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    FS: 2600K, Asus P8P67 PRO, GSkill Riptide

    Last drop $110 + Shipping.
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    FS: 2600K, Asus P8P67 PRO, GSkill Riptide

    I just wanted to clarify the RAM on this is 8GB total not 16GB or 2x 8GB. Its been a long time and thought i had 16GB of ram in this system. Good thing a forum member pointed it out when they checked out the exact model! Dropped to $130 + shipping.
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    Okay. $150 for all. I take PayPal.

    Okay. $150 for all. I take PayPal.
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    FS: 2600K, Asus P8P67 PRO, GSkill Riptide

    LOL Yeah thats what I meant!
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    FS: 2600K, Asus P8P67 PRO, GSkill Riptide

    Hello, I upgraded a while back already and this has been sitting here for awhile. I was going to throw it into a HTPC but figured i'd just sell it. Intel 2600K - I had the chip lapped when I first got it, I had it running at 4.9 with upped voltage (Dont remember the voltage at this point) Asus...
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    WTB : mATX 1155 motherboard

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    WTB : mATX 1155 motherboard

    Long shot but looking for something like a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H to throw an old 2600K in I have sitting around for a spare htpc.
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    Old Noob Looking for DeathMatch FPS

    Quake Live on steam still has a community. I still play once in awhile.... Same 100 people something but loyal!
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    The Division 2

    I crafted my chattrbox when wt5 hit and it came up 490. Going to have to get that blueprint. On another note has anyone noticed a lot more bugs lately? Feels like I'm getting way more than just a couple weeks ago. Just had a ghost suicide bomber attack me the other day.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    I used Macrium Reflect without any problems and it works good.
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    The Division 2

    smokin9 - sm0kin9
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    One UI what it's now called is actually much better and has gotten good reviews.
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    The Division 2

    I have 3 invites also. PM me if interested.
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    Samsung Reveals Exynos 9820

    What is this 2016?
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Looks like a great kit. Great for anyone to build some nice custom water cooling setup!! Like meee!!
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    Hunt: Showdown - Update 2.3 on Test Servers

    Great and fun game been playing a lot more recently. Bought the game when it had first came out but the long load times and some of the bugs killed it for me. The patches since then have fixed some of those issues. Any idea how long it usually takes for the update to go from test to final?
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    Intel Server Technology Falls Behind AMD as 10nm Struggles Continue

    Im a little behind on CPUS... actually i usually only really start to research when I doing a new build but is AMD already on 7nm, and Intel is still figuring out 10nm??
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    AT&T is Screwing Customers by Almost Tripling a Bogus Fee

    I was just going to comment the same thing... way back when I had Sprint,, they changed a fee like 6 cents or something... gave me a perfect reason to leave their shitty network I was under contract. They let me right out without much of a hassle...
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    YouTube Launching New Music Streaming Service

    Same here. I subd when they first offered the $7.99 plan and been paying this ever since. Sometimes I feel like trying out Spotify but the no youtube ads and 7.99 price keeps me with GPM.
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    Google Assistant Gets Your Hair Did

    Also not sure people would hang up so often on it if they can't even figure out their talking to AI. Did you listen to how real it sounds? Sure sounds like the people on the other line we're fooled.
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    Google Assistant Gets Your Hair Did

    Guys are way outta the loop. Its slang talking
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    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

    Yeah man sorry. I haven't had any issues at all with my S9. Granted like I said I disable stuff not needed with bk disabler. I use it pretty lightly during while I'm at work but for instance to day after 5 I still had 70% battery. I know touchwiz has a bad rap and I was mainly a nexus user...
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    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

    Yeah that's it. bk package disabler. If you visit xda, theres a thread on all the things to disable with a .xml file you can import. The .xml file might be too aggressive but you can play around with it in case something you use is disabled.
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    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

    Have your tried disabling things with bk uninstaller? I try to disable as much as I can, of course it also depends if you got your phone through a carrier. I have tmobile now which hardly has any carrier bloat but att and tons which i disabled. I'm on around 9 days uptime without any problems.
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    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

    If only S9 could run stock Android. I love the hardware but the software is a little ehh.. What I do is bypass most of Samsung software. I dont need syncing when Google does all of it. Tmobile has the least amount of bloat then I use BK disabler and disable whatever else I feel like is not...
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    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

    Strange...I've never had my phone ask me to reboot them. s8 or s9 or any nexus device.
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    TRUE Surround Sound Headphones Are Finally Here

    I can only imagine what you would look like with that thing on!
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Finally Launched....Officially

    $450 off if you preorder and trade in your s8? Hmm
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    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    I'd ummmmm Darude Sandstorm!
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    Amazon Won't Say If It Hands Echo Data To The Government

    Can someone tell me what really the difference between one of these devices and your cell phone that you carry with you everywhere? I mean in theory they could do the same thing with your cell phone, right?
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    The Impossible Dream of USB-C

    Dont know what your are all crying about. Had USB C on my Nexus 6P and never had a problem with it falling out or anything else. Works as it should with my S8, little search is all it takes to get a USB-C cable up to specs too so no issues there when I bought extra.
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    Another Million People Cut the TV Cord Last Quarter

    Now if we could only get more than 1 decent option for a ISP. I think that would allow some healthy competition and lower the prices of internet only plans.
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    Robots are Going to Kill Us All...but NOT this One

    I was thinking it just missed where the staircase down was behind the curtain but who knows.
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    New Nissan Leaf Will Have One Pedal

    This a joke? It's like bumper cars or something.
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    Sharp to Start OLED TV Panel Production

    I've had the opposite experience. My old led sharp tv is still going strong 10+ years. My LG led I bought I had for 2 yrs and it crapped out on me.
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    Went phone window shopping this weekend

    Google needs to offer pixel launcher officially on the store. I'm using Google now launcher and it looks pretty much stock unless you start diving into the settings.
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    Went phone window shopping this weekend

    I pre-ordered the s8 the week it was coming out. Coming from a long line of just owning only Nexus devices since the Nexus One and probably skipping every other one until the Nexus 6P. When I first got it I loved the hardware, it looks amazing to me and felt great but Touchwiz was killing me...