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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    I know most technology is obsolete soon after buying it, but this is getting ridiculous..
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    Valve Index

    Here's a detailed article about the Index that nicely summarizes information from several sources:
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    Lexar Launches 1TB SD Card

    I'm holding out for a 1PB Micro SD card.
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    3D Printers Have "Fingerprints," a Discovery That Could Help Trace 3D-Printed Guns

    Nozzles are cheap, they could swap it out and throw away the old one. Changing acceleration and other settings would also make things just a little bit different. Tightening the belts might make slight changes. There's enough stuff one could do to make it different enough that I have a hard time...
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    Epson Pushing Firmware Upgrades That Disable Third-Party Ink Usage

    Personally I'm happy with my Canon Pixma MX922 printer, best printer I've ever had and I've had a lot of them going all the way back to an Epson dot matrix. 3rd party ink is super cheap too.
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    Samsung Gear VR Lens Mod for HTC VIVE

    Oh! You caught me, I didn't actually watch the video, I just skipped around in it. Sorry. :happy:
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    Samsung Gear VR Lens Mod for HTC VIVE

    I was one of the first to try this mod and suggested curved/rounded edges for comfort with the 3D printed parts. To my eyes it is MUCH better. Those godrays were godawful annoying and are thankfully gone! Sharpness is a lot better too. One thing I keep seeing over and over again, including in...
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    Magic Leap Unveils New Mixed-Reality Glasses

    So in other words, glasses that let you see people naked? Yeah, I already got scammed into thinking I could do that with those x-ray glasses I bought in my single-digit years. X-ray vision my ass! I'm still upset about it, and Sea-Monkeys too! *grumble, grumble* ...
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    OnePlus 5T Announced: Bigger Screen, New Camera System, Headphone Jack

    Where's wireless charging?? It's very cheap to add, I don't understand why more companies aren't doing it.
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    Hawking: AI Could Be “Worst Event in the History of Our Civilization”

    I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords.
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    Pixel Density and Your Delusions

    Unless we're talking about VR, and since all the VR headsets out there use smartphone screens right now, it's probably a good thing for VR they keep trying to push higher pixel density in smartphones..
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    Google Pixel 2 XL Display Issues

    It's not just a poor viewing angle, it's also grainy, uneven, and blotchy. It's basically Samsung's OLED screens from several years back (e.g. S2, Note 3).
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    Installing MS-DOS on a 2017 Gaming PC

    Gravis UltraSound (GUS) sound cards and Gravis gamepads, 3dfx Voodoo graphics cards, Goldstar SVGA monitor, USRobotics modems, Logitech iFeel force-feedback mouse.. Ah, hardware nostalgia..
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    Western Digital Ships 12 TB WD Gold HDD

    I don't like the idea of putting so many eggs in one basket.
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    Bethesda Releases Triple A VR Gaming Titles Launch Dates

    I'm super excited about all these but also super concerned about motion sickness..
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    MPC-HC Is Officially Dead

    With MPC-BE? Yes! :)
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    MPC-HC Is Officially Dead

    MPC-HC is lightweight and fast, and it works exceptionally well with MadVR (in fact the two are bundled together in the K-Lite Codec Pack). However, there is an alternative I've been using for a while mostly due to the nicer darker interface: MPC-BE
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    C Seed Releases 262 Inch 4k TV

    Still not thinking grand enough. I want one that extraterrestrials far far away will be able to see. I'll have to be careful with placement so as not to block out the sun from reaching Earth. The first thing I'll display on the TV is simply "Send Nudes."
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    C Seed Releases 262 Inch 4k TV

    Right after you buy it they come out with an OLED model. Doh!
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    Tekken 7 Releases Worldwide

    Yep I know that, but there's something about the feel of Tekken I never liked. To me the feel of the controls, art direction, pacing, etc., were all better in Soul Calibur. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. are okay, but overall in the fighting genre I just like Soul Calibur the best. *shrug*
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    Tekken 7 Releases Worldwide

    Personally I've always preferred Soul Calibur over any other of these types of fighting games.
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    Dell’s Ultrasharp 30” 4K OLED Now on Sale for $3500

    I've been watching Star Trek: TNG Remastered and I'm reminded of how much I envied the perfect blacks of their screens for so long. It's amazing to realize we now have that with OLED technology!
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    Dell’s Ultrasharp 30” 4K OLED Now on Sale for $3500

    I've been enjoying my LG 55" E6P TV as a PC monitor for around 5 months now. ABSL (automatically dims the screen) can be disabled through the service menu. ABL (also dims the screen) might be an issue, but it is nearly non-existent by setting the OLED Light to 100 and Contrast to 50 (the...
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    2016 Vizio P Series

    I hope this is true!! I've been talking to them and they still insist there are no 4:4:4 issues. This is the only issue that is preventing me from buying it, I absolutely require 4K@60hz with true 4:4:4 since I'll be using it as a PC monitor and doing various photography work on it (I plan on...
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    Google Patents Sticky Car Hood For Hitting Pedestrians

    Bugs. So, many, BUGS, stuck all over my car. I hate bugs.
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    Winamp Has New Owner, May Relaunch Again

    I still use Foobar2000 primarily because of plugins I refuse to give up. foo_dsp_delta.dll (Noise Sharpener) is one of my all-time favorites and I haven't found anything that is as good. I'm using an Aphex 204 aural exciter and even with that I still use a little bit of the Noise Sharpener...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Zotac ionitx-a-u anyone?

    "GPU-Accelerated Flash Player Provides Smooth HD Video, Arrives Next Month" (October 2009):
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    Zotac ionitx-a-u anyone?

    I haven't had Zotac's IONITX-A-U for very long, but here's some thoughts: It's speedier than I expected considering some of the negative reviews out there. It EASILY overclocked to 2.0GHz, and I don't even have to use the bundled fan (which is probably bundled for situations like 100F+ degree...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I never win anything.. Let's see if that changes. :)
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    Vsync issues in games w/ 4870

    Try uninstalling the driver, use something like DriverCleaner to completely wipe it from your system (and possibly any leftovers from old Nvidia card installations), then reinstall. Before changing any settings, try a game and see if you still have the issue. If you don't, start changing...
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    Vsync issues in games w/ 4870

    Turning off VSync and cranking up all the details does not solve his issue. I love VSync too, I can't stand screen-tearing, it drives me nuts. Try Triple Buffering if you can.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I never win anything. I don't know why I even try anymore.. :(
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    Western Digital Cavier SE16 (WD7500AAKS) 750GB HD @ ZipZoomFly ~ $156.80 shipped

    $159.99 + shipping @
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    Password Vulnerability In Firefox

    There's a big difference between Java and JavaScript, we're talking about JavaScript. There's a ton of web sites out there that rely on JavaScript to do all sorts of things.
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    BenQ FP241WZ or LG L246WP-BN

    I'm basically in the same boat. I do a lot of photo editing, so image quality is very important to me. Right now these look like the best two in this price range. What I'd like to see is a comparison of the two after being calibrated.