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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 411.70 WHQL Has Been Released

    In what games? At what resolution? Show me
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    How about a Buy/Not Buy 2080/Ti Pricing Poll

    Super hard pass this time around, with the 2080ti being ~ $1650 + tax here in Canada, my 1080 FE @ 1440p will have to endure 100’s of more hours of abuse. I’ll be upgrading my platform before a new GPU.
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    How do you feel about Nvidia pricing on the new RTX video cards?

    Jesus H Unsurprising. How bout that Ti right off the bat?
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    PUBG Moves to Reclaim Lost Player Base

    If pubg ran better on my GTX1080 (think about that for a sec) then I’d play it more, it just runs like total shit. More than a few players in any given area, you know they’re there by the way the game stutters and chugs.
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    Unlock and Start Your Car with Your Phone

    I can do this now with my F-150 with Sync 3 connect. I can’t do the digital key lend thing but no one drives my truck but me, NO ONE. lol
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    Tesla Opens 10,000th Supercharger

    Curious about the cost to charge up your Tesla with one of these superchargers.. anyone?
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    Far Cry 5

    i have an xbox controller hooked up for the flight stuff. works well. i didn't have any issues with the clutch nixon plane or wingsuit with it. the wingsuit took 2 tries haha.
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    Yah it’s easy to audit then jump into a full operation server now, it’s great. The game is doing very well player-base wise.
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    EA: Mass Effect Was Unfairly Criticized, Franchise Could Return

    "unfairly criticized" is right. the game was definately good. not amazing, but good and worth every second i put into it.
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    Nvidia Control Panel setting brightness to max when tabbing out of (some) games

    i have the same issue, it started happening after the creator's update. things i have tried include turning off nightlight, game bar and game mode. to remedy it, i change the screen to windows borderless then back to full screen in game. then it 'sometimes' sticks, sometimes not.. frustrating...
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    Normal temps on a overclocked 1080

    That temp is ok, however you could probably lower it by improving your case's airflow. Keep in mind that that card is dumping heat directly into the case so more fans may equal lower temps. For comparison I have a Zotac 1080FE in a P182SE, I maintain boost clocks of 1950 at 75% fan speed and...
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    Yes, please give it a break and learn about punctuation and run-on sentences in your new-found free time.
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    New NVIDIA drivers claim to provide big improvements

    Not that I have any crashes but I like the sound of that aftermath tool
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    PS4 Pro “Boost Mode” Will Help Some Older Games Run Faster and Smoother

    This seriously seems backwards, boost mode for older games....
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    useless cuz you can no longer hit a guy in the leg and kill him? thats not a nerf, they fixed it. yah the martini henry is just fine.
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    EA/Origin download problem

    I can't blow it up, i just have the small status window down in the bottom left, then when I click that, another small window appears beside it, showing the d/l speed and % progress. 96% now...jesus, with my stellar internet it only took 8 hours :whistle:
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    EA/Origin download problem

    I'm in full whiny bitch mode right now. Performed a clean install of windows last night, set everything up, d/l Origin and try to d/l BF1. Its been doing this thing where it climbs a few % then drops back a few %, I'm at 72% right now and its gone as high as 80% then rolls back to 60%. I'm...
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    These server problems are PISSING me off. I haven't been able to play since last night.
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    I rarely see any teamwork going on, it's infuriating because I love the game and just want that tight team experience.
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    Seriously? Why do you refuse to play on the US side?
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    Police Losing Battle To Get Drivers To Put Down Their Phones

    The problem with this is that the innocent person that is driving with due diligence will suffer.
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    Ridiculous All-In-One Gaming PC Built Into 34-inch Curved Monitor

    i can't imagine how the cooling situation in this machine would be adequate
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    I dunno, I kinda like it. Some people just have to realize that the BF1942 days are long gone and simply load it up and make their own fun. It still has those 'classic battlefield moments'. I'm looking forward to exploring the maps and weapons and finding a good crew to roll with. The...
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    Battlefield 1 Open Beta This Month

    Like all the rest, I will try, then I will buy
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    Guy Straps A GoPro To Hot Wheels Car

    deceptively smooth editing or sure! wonder which model he strapped the camera to...
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    Massive savings on a Zotac GTX1070

    ^ I suspect they weren't the only retailers that pulled that stunt haha
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    NVIDIA Settles GTX 970 Class-Action Lawsuits

    The GTX 970 was such an awesome card from a price/performance stand point. I also have never experienced any issues due to the fragmented memory, at least not that I could pinpoint. I'll gladly accept $30 though, not gonna give up free $$
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    Attempted Steam hack

    Just a couple of fools upping their post count. No big deal
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    Attempted Steam hack

    It was, I admit. I should have changed it eons ago. This experience made me rethink and change a bunch of my passwords to much stronger ones. Prick did me a favor
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    Attempted Steam hack

    Glad I could entertain such a simple mind
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    Attempted Steam hack

    Woke up to an email from Steam saying that someone with a Russian IP address tried to log in to my account. Obviously they didn't get any further than the email authentication. Does this mean that they potentially had my password, since they got that far? Most times when I log in from my...
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    2600k died. New gaming pc needed

    If he wants to spend $750 i don't see how going back multiple generations just for 6 cores is the logical choice.
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    Just sold my Asus Strix GTX 970 for $350ca so I will be purchasing the GTX 1080 as soon as possible. Should be a nice bump in performance. I'm assuming the Canadian launch price will be scary so the $350 will help somewhat. It's going to be torture not having a capable video card for ~ month...
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    Battlefield 5

    BF 2143 pls
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    Bass-y Headphones

    Sony XB950BT, wireless and have a bass boost button that will blow your mind! Normally $200 but go on sale, lots of times half price, all the time!
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    Problem with Audioengine a5+ Volume Dial

    Mine do this too. Since new. I kinda got used to it, turning the knob quickly rather than incremental clicks seems to minimize the issue. Just realized how goddamn old the OP's original post was!
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    Black Friday Booty! What Did You Get?

    Logitech G910 Orion Spark at Best Buy for $139
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    Mad Max (2015)

    ^ you sir are on that other end of the spectrum, the one with fewer people. The game kicks ass
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    Mad Max (2015)

    I got it from for $20, its already preloaded in steam. no shadiness whatsoever.