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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    No one that uses this site is an "average PC User", this is a hardware enthusiast forum... The reason Linux proper hasn't taken off on the desktop is simple, Karen can't go to Wal-Mart and pick up a PC running Linux. Thats it. It has nothing to do with games, or missing applications, or annoying...
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    Google issues EOL for Cloud Print

    PaperCut just made their Mobility version free. It enables many of the same features as Google Cloud Print. I think it lacks some of the ACL features though.
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    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    They don't segregate multiplayer to my knowledge, but they do segregate friends lists. A good example of this is Rainbow Six Siege. I bought the game from Steam, where all my friends are. When I launch Siege it launches the UPlay launcher, which takes a while to open and also requires a separate...
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    Senator to Introduce Bill to Ban Loot Boxes and Microtransactions Aimed at Children

    My guess would be because its too close to gambling. You need licenses and certain regulations need to be met to run a gambling operation. Loot boxes would be banned outside of those licensed operations.
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    Senator to Introduce Bill to Ban Loot Boxes and Microtransactions Aimed at Children

    The same reason we ban kids from casinos, and prevent them from buying cigarettes or alcohol.
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    Senator to Introduce Bill to Ban Loot Boxes and Microtransactions Aimed at Children

    Like many have said, I'm not a fan of government intervention...but.... Its getting pretty obvious that these "game" companies are targeting kids and using the same tactics as casinos. We don't let kids gamble in casinos, and we shouldn't let game companies make online casinos for them.
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    An Apple lobbyist just sneakily pushed California to postpone its right-to-repair bill

    Why is Apple allowed to sell these death-traps then!? Better pull them all off the shelves and homes, and issue a full refund!
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    FCC Wants To Cap Spending on Broadband for Poor and Rural Areas

    As a WISP, we don't ever touch this money. The big cell carriers eat it all up before we are even considered. The vast majority of the time (i'd almost argue 100% of the time), the money goes towards upgrading cell towers in rural-ish areas, which does not really help anyone. These towers also...
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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    My concern (at least as much as it can be, since I live on the other side of the country) is that all this energy is being directed at something that isn't helpful. They're getting news coverage, and probably having town/county/school board meetings about a stupid cell tower, meanwhile the kids...
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    Yes. I'd rather not go back to having to use a third party program to connect with my friends, and install 30 different game launchers on my PC, all of which need to be launched at random times, or constantly running in the background, to keep games updated.
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    They could have simply made the game $5 cheaper on their store, and then had it at the normal price on Steam.
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    Fortnite is a free game, of course it has a large install base. I wonder what percentage of that fanbase is old enough to have a credit card. I still can't believe people are actually arguing that exclusivity is a good thing.
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    EA Denies That It Demanded Takedown of Negative "Anthem" Review

    There were some reviewers saying that they were disappointed with the 50hr campaign, on Monday. So they put 50+ hours into the game between Friday and Monday. Also, all these people that preordered and were able to play the game early are still playing a prerelease version of the game.
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    EA Denies That It Demanded Takedown of Negative "Anthem" Review

    My boyfriend and I have been enjoying the game since it released. We havn't run into all the bugs and server issues that the reviewers mentioned, and there have been two small patches so far. I wonder if the bugs and server issues could have been caused by the reviewers playing the game before...
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    Thats odd, I never played those exact games, but one of the things I liked about early Steam was the ability to install games with the CD/DVD, and only have to download the updates. I lived in a very rural town in the middle of nowhere, so bandwidth was scarce. I can see how that would be...
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    I thought the entire point of the disgusting amount of data collection that is going on, with smart phones, IOT, home hubs, etc. was so that advertisers could more accurately target ads at viewers? With all the data they are collecting, they can't keep ads from showing up on videos with sketchy...
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    This I can agree with. It may take people longer to move to their store this way, but it also forces them to come up with a better reason besides "we told everyone else to F-Off". I mean, I just found out that UPlay doesn't even offer giftcards. I wanted to gift a family member some money for...
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    Well, there was that time that the Friends list was borked for like 2 years, but when they finally brought it back, it was basically in the state that it is in now. It was also significantly better than everything else that existed at the time.
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    How long have you been a gamer? A lot of it I think is due to loyalty from "the good old days". Valve put a lot of effort into making Steam a revolutionary platform at the time. Being able to forget the multiple DVD installation disks, going to the publisher's website to download patches...
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    Forbes Tries To Game on Linux

    At the risk of sounding like an elitist Linux ass, how is this any more difficult than Windows? I use Linux professionally, but I still game on Windows. When I put a new graphics card in my Windows 10 PC, Windows downloads and installs some crappy generic driver. I then have to know to go to the...
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    "Floss" and "The Carlton" Dance Emotes Removed from Forza Horizon 4

    "Controversial dance emotes" is not a phrase that should exist. The fact that this phrase actually makes sense in our modern language means that we have failed as a society.
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    CVAA Regulations Affecting Multiplayer Chat Just Went Into Effect

    I have to disagree with the naysayers here. This isn't a case of overreaching government. Game companies should include APIs for interfacing with chat, and provide colorblind modes. It's not that complicated. Mods used to be common in video games, but developers have gotten lazy and greedy...
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    World of Tanks to Get Better Multithreading Support

    They have supposedly been trying to fix it.
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    Firm Hijacks Popular Twitter Accounts to Highlight Security Hole

    They probably just bought them. I mean, the purpose of Twitter is to sell data to advertisers, so just pose as an advertiser and ask for the data. EDIT: After reading the article....WTF?! "So what did Twitter do? Well they allowed anyone with your phone number to Tweet from your account." Have...
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    PNC Testing Fraud-Busting Credit Cards with Rotating Numbers

    Same here. I have a Sears card that I only used for the initial promo purchase. That card has been stolen 3 times in 3 years, despite it never leaving my safe (was issued a new card after each theft). For the last one, the hotel that it was used at actually fought my fraud report, and I had to...
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    Mass Effect Andromeda 1 Year Later

    I may just be getting old, but I feel the same lately. It seems like more and more studios put 80% of their effort into making games pretty and only 20% into story and design. Mass Effect completely hooked me as a game. I got it as part of a Steam Sale pack with like 15 other games, and never...
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    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    If the Rakuten order came from overseas, then thats why. Even $0.50 international packages require a signature.
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    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    I would have put a Burglar Bomb in it instead. One of those can entirely fill a room with pepper spray in < 20 seconds. That should be enough to make them question their life decisions.
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    California Considers Plan to Tax Text Messages

    Maybe someone can enlighten me as to how things work in the People's Republic of California, but in the rest of the United States 991 service and subsidized (lifeline) services are paid using taxes collected by the Feds under the Universal Service Fund Recovery Charge, managed by the USAC. Thats...
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    Halo TV Series Allegedly Delayed After Director Steps Down

    Forward Unto Dawn was pretty good, I have some hope.
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    Meet the Chatbot That Trolls Telemarketers

    Theres no point in blocking numbers, they're all spoofed at this point. You're just blocking random numbers of people near you. I wish someone would open source one of these bots so you could run your own.
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    US has the Most Expensive Mobile Data Plans in the World

    Is $40 CAD supposed to be bad? The base Verizon plan in the US is $45 USD / 59.35 CAD for 2GB.... Its not unusual for a family of four to pay over $260 USD/month on a "shared" plan.
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    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Opposes EU Article 13 Copyright Legislation

    Huh, if only there were some large, multinational corporation with the money and power to defend these smaller content creators from litigation. These smaller content creators could use it as a distribution platform, and the multinational corporation could make money off of inserting ads into...
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    3D Printers Have "Fingerprints," a Discovery That Could Help Trace 3D-Printed Guns

    Heres an idea, instead of making a crap gun with a $2000 3d printer, just buy an Easy Jig for $120, an 80% lower for $80, and make a reliable firearm that lasts forever using a common battery drill. Guns are not complicated. The technology to make them in your own home has existed for decades...
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    John "TotalBiscuit" Bain to Be Inducted into Esports Hall of Fame

    Good. There are few, if any like him, and the world is a worse place without him.
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    The Discord Store is Open

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    Some Citizens Are Concerned About New Robotic Patrols in NYC

    And now we want to put cameras, thermal imagers, and cellphone recorders everywhere....
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    Sony Demands Removal of Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal's "Intimacy Mode" on PS4

    Oh yeah, and COD is training kids to be murderes, Forza is training them to be racecar drivers, and Madden is training them to be Football players.