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    Replace my current hosting

    I am buying my first domain today for a comic selling business. It is available at that MrGuvernment mentioned above and it looks like a better deal than GoDaddy. I have never owned my own website so if anyone has any helpful tips for me, I would welcome them. In the short term, I...
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    NordVPN Allegedly Resells User Bandwidth According to Texas Lawsuit

    I just started using NordVPN as my first VPN. I paid $99 for 3 years and now I see this news. How worried should I be? Is my data and traffic still protected? If I only turn it on when I need it, should I be that concerned about my bandwidth being co-opted? Please pretend that I know nothing...
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    US Navy Demonstrates Drone-Killing Laser

    So if a crewman decided to roast some sea birds for fun, is there a system in place that can prove the weapon was fired? "Sir I don't know why, but those sea gulls have been spontaneously combusting all day long on this side of the ship."
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    I use the Curse chat app and I really like it, but I need more people to play Overwatch with. Inside of Curse you can search for groups and I am currently hanging out with the Pure Onslaught group. If you want to post your Curse chat group, please do! Or you can join Pure Onslaught if you...
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    I have no love for AMD since I haven't been able to get a fucking business card or any graphics cards for review from them. But I shudder when I think about what will happen if Nvidia's only competition fades away. Prices will go up and innovation will slow. If AMD dies, is there anyone that...
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    AMD Radeon Pro Duo Announcement @ [H]

    In the first sentence of the last paragraph of the conclusion it looks like you are missing the word "want". "...because certainly we do not want qualified individuals..." Good article though. I talked to AMD at PAX East over the weekend and they gave no hints that something like this was coming.
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    Fallout 4

    That's the cannibalism perk. I intend to get that one as well. Once you rank it up, the only things in the game you can eat are robots.
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    Fallout 4

    I just got the Ghoulish perk and I don't like it so far. Here's the description: Sure, you're still human - on the outside! Radiation now regenerates your lost Health. I thought this perk would make me immune to radiation as well as making radiation heal me. I was going to use it to grab loot...
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    Fallout 4

    At level 6 I managed to kill a Legendary Raider and the rest of his camp with a nice sniper rifle and some frag mines. The double damage you get if you strike while hidden was enough to kill the legendary with one shot. His buddy Boomer (who was wearing power armor) was tougher. My first...
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    Fallout 4

    Can anyone confirm that the ranks 2 through 4 for Locksmith and Hacker have no level requirement? The sources I have been looking at today don't have any levels listed for ranks 2 through 4, but that could just mean that they are still unknown. The links below may contain perk spoilers...
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    Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw

    They should make video cards from AMD. AMD has 9 board partners in the US compared to Nvidia's 12. AMD could use another well trusted company like Corsair making video cards. Corsair could even offer high memory overclocks on their cards in a time when very few overclocked models come with their...
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    Todays Sale :> (8) DDR2 Sodimms 2GB

    EDIT: I just noticed that you described them as SODIMMs which are for laptops. If these are for laptops, then I can't use them. So is it $30 for 4 sticks? I actually just posted a WTB thread for 4 2GB sticks of DDR2 RAM that is PC 6400 or better. I have some stuff for trade listed in this...
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    WTB 4x2GB Desktop PC2 6400 or better DDR2 RAM

    I am looking for 4 2GB sticks of PC2 6400 (DDR2 800) desktop (240 pin) RAM. I will be passing along the PC in my signature to my girl friend soon. I am interested in increasing the RAM in it from 4GB to 8GB (the most this motherboard can handle). I will be happy to trade you my 4GBs of...
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    WTS: (4) 2GB DDR2

    I know this post is from a long time ago, but are these still available? Also, are you selling all 4 sticks for $50, or each stick for $50?
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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1. I have never liquid cooled anything before, but I would use a liquid cooler on my video card. 2. I would prefer to buy the video card with the water block already installed, but I think the price premium people charge for those models is too high.
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    X99A GODLIKE Gaming LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Really nice article overall! I agree with your thoughts on Killer branded network products.
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    I really like the fan controller button. I've never owned a case that comes with a way to control fans. I also love the 3 SSD bays that are located behind the motherboard tray. It also looks like the case door is really easy to open and close. That is always appreciated. The only thing...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw!!!!!

    C. 80+ Platinum certification Followed closely by the silence of this unit. Which is followed closely by the flat ribbon cable style of all the power cords.
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    i7-5820k vs. i7-6700K for sim gaming

    The PC in your signature is almost exactly what I want to build. I would like to chat about it with you sometime.
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    Intel Z170 Chipset Summary @ [H]

    Sounds good to me. I will do some searching for Broadwell-E rumors and whispers. Yeah, that's true. I've never just slapped in a new CPU. I do have a MC nearby. I went there to check it out once, and I look forward to actually buying something from them. I am just a PC gamer so I...
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    Intel Z170 Chipset Summary @ [H]

    Hmm... Maybe I should go with Z170 instead of X99 then. X99 only has 3 processors and I have a feeling that if I go with Z170 there will be more CPUs launched which will give me more upgrade options in the future.
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    Intel Z170 Chipset Summary @ [H]

    Here is my big question. Between X99 and Z170, which chipset is better for 2 or 3 way SLI? With the right CPU, X99 has 40 lanes which is 16X, 16X and 8X for 3 way SLI and 16X, 16X for 2 way SLI. What is the best that Z170 can do now, and will it get better somehow in the future? If...
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    Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K IPC & Overclocking Review @ [H]

    I agree. I have bought a few pieces (PSU, Case, Blu-ray drive) of a X99 chipset build but now it looks like I should take advantage of this chipset's increased memory bandwidth.
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    Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Mid Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    Yeah, so this case doesn't alow you to install a DVD or Blu-ray drive? I guess you could just connect an external disk drive, but I would prefer to have an internal one.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Those chokes are concrete-core son! And those MOSFETs?! You best believe that they are hardened! Just how hard are they? So hard the cat can't scratch 'em!
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    GIGABYTE Z97X Gaming 7 LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Great review! I have a small correction to a sentence near the end of the conclusion section. What boat is that? I bet it's the same boat. I would also say "will likely find themselves" or "would likely find themselves".
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    Corsair H105 240mm Extreme Perf. AIO CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    Pefect timing for this review. This watercooler is on my list of components for my new 2015 desktop. I am gald that it is quieter and better at cooling than the H100i because that was the only other cooler that I was considering.
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I am using an MSI board right now, but that is because there was a component on my Asus motherboard that was preventing me from installing one of my graphics cards properly. Before that, I was using an Asus board in my Pentium 4 rig for quite some time. I am going to buy an Asus board for the...
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    Antec EDGE 750W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    I could use this wonderful Antec PSU for the PC that I am building for my girlfriend. We are buying our first house soon so money is a little tight.
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    Antec EDGE 650W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    After we move into our first house, I am going to build my girlfriend a new Windows PC. I already have a free graphics card, I would love to have a free power supply to go with it.
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    FS $55 Reference GeForce GTX 560 Ti from Nvidia

    I have decided to use this card in a PC that I am going to build for my girlfriend. Sorry!
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    Michigan Joins List Of Tesla-Hating States

    States that will not allow Tesla to sell cars directly to consumers:Michigan Texas New Jersey Arizona Maryland States that will not allow informational Tesla viewing galleries: Michigan Source
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    Michigan Joins List Of Tesla-Hating States

    I wonder how many states or cities are currently anti-direct sales/anti-Tesla right now. I am going to try to look it up.
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    FS: 80GB WiFi PlayStation 3 with 2 controllers

    I have finally sold the PlayStation 3. I just hope this 1985 $100 bill that the guy gave me is genuine. It does not have any security features beyond red and blue fibers in the paper. The micro printing didn't get added until 1990 I guess...