternoon by Joker51 I believe it was, that looked like an anti AMD PR spin article. The article was referring to the AMD partnership where AMD cpu technology was licensed to a...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Review

    Odd selection of comparison CPUs in this review. It has the $250 6core/12thread 3600 vs the $480 8 core/16 thread 9900K Looking forward to some 1440P gaming benchmarks at playable settings (75-130 fps)
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    Intel Notifies Partners of Upcoming Price Cuts

    Love this analogy (sarcasm) You are comparing car designs to a piece of computer hardware that sits inside of a box (case) and cannot be seen in most cases. This reminds me of the "cool people" who put Apple stickers in back window of their car because they are proud of the brand. I use an...
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    Nvidia SUPER Refresh: Faster 2060, 2070, 2080, Faster GDDR6 and $100 Off

    Agree with this, and this is probably why Nvidia is pushing ray tracing to increase the GPU load of future games. Am hoping game streaming such as google stadia and Nvidia Now actually improve so we won't have to spend $500 for mid-range performance
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    amd rdna 5700 or

    Just stating the obvious that you have a "keep drinking the kool aid" reputation here. One that goes out of their way to fight for Intel when their 9900K gives 101FPS vs a Ryzen 3600X with 99 FPS at roughly half the cost. Or for Nvidia to repeatedly state how their ray tracing is amazing and...
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    amd rdna 5700 or

    True statement, however.... The computer was completely off. How could the power get to the GPU? It was truly a weird one. And they likely had a small pico fuse they replaced for about one dollar because I got the original card back after 2 days from when they received it.
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    amd rdna 5700 or

    I had to like your post here simply for the IdiotInCharge reference. Me thinks he may be upset because his Intel and Nvidia stock will be taking serious beating next few years
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    amd rdna 5700 or

    Agree that these prices are BS for both rdna 5700 and Nvidia Turing. Used GPU is the way to go until Nvidia/AMD get the message that their pricing is not appreciated. $500 1080ti on ebay will crush both the 2070 and the 5700 I bought my 1080ti used for $500 and would rather roll the dice on a...
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    AMD Announces RX 5000 Series Graphics processors at Computex - Demos RX 5700

    I wouldn't blame AMD for shit GPU launches either. When you offer superior products with better performance at a lower cost and still get outsold 6 to 1 by Nvidia (RX 570 Vs GTX 1050/ti) what do you expect.
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    Upgrade from Ryzen 7 1700?

    Ryzen 3000 is coming out in July or August, you can bank on it. October or November would be for the turd that is Navi GPU. So you can spend twice as much now for 8 cores/8 threads 9700K, or wait 2-3 months and get 12 core/24 threads for about half the price (since you have the Ryzen...
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    Ice Lake Brings A New CPU, GPU, IPU, and I/Os, To Follow By Tiger Lake Next Year

    *Up to 4 cpu cores and 1 Teraflop IGPU, exciting if you are into ultra portable long battery life I guess
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    Anandtech: Intel Details Manufacturing through 2023: 7nm, 7+, 7++, with Next Gen Packaging

    Intel Marketing slide to English translation: We are going to sell a few low power mobile cpu on 10nm until 7nm is ready in 2021. For desktop segment, we are looking at 7nm Ryzen vs 14nm ++++ Intel for summer 2019 through some time in 2021. Hopefully AMD puts enough back into R&D so they can...
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    AMD to Simultaneously Launch 3rd Gen Ryzen and Unveil Radeon "Navi" This June

    I like to support the underdog, but Navi might be DOA if it ships 6-9 months later and only matches Nvidias 2060/2070
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    AMD's 7nm Navi GPU Rumored to Launch Roughly a Month after Ryzen 3000

    Navi to release in August and compete against rtx 2060 and Vega 64 Nvidia to release 7nm next gen to replace 2080ti in March 2020 for $1600 Exciting times /s
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    Upgrading from 970: 56? 2060? 1070ti? 1660ti? 1080? 64? 1070?

    If you are coming from a gtx 970, dont settle for any less than 1070Ti performance. 1070 is just not worth the effort.
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    Devil May Cry 5

    This game looks great. Itching to try this if someone wants to sell me their AMD game bundle ;)
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    WTB Devil May Cry 5 (Or AMD Game Bundle)

    Hello, I would like to buy a code for Devil May Cry 5 or AMD game bundle that includes that game as a choice. Please send me your price, if available. This is the only game I am interested in from the AMD bundle. Thank you Heat:
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    144 is the new 60?

    Here's a thought. Maybe the 1080P 60 hz players are casuals and therefore have "decent" k/d ratios Those who are more serious about gaming spend more money to play on the best (1440P 100 hz+). Their K/D ratio is likely better bc they play more often and are serious gamers. Those who play on...
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    FS: iPhone 7 + Black 128GB (A1661) | Custom WC PC

    You may want to correct your pricing error on the system. For $4500 you could build a new system with 9900K and Two 2080ti in it
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    NVIDIA and AMD Are Shipping Fewer GPUs as Retailers Sit on Inventory

    The only party at fault in these high prices are the consumers. When gamers continue to shell out more and more money for the same product than in the past, it sends a message to Nvidia that gamers have accepted the price increases. I do not fault Nvidia or AMD for this as they are a for profit...
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    NVIDIA and AMD Are Shipping Fewer GPUs as Retailers Sit on Inventory

    For 1080P, used RX 580 8GB can be had for around $130. That is a steal for solid 1080P gaming and makes any new card for 1080P appear over priced (both Nvidia and AMD cards)
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    Bump for some lucky guy to snag another 1080ti at a great price
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    AMD's Mark Papermaster Discusses 7nm Process Technology

    Am hoping AMD makes a meaningful improvement on clock speed with zen 2. Many users do not have a current use for more than 8 core/16 thread. Give me 6-8 cores at 4.6Ghz plus and I will have a reason to upgrade my 2600X gaming rig
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    31.5" 2560x1440 165 Hz VA G-Sync - LG 32GK850G

    + 1 to this I also game on an HP 32" Omen (1440P w/ 75Hz freesync) This monitor has great colors for the price and the large size is a plus. No looking like "ass" noticed here
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    WTS 1070Ti MSI Armor

    Bump for SOLD ;)
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    Bump for fast shipper and good prices. I just received and tested a Gigabyte 1080ti from Wingding. Thanks!
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    WTS 1070Ti MSI Armor

    MSI 1070Ti Armor Price is SOLD (locally) and no longer available.
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    Is nvidia marketing to blame for the RTX complaints?

    You aren't looking at the big picture. Mainstream gamers dont care about die size but they do care about price to performance ratio and this turing generation is not doing well on that based on sales data. Nvidia chose to use almost 1/3 of the die size on a feature that gamers don't care about...