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    Windows 8.1 Update 1 Released To Manufacturing

    Im in if 8.1 brings the start button back + able to block metro UI completely using 3rd party software. The SSD performance improvement looks enticing heh Who cares about IE? its instalock.
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    Windows 8 Not Getting Boost From End Of XP Support

    lol u retard? :rolleyes:
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    No Season Pass, Microtransactions, or Day One DLC for Titanfall

    day 1.1 DLC will be the new in lol
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    Kansas Municipal Internet Ban Was “Stabbed, Shot, and Hanged”

    unless anal rape comes with such dumb takedowns,,, it'll continue indefinitly
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    European Antitrust Chief Defends Deal With Google

    Id say they have a backroom deal signed out already
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    NVIDIA Coin Mining Performance Increases With Maxwell

    if the "best" mining card jumps between brands in 1/2 to 1.5 years I'll just pick up used mining cards that are within warranty then... win win for miners and gamers!!
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    Third of Internet Explorer Users at Risk from Attacks

    Thats why i dot use IE. rubbish credibility is rubbish
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    Hersheys to Create 3D Chocolate Printer

    mmm 3D choc vagoo / dong LOL
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    Why Anonymity Makes Players Cheat

    SIR you just won an internets!! :D
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    Microsoft Cancels Security Essentials for Windows XP

    QFT I dont even want to go to our governments central systems where alot of software are coded exlusively for XP and WILL NOT RUN on 7/8
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    Microsoft Cancels Security Essentials for Windows XP

    Windows 8 sucks. big time
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    Gates Surrenders MS Shareholder Crown to Ballmer in 2014

    LOL NO. Win7 is perfectly fine.:D
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    Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Swimmers

    what the shark?
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    Metro Last Light Using A Steam Controller

    Halo2/3 had this ... the professional gamepad players got owned HARD by average keyboard and mouse users.
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    Porsche Proves MPAA Wrong By Letting You Download a Car

    Oh Porsche, you wonderful MPAA troll :)
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    It Pays to Be America's Most-Hated Companies

    Karma doesnt work in 'murica
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    Destiny "End-Game" Missions Require Co-Op

    dick move imho
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    Report: NSA Mulls Snowden Amnesty

    Freedom without limits is killing 'murica. just look around you...
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    Apple Wins Patent For Curved Touch-Screens

    patent trolls EVERYWHERE!!! round 1 fight!!! *popcorn
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    Apple Is Inching Away From Foxconn?

    Hypocrits eh? lol
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    Flying Machines Are Going To KILL US ALL!

    maybe google will use this to lay hi speed FIOS
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    Kinect Does Sign Language Translation

    *middle finger
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    Call of Duty Players Aren't Hardcore Gamers

    hardcore is relative
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    PS4 Must Connect To Internet Before DVD / Blu-ray Playback

    This will go as well as the xbone always on connectivity shit...
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    Tweaking Windows 8.1