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    Are you using NFS, iSCSI or FC to access your VMware datastores on the NetApp? Thanks in...

    Are you using NFS, iSCSI or FC to access your VMware datastores on the NetApp? Thanks in advance - Ian
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    Network pics thread

    Thanks for the link, do you think the SRW2024 is loud? I have a Cisco 3500XL too, but it's too loud for this location in my house. I don't believe the SRW2024 supports SNMP, I like the neat Cacti graphs the SRW2008 makes.
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    Network pics thread

    ESXi Host Guts
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    Network pics thread

    3.9 amp currently, which is everything pictured plus the Buffalo wireless router. (external HD is not connected)
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    Network pics thread

    Both the rack and D-Link were free :D Next thing on my list is a second managed gigabit switch, 8 ports is far more limiting with this setup, so I might save and go bigger. Any suggestions? We are a Cisco shop at work so I bought the Linksys for the somewhat similar CLI. Not sure if I can...
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    Network pics thread

    This is my vSphere Home Lab. It consists of two white box ESXi hosts, QNAP TS-459 Pro iSCSI/NFS shared storage and a Linksys managed gigabit switch. Diagram SAL9000 - ASUS M4A785-M, AMD Phenom II Quad Core 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR2, 3ware 9650SE RAID Controller, 2x 1TB RAID1, 2x Intel PRO1000GT...
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    Network pics thread

    This is my basic ESXi setup with a managed and unmanaged gigabit switch. Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 w/ DD-WRT firmware Low cost AMD VMware ESXi whitebox w/ RAID1 Asus M2A-VM, AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+, 8GB DDR2, 3ware 9650SE 2 port RAID Controller with 128MB Cache, 2x Seagate 1TB 7200RPM...
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    Fiber Optic Providers?

    You may also have smaller dark fiber providers in your area. Go down to the nearest data center and find out who they can cross connect with. The outfit in our area can do aerial pulls, even to the county. The fiber alone will run you $500+ per month and the data center would charge for...
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    Network pics thread

    Thanks for your input. VLAN2 is my guest wireless network and although it is untrusted it is still secured with WPA2. Most of the clients are BlackBerry/Smart Phones or guests with laptops. The XP box is usually powered off or has the VLAN2 interface disabled. I use this workstation to test...
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    Network pics thread

    Here is a diagram of the whitebox ESXi box I'm putting together. My next upgrade will be 4GB additional DDR2.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Comcast in Bellingham, WA
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    Recommend Antivirus for Small Business

    Please recommend an Antivirus suite (Server Protection, Exchange Protection, Client Protection, Administration Console) for Small Business with 40 clients. What do you like, what do you not like?
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    STOOOPID noobie question... I'm embarrassed to even ask,....

    Use a crossover cable between the two PCs if you are not using a hub or switch. Once you do that you should be able to go to start > run and type \\pcname (substitute PC name for the name of the PC you are attempting to access). You also need to establish shares, or you could move your files...
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    Internet Monitoring Utilities

    What sort of utilities are out that that are able to monitor websites that users have been accessing? Currently we use a Sonicwall with Sonicview to view reports of activity on certain IP addresses. Anyone with any network knowledge could just change their IP and be untraceable. What other...
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    eTrust AntiVirus for Small Business

    I have a Small Business Server 2003 network with 36 clients computers connected to it. I'm looking to replace our current Symantec Client Security with something else. I have heard good things about eTrust AntiVirus. I would like a suite that will protect my Servers (we also have two other...
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    OS 10.2 & 10.3 using Small Business Server file shares

    Will Mac OS 10.2 & 10.3 have the ability to save files to our Small Business Server 2003 domain controller?
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    Needed Files Removed, Will the SBS 2003 Log files tell me where they went?

    Last night some needed files in our inetpub directory were removed. I need to know where these files went. Are there any kind of log files that could tell me if a certain user deleted the files? I'm running Small Business Server 2003 w/ SP1.
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    RAID 5 - Replacing A Failed Drive With A Larger Capacity

    If I have a failed RAID 5 with 3 drives, and I can't get the size I had before, would it be acceptable to replace the failed drive with a larger capacity? Would I be able to rebuild the array using the rebuild feature just the same?
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    Registering A Domain Name That's About To Expire

    There is a domain I'm looking to purchase. Currently there is no website there, and hasn't been in a while. This domain is also about to expire. What can I do to secure that I am able to purchase this domain? I would even consider paying for a service to register it for me at the given...
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    Network Service Agreement Prices???

    I'm looking for some examples of what people from around the United States are charging for Network Service Agreements. I would also like some information if they are monthy based charges or quarterly. Thanks - Ian.
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    Exchange 2003 Virus Protection

    What do you all use for Exchange 2003 virus protection? We are already a Symantec Partner so we could probably get a better deal on Symantec software. I was looking at this.. and it looks like it would do what I want it...
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    OS Independent Hardware Diagnostic Utility?

    I'm looking for a decently priced OS Independent Hardware Diagnostic Utility to use in the service department that I work in. We have tried a few in the past, but it's becomming more and more difficult to find one that will work on newer hardware. What are your suggestions?
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    Mounting A 1U Chassis

    What is the easiest way to mount up multiple 1U Rackmount Chassis? The front panel isn't strong enough to hold the weight of the chassis, I was thinking a rail kit possibly? Maybe a 4 post rack? What are your suggestions? Pictures?
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    Will the ECS 648FX-A2 Support A Prescott Processor?

    Just as the subject states... Will the ECS 648FX-A2 support a Prescott P4 Processor?
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    Allowing A Single User Access To Install Programs

    How would I go about making this user the local admin of their machine?
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    Allowing A Single User Access To Install Programs

    We are running Small Business Server 2003 with Windows XP Pro clients. I have all of the workstations locked down with the User profile. I have one user who needs the ability to install programs on his machine. I will not make him an admin because he will have acccess to network shares that...
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    LAN Messaging Program

    Most clients are running Windows XP. The server is Small Business Server 2003. It needs to be realtime chat enabled.
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    LAN Messaging Program

    I'm looking for a dependable program that I can use to message users around my LAN. I would prefer a Server / Client based program. I don't know if anyone is familar with winpopup that came with 98, but that is what we use to use. So far I haven't found a good Server / Client equivilant...
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    IT Professionals : What is a network?

    Where do you draw the line at what is network support and what is software support? Or do you do both? The reason I'm asking is because I feel like I'm at a loss here. I have setup a network for our 40 computers here from the cabling up. I installed all the OS's on the machines and all of...
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    Anti-Virus Software for Small Business Server 2003

    Which brand of Anti-Virus solution would you use on a Small Business Server 2003 Domain running Exchange and file-sharing? All of the client computers have Anti-Virus installed locally already. I'm mainly looking for server cleansing.
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    LAN Messaging Program

    What type of solution would you use for LAN messaging? I would like to have groups setup so only people in those groups would receive certain messages. This is on a domain with Small Business Server 2003. Thanks - Ian.
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    XEON 512K vs. XEON 1MB

    Which would be faster (benchmarks would be nice) XEON 2.8GHz w/1MB cache & XEON 3.06MHz w/512 cache Thanks - Ian.
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    Changing DNS Servers and Default Gateway in SCO Unix

    How would I change my Default Gateway and my DNS servers in SCO UNIX OpenServer Release 5? Thanks - Ian.
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    Exchange Spam Blocker

    I'm running Small Business Server on a small domain with 35 computers. A few of the computers on the domain are having big problems with spam. It takes them several minutes to pull in the spam each day. What can I do for a good spam solution that will work with Exchange? Thanks - Ian.
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    Distribution Lists

    I'm running the built in Exchange on Small Business Server 2003. But I am no unable to have more than 100 contacts in each list locally. What is an easy way for me to setup a DL that I can control from my local computer that will also store more than 100 names?
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    What are possible reasons for being unable to ping?

    Try pinging themselves, disable all firewalls. Check the cable, check the link light on the hub/switch (or check crossover cable).
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    no Rt click in start menu

    Same thing happened to me on my XP machine. What I ended up doing was deleting my user account and recreating it. That fixed the problem.
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    How large of an IT staff for this network???

    35 work stations 7 servers (accounting software, file servers, dns servers, exchange servers, database servers, web servers) 1 3Com NBX phone system How much of an IT staff would it take to maintain this network? I would also like to hear what you think as far as hours (eg. 1 full time...
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    Easy Sendmail Log Question

    Great, thanks Hemi.