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  1. NukeDukem

    [Epic Store] Kingdom Come Deliverance & Aztez (Free Till 2/20)

    Sweet, I've been meaning to play Kingdom Come. Free is ok with me. :D Thanks OP
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Starting the day with a mug of Bali Blue Moon coffee and a session of The Outer Worlds on Supernova difficulty. Modded for the ability to quicksave because I'm not that hardcore. Life's good! Have a happy weekend!
  3. NukeDukem

    Nvidia’s new GeForce driver includes highly-requested max frame rate feature

    I've been using RTSS for years to limit the framerate, but it's nice to see a control panel option.
  4. NukeDukem

    PC gaming is in a decline — and deserves to be

    Heard the same thing in 2005, yet here we are
  5. NukeDukem

    Buy 2080Ti now, or wait for holidays?

    Looks like I'll get 1.5-2 years with my 2080Ti before it's outdated. Longer product cycles is going to be the norm going forward hence the inflated price for the top card. Still, you have to buy these things at launch if you want "value". No way I would consider a 2080Ti at this point if money...
  6. NukeDukem

    Any news on a new farcry?

    I'd love to see a reboot of the series. Make a game like the original Far Cry with updated graphics and take my money already
  7. NukeDukem

    FS: Essential Phone PH-1 Halo Gray SOLD

    ttt, $100 shipped!
  8. NukeDukem

    FS: Essential Phone PH-1 Halo Gray SOLD

    For Sale Essential Phone PH-1 128GB unlocked in Halo Gray In excellent condition. No scratches or cracks on the screen. Comes with box, cable, and wall charger. $100...
  9. NukeDukem

    John Carmack stepping down as CTO of Oculus

    Great, now he's going to work on artificial intelligence. We're all Doomed
  10. NukeDukem

    FS: Essential Phone PH-1 Halo Gray Sold

    For Sale a used Essential PH-1, Halo Gray 128GB Unlocked. sold
  11. NukeDukem

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I just returned Outer Worlds due to it being a stuttery mess; was hoping to pick this up today. Glad I waited for some reports. Seems people with 2080Ti's and 8700k's are getting ~70fps at 1440p Ultra. Unacceptable. On the bright side, Witcher 3 HD Reworked 10.0 looks stunning and this will...
  12. NukeDukem

    AMD Reports 3rd Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    AMD is up 3% on the day so far. Take us to $40, Dr. Su!
  13. NukeDukem

    LG 32” GK850G G-Sync 2560x1440 $339 shipped

    It's great for pure gaming. Text is a little soft. I'm cool with that because of how satisfied I've been with the gaming experience. I'll take the extra FPS over the extra res, for now. The larger panel size makes it more immersive than the previous 27" IPS models I've used. Also has nice...
  14. NukeDukem

    32" G-Sync 1440p 32GK850G Monitor - $160 shipped USA

    OP might have made a pricing mistake, $160 for this monitor is a steal
  15. NukeDukem

    Blizzard Employees Walk Out, Fans Rebel After Company Bows to China

    Yes. Turkey was invading Syria with or without US approval. Trump simply moved 50 US personnel out of the area; there is no Syrian "pull out". Which I disagree with. There is no reason for US troops to be playing referee over there any longer. That is supposed to be what the UN does. If a NATO...
  16. NukeDukem

    Blizzard Employees Walk Out, Fans Rebel After Company Bows to China

    Probably has nothing to do with Turkey being a NATO ally or the fact the US has a major air base there housing tactical nuclear weapons... Nah it's just Trump protecting his hotels . Whatever. Guess NATO just exists to rip us US taxpayers. Along with the UN.
  17. NukeDukem

    Is ghosting in VA panels this bad?

    Maybe my eyes are getting older but motion on my LG 32GK850G looks smooth as hell at 160fps Blur doesn't seem any worse than the Acer Predator IPS 144Hz panel it replaced, and the contrast is way, way better on the VA. For darker games especially theres no comparison, IPS glow sucks!
  18. NukeDukem

    apparently me and RTX is not meant to be...

    Well if it makes ya feel better I've been on a 2080Ti for almost a year and only used ray tracing once, for about 5 minutes in Quake. Didn't even bother with it in Metro. I agree it's a waste to buy into this gen if you want to actually use RTX. That raster performance tho... can't argue with...
  19. NukeDukem

    Shadow of Tomb Raider for $19.79 on Steam

    I was about to grab this - then I remembered I haven't played Rise of the Tomb Raider yet, so I got that for $8.99 instead ;)
  20. NukeDukem

    Maxine Waters wants to ban tech companies from making cryptocurrencies (closed)

    Uh, no. I'm simply pointing out that white guys can be victims of "institutional" racism, too. I'm also of the firm opinion that only equal opportunities can be legislated by the government, not equal outcomes. At that point you are simply using race as a political tool, which is exactly what...
  21. NukeDukem

    Maxine Waters wants to ban tech companies from making cryptocurrencies (closed)

    Yeah, ask some poor white guy who lost a job promotion to a lesser qualified candidate due strictly to race (Affirmative Action) about "institutional racism", or being "treated fairly". Like I said, it's all about perspective. You don't own the words "racism" or "racist" - because they mean...
  22. NukeDukem

    Maxine Waters wants to ban tech companies from making cryptocurrencies (closed)

    You can't give me a clear definition. Only your opinion. edit: I also don't need a link to a dictionary. My point is defining exactly what IS or IS NOT "racist" is not a matter of science. It is purely subjective. Only the political left has weaponized it and used it to divide people, as if...
  23. NukeDukem

    Maxine Waters wants to ban tech companies from making cryptocurrencies (closed)

    Define "racist". It's a completely subjective term.
  24. NukeDukem

    Metro 2033 Exodus and Ray Tracing...

    I don't give a shit about RTX, I bought the 2080 Ti because it's 25-35% faster than a 1080Ti. I'm almost done with Metro and haven't even bothered turning on RTX. I got 75FPS in Quake II RTX and played around with it for about 5 minutes before saying "meh". At worst it's a gimmick and at best...
  25. NukeDukem

    ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ: World’s 1st display with concurrent motion blur reduction & Adaptive-Sync

    Having owned both, I much prefer 1440p at 32" than 27" for gaming. The LG32GK850G was a godsend in late 2017. No way I'd go back to a glowing, low contrast IPS or a 27" panel. Sure the text on web pages looks a little soft but I got used to it in about a month. For gaming though it is a perfect...
  26. NukeDukem

    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    Nope - still using CMSS-3D via Creative Labs Titanium HD I purchased in 2011. With HD800's it gives me an almost unfair advantage in games like Natural Selection 2 where positional audio is paramount. No onboard solution I've sampled comes close. Patiently waiting for the AE-9!
  27. NukeDukem

    Nividia to lunch RTX2080ti Super

    Not as fun as getting to 100 posts and making redundant threads!
  28. NukeDukem

    New Soundblaster Internal card coming

    Found this on Reddit, thought it pertinent to the discussion. I'm waiting on this to replace my Titanium HD; 2 days ago Creative_Ryan "The wait will be worth it. I appreciate your desire to know when. Believe me, we want it out there as well. I personally want it out there. I've been with...