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  1. ZLoth

    Broken UWP icons in Windows 10 Start Menu

    I'm at my wits end here.... I have a couple of UWP programs installed on Windows 10.... like Plex, Audible, and SiriusXM. For several months, the icons in the start menu look like this: I've tried the following: * Going to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer ...
  2. ZLoth

    Steam Is Getting a Redesigned Library and New Events Features

    Anyone want to take any bets that this redesigned release will coincide with the annual summer emptying of wallets? I am prepared..... I just picked up a $100 Steam card for $80 at the local Frys today. As for the categorization of items, I've been using a utility called Depressurizer to...
  3. ZLoth

    Gearbox Teases a March Borderlands Announcement

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel wasn't a bad game. It just wasn't up to the same level of storytelling that we got with Borderlands 2. In some aspects, it felt like TPS main game felt like glorified DLC to BL2, and, in some ways, it was since it used the same...
  4. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    The network install was completed at 8 PM Tuesday evening. It's so nice not to have network cabling taped to the floor. Although they thought it was strange that I wanted eight network ports in the bedroom-turned-office, and no, I do not want a single line to a switch.
  5. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    For most of my applications, the 1000Mps is more than adequate, especially if you are streaming media from a Plex Media Server. However, being prepared for a 10 gig connection is great from a desktop computer to a NAS server, especially when transferring large files with the limiting factor...
  6. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    Just as an update.... on Tuesday, I am having my home wired for Cat 6 cable. The runs are short enough that I don't need Cat 6A, however, at the moment, I'm going to run a 1 Gbps network. My Internet connection is a up to 940Mbps connection.
  7. ZLoth

    China Freezes New Game Applications Again

    As far as I can see, in the name of "protect the children", I imagine that the priority for approval would be homegrown (China) games, while the non-homegrown games will be given Duke Nukem Forever priority. Change my mind....
  8. ZLoth

    North Dallas, Texas - Looking for home network installer

    I just moved into a home in the North Dallas area, and I need to install some network cabling from a closet to several rooms using Cat 6a cable (in case I decided to go with 10GB intranet). From my estimation, I would need the following: Closet - 2 Network Connections for alarm system...
  9. ZLoth

    AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ

    Yes, thank you.
  10. ZLoth

    AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ

    Interesting. I was updating the contact details, and saw this.... Heh heh heh. AIM was shut down on December, 2017. Yahoo Messenger was shut down on July, 2018. ICQ is still around, but I think it's used mainly by Russians and has less than 11 million users now. Is the forum software authors...
  11. ZLoth

    Tesla Supercharger Sabotaged: The Latest in a Series of Weird Anti-Tesla Incidents

    California has a program where "Clean Air Vehicles" could drive solo in the HOV lanes. But, this occurred in Utah. I think it's an superior attitude on both sides of the argument. Some of the Tesla owners feel superior to the fossil fuel drivers because they are driving expensive yet clean...
  12. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    Just as an update.... While I have not purchased a home yet, it appears that the Internet Service Provider will be capable of providing up to 960Mbps down/35 Mbps (?) up. Yes, I can feel the need for speed. The plan is to install Cat 6a cable in the house at this point. The price premium that...
  13. ZLoth

    Good Service To Transfer ZIP discs

    Used, sent off the disks prior to Christmas, got them back last weekend, transferred the files to my NAS storage for later review.
  14. ZLoth

    Lukewarm: Steam Winter Sale [H]as started

    I understand your statement. However, it appears that Paradox is still in business after all these years. Telltale Games, on the other hand..... *poof*.... and I'm on the side of the employees on that one.
  15. ZLoth

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas.... and here's to all the folks who are working over the holidays. That includes me.
  16. ZLoth

    Lukewarm: Steam Winter Sale [H]as started

    So, what did I purchase in the Steam sale? Lets see... Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Duke Nukem Bundle Bomber Crew - Deluxe Edition Oxenfree + Soundtrack 911 Operator - Collector's Edition Microsoft RTS Bundle for some of the Age of Empires DLC and Halo Wars Total spent: $48.41... most of it...
  17. ZLoth

    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    I'm probably in the minority, but I cannot help but feel a little sorry for the package thieves. Glitter is a PITA to clean up and get rid of. Especially if its in your girlfriend's car. Then, I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.....
  18. ZLoth

    The Next AAA Publisher Crash May Already be Here

    So, uh, once again, please tell me why I should spend $60 for a game when it already gets discounted to around $30 within a month of release. Don't believe me? Look at the price of Fallout 76 at around Thanksgiving. And it was only released on November 14th. And it feels like you are a beta...
  19. ZLoth

    Good Service To Transfer ZIP discs

    "While cleaning out in preparation for a move".....
  20. ZLoth

    Good Service To Transfer ZIP discs

    While cleaning out in preparation for a move, I found a box of five old ZIP discs. Yes, ZIP discs. Yes, I know that brings back either memories or (more likely) a click nightmare. Any recommendations for a United States-based transfer service to transfer the files to a modern storage format?
  21. ZLoth

    Some Epic Store Games Are Pushing Back or Scrapping Steam Releases

    Steam is excellent at separating your money from your wallet. They are also the only digital storefront that allows you to easily make backups of your games although that backup utility was created when the Steam store launched and everyone was still using CDs and DVDs and 1TB drives weren't...
  22. ZLoth

    Verizon Drops About 7% of Global Workforce

    At least it's a better deal than what the employees of Telltale Games got.....
  23. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    For the installation of the cable, I'm having a professional do it. Let them deal with the sweat and tears of pulling wire through walls from the patch panel to the wall jack. I won't have the time, and I know my limitations. :banghead: Hooking up equipment to a patch panel can be done with my...
  24. ZLoth

    Streaming Is on a Collision Course with ISP Data Caps

    Sorry folks, but I'm very skeptical of data caps, especially when said data caps are coming from the same providers who also provide television service. Yeah, the same folks who state, "In an effort to increase your cable and satellite bills beyond the point of affordability and to further pad...
  25. ZLoth

    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    And why would a business want to go cashless? Because it reduces theft (both internal skimming, possible robbery when taking funds to the bank, outright robbery) and reduces costs. Although there are those credit card processing fees. Also, this is New York BLEEPy. Don't they have much bigger...
  26. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    This is why I'm very close to leaning towards 6a instead of 6. It is much easier to swap out a switch in five years than it is to swap out the wiring. Technology tends to improve over time and decrease in price.
  27. ZLoth

    Samsung 860 QVO 1TB and 4TB SATA SSD Review

    $600 for 4TB? Hmmmm..... it would be interesting if they could come up with a technique that has a m.2 drive and one of these things show up as a single drive, however, in the background, have the frequently-accessed stuff (OS, programs) on the m.2 drive and the data and such on the slower...
  28. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    Whoops.... I misstated. It's "new to me", but is at least 10 years old. Unfortunately, with a brand new home, I would be commuting at least 30 minutes each way to work, and my desire to live close to work means older home. The battle plan is to run six lines to the home office, 3+coax to the...
  29. ZLoth

    Fallout 76 Has Already Been Reduced to $35

    When will the game show up in the Humble Monthly Bundle?
  30. ZLoth

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    I'm moving in a new home, and one of my requirements is to have networking cable installed for my home network. The plan is to have a network rack in the garage, then initially put in a modem/gigabit switch/FreeNAS server. However, this means that I'm having wiring put in. And, this is a job...
  31. ZLoth

    The Steam Autumn Sale Has Commenced

    Picked up Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe edition. It should be noted that The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a free download promoting LIS2. I had also picked up the remaining DLCs that were missing on the World of Magicka Bundle. Now watch it. It shows up in the Humble...
  32. ZLoth

    Crypto Hangover Could Take Blame for NVIDIA's Potential GeForce RTX 2060 Delay

    According to NewEgg: 1050 cards - $125-$140 1050Ti cards - $150-$170 1060 cards - $200-$230 1070 cards - $380-$400 1070Ti cards - $380-$440 1080 cards - $460-$520 1080Ti cards - starting at $1,000 2070 cards - starting at $500 2080 cards - starting at $750 Tell me folks, if you have a 1080p...
  33. ZLoth

    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    I've heard of "Bleeding Edge" technology, but "Burning Edge"? That's a liability issue. Still, seems kinda appropriate considering that NDA program that Kyle talked about....
  34. ZLoth

    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    The only proper response, in my opinion, is to not purchase Apple hardware products. From my vantagepoint, it amuses me that Apple now engages in the same practices that it has accused Microsoft doing in the past.... and gets away with it.
  35. ZLoth

    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    Why are you being so complimentary on the deployment process? There are several issues here. The first issue is that convenience takes a higher precedence over security. If there are additional barriers to using a particular card, then the consumer will just use a competing card. Likewise, if...
  36. ZLoth

    SSD + nVidia 1080 + GSync + Bookshelf Speakers = Gaming Goodness

    If you look in the back, you can see what I think is the subwoofers. Great low-frequency reproduction, although the room doesn't rumble.
  37. ZLoth

    The Steam Halloween Sale Is Now Live

    There is always the Steam Turkey Recovery sale and the Steam Christmas Cash Grab.
  38. ZLoth

    SSD + nVidia 1080 + GSync + Bookshelf Speakers = Gaming Goodness

    Those aren't a bad pair of air movers that you have there. Those speakers were first offered for sale on Amazon in September, 2011, thus no Bluetooth. The problem isn't that there is a remote, but that the remote is so small and easy to loose. This has been a common complaint in the reviews...