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    SFFtime presents: P-ATX, the 9L case with ATX and AIO support!

    Have you contacted demciflex About getting filters made ? Worth getting in a batch for a case design like this :)
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    SFFtime presents: P-ATX, the 9L case with ATX and AIO support!

    love it ! actually converted Silverstones RVZ 03 case to handle ATX and triple slot GPUs . Honestly Extend the case's depth to allow 2.5 slot coolers at least!!!! Also have the benefit of allow Air coolers to be used as well
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    ATX in Silverstone's ITX RVZ 03

    Morning all SFF lovers posted up a build log here and thought i'd share the link with yourselves :) diamond in the rough but almost finished :)
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    ATX in Silverstone's ITX RVZ 03 + 3 Slot GPU and Custom AIO *Sponsored*

    full in's and out's can be found here; Basically my wife upgraded the living room to full Ikea Hemnes furniture and Dynamic case does't fit into the desk , nor...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Needed to cram ATX X470 and Aorus RTX 2080 into an ITX case to save on some space soo.... 240mm/20mm rad to go in with 14mm thick fans and then modders mesh to cover the side gaps, and maybe lego blocks to cover the top and bottom gaps :)
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    Hybrid cooled Asus Turbo

    Thats :) should hopefully have the other one finished by tonight :D
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    Hybrid cooled Asus Turbo

    Thought id quickly sure my latest mod using 2x ASUS 970 Turbos, alphacool GPX 970 M07 blocks and a Swiftech H240X Temps before hand where 83c/75c with idle at 32c so begins the mod First version took a few more hacks. 2nd Verison/Block had 4 cuts Messed up the hole cuts so had to open...
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    Radiator fans

    Would say Wing Boost 2's been been trying to find static Pressure stats on them for a why, soon much air flow and low sound, saw a report of 1.9 mmH20 for the 120mm version... unsure
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    Will G10 fit on my 980Ti cards?

    believe shim is 25x25mmx 1.2/5mm
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    And Vulkan is now here :)

    looking forward to seeing AMDs new APUs working with low end GPUs on this for small budget builds