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    Happy Birthday Tom & Jerry!

    Do you know what did they edit it to?
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    Boom3d promo 75% off - 10 dollars

    It is like atmos for mac Mac: Windows: so 10 dollars total.
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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    so what is the license tied to? if a person bought a tesla with all the features and want to buy a new tesla will all the features be able to transfer to the new one without having to rebuy it? or is it the license is tied per hardware and user. so each user that uses the tesla of...
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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    It was easy to get the beta version, now that it is out of beta that means no more streaming for free for a long time.
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    Drive your coworkers crazy with this Untitled Goose game inspired app.

    yep, esheep it been bought back alive too
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    3DBuzz has shut its doors and made all their content available for free

    Here you can download the fiiles without using torrent:
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    A character from God of War brought to life.

    maybe this is what universal studios will do next, a god of war theme ride.
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    GN: Intel PCIe Socketable Computer: Tear-Down of Ghost Canyon NUC SFF PC
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    Intel Demos DG1 GPU at CES

    That looks like a cool way to make a computer. wonder how hot will it get
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    48-core Ryzen Threadripper 3980X processor exposed

    i bet all threadtripper are really 64 cores but some cores are unstable and becomes a weaker cpu model.
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    Three men are charged in $722 million cryptocurrency fraud

    where does all the money go? let me guess the government
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    not sure where to put this LOL?

    start your own planned parenthood, i believe you can put it there
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    "ZedRipper" 16-Core Z80 CPU

    hope this will inspire a person to make a server laptop. just think having a ton of cpus . but i think the best to do is a epic laptop with dual socket.
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    Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here

    hope this does stop addiction.
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    The new slab memory controller: Saving 30~40%+ Of Memory, Less Fragmentation

    i scan the article and saw shared memory. makes me think this way will be exploited for other programs to read others memory
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    The New BioShock Has Been In The Works For Years

    that is good, they kept it runwraps. i guess they believe they will succeed now. it is annoying if a company announce a game and than 15 years later it comes out. much better if only after it get announce only 2 years latr
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    Apple Will Reportedly Release An iPhone Without Any Ports In 2021

    This is the iphone for the super rich. No charging, It comes fully charged. After it dies, you buy a new one that is fully charged!
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    Researchers achieve quantum control of an oscillator using a Josephson circuit

    I think they are just saying they did something in a better way.
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    Nvidia study finds gamers have better K/D ratios at higher framerates

    it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know this. come on. limit someone to 3 fps and play against them. but i think once at levels that are already really high. it wont make any difference.
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    Chinese smarter than everyone

    This is reasons why chinese students are smarter: * They are punished for bad grades * They are always treated as poop even if they are doing well * They want to prove their parents wrong that they are not crap * They have no love from parents or tough love Hopefully you get the point. They are...
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    'Quake II RTX' update delivers more realistic ray-traced visuals

    Here is more information about what the update changed:
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    EVGA NU Audio Pro

    is this really needed or just need the dolby atmos plugin for windows 10?
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    InWin presents "Alice" a new take on PC cases

    the case looks funky, i think i go with the corsair case i
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    Another example of not owning Adobe software you paid for.

    Maybe Corel draw might be making a comeback
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    Blizzard Employees Walk Out, Fans Rebel After Company Bows to China

    Well I wouldn't have chosen to work I that field. So you're logic is invalid. Sure based on your logic if someone is racist the should express it out loud in their job and make it into a hostile work environment
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    Blizzard Employees Walk Out, Fans Rebel After Company Bows to China

    Anyone that is professional shouldn't have did something unprofessional. So arguing politics in work seems unprofessional. Do that in your free time. That is how reality works.
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    Inland PCIe 4 x4 1TB NVMe drive, $169.

    intel is saying they are skipping 4 and going stright into 5 because they never bothered working on 4. So in order for them to even catch up with amd is to jump right into 5. while amd is most likely already working on 5 too.
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    Inland PCIe 4 x4 1TB NVMe drive, $169.

    How is this a tech news? Also based on amazon for 1tb the list price should be: List Price: $249.99 And it is only 10 dollars cheaper than amazon right now.
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    Pretty cool autonomous drone

    Looks cool if you want to be an action star.
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    Black Mesa Releasing Sept. 14th

    Wow, this is still going on? Too bad now the gfx looks outdated. I really hope they have a secret project with valve that is making it up to date in like half-life 3 engine
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    AMD Announces Ryzen 3000 Pro

    it just use less power I guess. so more energy saving for business when not in use?
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    Thurrott: Minecraft Is Getting a Whole New Look With Ray Tracing Support

    wasnt there a minecraft mod already to make it has ray tracing?
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    This Uncrackable Code Is Puzzling the CIA

    not even a supercomputer can solve this?
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    A camera looking around a corner - sort of

    real life wallhack
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    Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Test Open For Signup

    You can talk with this guy, maybe he might be able to help you:
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    Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Test Open For Signup

    For all nintendo fans out there the android version of Mario Kart Tour is now open for closed beta signup. You must view this site on your android device.
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    MS Paint lives on...for now

    Paint is powerful enough just look at some youtube videos