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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    Yep, like I said before, anyone buying this monitor and for some reason expecting VA/IPS viewing angles is going to be disappointed. They are no better than your average TN panel, ie pretty poor vertically and narrow enough that the screen isn't uniform from top to bottom when sitting directly...
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    Horizontal viewing angles are decent for a TN indeed but the vertical ones are still pretty poor. The bottom half of the panel still appears brighter, the colors noticeably change when you move your head up and down a bit etc. It's a good monitor from what I saw but don't go buy it expecting...
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    Why are laptop LCDs more advanced?

    I wouldn't say laptop LCDs are more advanced. They do have higher resolution but that's about it. In my opinion, laptop LCDs are generally far worse than desktop LCDs when it comes to color reproduction, contrast, viewing angles and response time.
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    Response time importance

    There is no "ideal" response time. Obviously the lower the better. Seeing as most of the time manufacturers use strange methods to measure the response time, or just flat out lie about it, the actual numbers don't mean much. If you don't see ghosting that bothers you, that's all that matters I'd...
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    Samsung SyncMaster 193P Plus: A Review

    All TN LCDs have narrow viewing angles, 6-bit color and relatively poor contrast ratio so that's what you get "by default" when choosing a monitor with such panel. The 173P+ on the other hand is one of few 17" LCDs that aren't TN. It uses Samsung's PVA panel with superior picture quality. Those...
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    Samsung SyncMaster 193P Plus: A Review

    It's probably slightly faster than the 173P+ seeing as it's a TN panel but it has narrow viewing angles, 6-bit color and worse contrast ratio than the 173P+.
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    Samsung SyncMaster 193P Plus: A Review

    Why is it impossible? Overdrive doesn't affect black-to-white transitions so the response time for it has stayed the same as before. Yes, grey-to-grey response times are much more important but don't trust the specs too much.
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    Samsung SyncMaster 193P Plus: A Review

    I wouldn't rely too much on pcworld reviews. Not saying they are lying or anything but their reviews have always been kind of weird. I don't know if they even calibrate monitors before reviewing them. I don't own the 193P+ but I find it hard to believe it's so much worse than the 193P which...
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    LCD monitors for gaming.

    I thought Dynamic Focus was something different. It is applied to "flat" CRTs to improve focus in corners so that the entire screen is more evenly focused. I don't think it means the monitor automatically adjusts itself overtime. Could be wrong though.
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    LCD monitors for gaming.

    The ghosting test on anandtech doesn't refer to what people usually think of when they say a monitor "ghosts" (motion blur). Instead, it refers to streaking/ghosting as interference which is what "ghosting" really is. Don't know about the "Black level adjustment" though. I hope they don't...
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    2405FPW "Input Lag" Poll

    Before I got rid of my CRT I used it in dual monitor mode with a Samsung 193P LCD. There was no lag compared to the CRT at all. Don't know about the 2405FPW though. If you look at the pictures that gustep12 posted, the lag is obvious compared to the 243T. Perhaps it's not a problem with the...
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    Samsung 173P+ advise & other LCD's...

    No one can give you a definite answer to that. It may be faster at some transitions and slower at others. Usually LCDs with overdrive have nearly identical response time for all transitions (which should be around 16-20ms for a 8ms GtG LCD). LCDs without overdrive may have a response time of...
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    Viewsonic VP191B or Fujitsu siemens P19-2

    I haven't compared those two monitors so I can't say which performs better but there is something strange about the P19-2. All reviews except one (Behardware) say the Fujitsu is just as fast if not faster than the Viewsonic. They (Behardware) say it's "catastrophic" for games and "almost slower...
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    Samsung 173P+ advise & other LCD's...

    Even though that is true, it doesn't mean an 8ms grey-to-grey display is slower than an 8ms (rise+fall or black-white-black) display. The grey-to-grey spec is only found on monitors that use overdrive technology which means that response time is pretty much the same for all color transitions...
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    Just bought a L90d+

    Yes it is.
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    For those with widescreens

    I don't remember the exact dimensions right now, but isn't it more like 20" widescreens have similar heights of 17" monitors, not 19"?
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    How is the Vp191b for gaming really

    Isn't the 930B an 8ms monitor? If you weren't happy with how it performs in games, I doubt you'll like the VP191B. Hopefully I'm wrong :)
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    Has anyone had ghosting/problems gaming on a laptop?

    Laptop LCDs have the same blurring problems too. You probably don't hear much about it because not many people use laptops for gaming. LCD TVs usually have a fast enough response time to not blur in movies but they aren't any faster than current fast desktop LCDs. The technology is improving...
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    Samsung SyncMaster 193P Plus: A Review

    How do you know that? You compared them side by side or you found a review where they measured the actual response time of the 193P+? Not saying you are wrong, just curious.
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    Why are people picky about LCD Brightness and Viewing Angles?

    Having an LCD with narrow viewing angles doesn't mean "it's perfect as long as it's located in front of you". TN panels have such narrow viewing angles that even if you sit directly in front of the screen the top of the screen looks noticeably darker than the bottom. I don't really care about...
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    1905FP-pretty bad ghosting

    There is another version of the 1905FP that uses the same 8ms MVA panel as the Viewsonic VP191B.
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    refresh rate

    Refresh rates don't matter on LCDs. They don't flicker.
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    2405 viewing angles

    Yep. As you may already know, the viewing angle specs are misleading and don't say much about the actual viewing angles at all. Manufacturers only take the contrast ratio drop into account when measuring viewing angles which is almost useless. They measure the point at which the contrast ratio...
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    2405 viewing angles

    The viewing angles on the 2405FPW are surprisingly narrow seeing as it's a PVA panel. The screen is so big that it needs very wide viewing angles which unfortunetaly is not the case with the 2405FPW. Some people may tell you their monitor is just fine and can watch it from any angle but they...
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    Question about L90D+ panel

    It's a 6-bit TN panel. From what I've seen, there is a lot of mistakes in specs on newegg. Sometimes they list a 0.264mm pixel pitch for a 19" LCD etc.
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    Videos of 2405 in action?

    It works. After you choose download type, wait a couple of seconds and your download will be ready.
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    193P+ or the L90D+

    Keep in mind that the L90D+ has a TN panel with sucky viewing angles and worse colors and contrast ratio than the 193P+. We don't know yet how fast the Samsung is since there hasn't been any "real" reviews but according to people who own it, it's just as fast as the Viewsonic VP191B which means...
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    Why has pixel pitch stopped shrinking?

    Yeah, and it's not like a 17" CRT has enough physical pixels to display that resolution properly.
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    Can anti-glare be removed?

    X-Black is IMO even more reflective than any CRT out there. Also, although X-Black should in theory improve blacks, in practice that's not the case. In that review, the measured black level is 0.8 cd/m² which is the worst result for a VA panel I've seen yet.
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    Viewsonic VP191 (Rev: MVA 8 ms)

    Relax. He meant it would be pretty pointless if you could change ms settings on an LCD. No one would want to actually slow down their monitor ;)
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    Viewsonic VP191 (Rev: MVA 8 ms)

    In case you're serious, those are screenshots from PixPerAn, a monitor testing program. You can't adjust ms settings. It would be pretty pointless if you could, wouldn't it? ;)
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    LCD Dead Pixel Poll

    All LCD's that I've had were perfect. No dead pixels and no backlight issues. However, none of them were Dell LCDs so maybe that explains it :D
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    Dell 1905FP question

    Don't worry about the dot pitch. With LCDs, it's a bit different compared to dot pitch on CRTs. However, if you get the 20ms version, I don't think you'll be happy if you play a lot of games. Image quality is very good on it and I believe it would be a major improvement over the CRT you have now...
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    DELL 2405FPW & HP L2335 Users Read!

    It is not a problem. Anandtech was wrong on that one. Both monitors have the same physical aspect ratio it's just that the HP has smaller pixels.
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    Changing Refresh Rate

    It will work with no problems as long as you know the maximum refresh rate your monitor supports at each resolution. You have to uncheck the "hide modes..." button because you don't have drivers for that monitor installed so Windows don't know it's maximum frequency.
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    why can CRTs support higher resolutions than LCDs?

    Yes, but screens are getting bigger too. 1280x1024 is perfectly fine for a 17" screen IMO.
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    why can CRTs support higher resolutions than LCDs?

    I doubt SED monitors (not TVs) are going to have any higher resolutions than current LCDs do. They will also have a native resolution, just like LCDs. Personally, I don't see any reason to make displays with higher resolutions than they currently are. The only exception being 19" LCD which...
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    why can CRTs support higher resolutions than LCDs?

    As it's been said, LCDs have fixed pixels while CRTs have an electrom beam hitting the tube so they can display multiple resolutions. That's why even small CRT screens (17") can go as high as 1600x1200 (although most of the time are doing a poor job at it). It should be noted however that just...
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    A comparison: 193P Plus vs VP191b

    The fact that Fujitsu Siemens P19-2 uses the same panel as the 193P+ doesn't mean much. The 193P+ also has the same panel as the older 193P, does that mean it's equally slow? It's the overdrive circuit that makes the difference and obviously Viewsonic's overdrive (which they call ClearMotiv or...
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    THG review the Dell 2405FPW and others - including response time graphs

    What's strange to me is that they first say it's faster than most TN screens (because it is, at least that's what the response time graph shows) but then later they say it's still "too slow" for games. It seems that now they consider every LCD slow if isn't as fast as the VP191B but before the...