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  1. odoe

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Was able to snag PS5 from Best Buy this morning, pick up next week.
  2. odoe

    Dark Matter by MonoPrice 34" Curved Ultrawide 144hz Freesync/HDR 400 QLED

    Thanks for the write up. I was debating this monitor for some video editing work, but think I'll wait for something else. It's not gaming, but still lots of staring and movement, lol
  3. odoe

    1TB Team Group CX2 SSD $68 at newegg

    In, at that price why not
  4. odoe

    **It's DEAD, Jim!** Logitech MX518 $19.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    I bought them both, you guys are like crack dealers
  5. odoe

    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    I did get a pull-up/dip station at a decent price, and some canning and pickling stuff
  6. odoe

    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    I can wait for big Navi as everyone jumps on those snag my lowly 3080.
  7. odoe

    Steam Summer sale

    Been wanting to play Magicka 2 for years. You can tell I'm behind
  8. odoe

    WTF microsoft

    this was fun
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    "The FSFT forum has its own set of specific rules and has a required 100 post minimum to...

    "The FSFT forum has its own set of specific rules and has a required 100 post minimum to participate. FSFT is for contributing members of HardForum."
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    History behind Windows and the man who should have been Bill Gates

    GenMay or submit to the news section
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    Tech giants trying to stop impending vote on opting-out of collection / sale of personal data

    Sorry this went on so long. This discussion belongs in GenMay or submit it for the news section.
  12. odoe

    Microsoft Buys GitHub Confirmed

    Ya, the way github was burning money, would have been out of business in a year or so. This is a good fit, people just like to freak out about big bad MS. Free doesn't pay the bills. Bitbucket is solid, but definitely not as social or polished as gh and gitlab has had some uptime issues of...
  13. odoe

    Microsoft Is Reportedly Talking about Buying GitHub

    Bitbucket is friendlier for private repos for small teams. Unlimited for 5 users I believe. It's just not as polished as github.
  14. odoe

    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Honestly, go back to ep IV. Han and Chewie traveling through space alone in a confined space for long periods of time. It's a perfect recipe a space twink and bear duo no one has minded for decades.
  15. odoe

    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Did you actually see it? There was nothing in the movie about Lando being pansexual at all. Maybe if you squinted real hard and let your imagination go wild. Maybe. Media ran with a catchy headline, hardly SJW down anyones throat, but cute that so many are offended at even the idea of it.
  16. odoe

    Microsoft Is Reportedly Talking about Buying GitHub

    MS today is not the MS of yesterday. They've done some great work with Code and TypeScript, not to mention Azure, which IMO is much easier to get up and running than AWS, even if AWS has a bit more flexibility. I'm sure Github will be fine once people stop overreacting.
  17. odoe

    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Saw it, enjoyed. Don't see the silly SJW nonsense some snowflakes seem to be getting into a tizzy about. It was fun, not great, but fun.
  18. odoe

    Google Pixel 3

    Can't wait! My Pixel 1 has been crapping out with 8.1 and even P. Pixel 3 is my next phone of choice!
  19. odoe

    i am really beginning to hate windows 10, printer support sucks...

    I think this one has run it's course.
  20. odoe

    Firefox Quantum (FF 57)

    Still not great with heavy WebGL.
  21. odoe

    tons of little issues since Fall creators update

    Since the update, after hibernate for some reason Chrome loses internet and has to be restarted. Slack and IE seem to work. Docker has issues starting up too, takes a couple of restarts.
  22. odoe

    Your favorite Old School OS

    When I started college, I was doing music and cool shit on Amiga. Loved that machine.
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    Cheaper Techsmith Camtasia Studio and Snagit

    On Camtasia? That's only with the trial, no water marks with a license.
  25. odoe

    Cheaper Techsmith Camtasia Studio and Snagit

    Yeah, but like I said, for Windows, I think it's about as good as you can get. Depending on how long you need it, you can get Adobe Premiere for $50/month using Creative Cloud. I've heard CamStudio is a good free alternative, but I found it was ok to record, but you still need editing software...
  26. odoe

    Cheaper Techsmith Camtasia Studio and Snagit

    I do vid tutorials too. I've tried lots of shit. On Windows, Camtasia has just been the best option I've found so far. More options on Mac for similar.
  27. odoe

    Need some help finding a tool.

    Alright, I think this thread is done.
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    32TB of windows leaked Online

    Better suited for GenMay.
  29. odoe

    Hayao Miyazaki Films Collection - 154$

    Damnit, I missed it. Been wanting these.
  30. odoe

    Humble Bundle Freedom

    I bought this bundle based on a buddies recommendation on Day of the Tentacle. Lots of other cool stuff there, as I don't game much, but like to play in my down time.
  31. odoe

    Audio Technica AT-LP120BK-USB Direct-Drive Turntable, Black | Amazon Refurb $169.00 SOLD OUT

    Been thinking about getting one of these just to rip some records.
  32. odoe

    Recommend credit card processor?

    Pretty sure Stripe can handle batch processing of payments.
  33. odoe

    Twitter Now Ranks Conversations Based On Who Replies

    You know why Facebook uses an algorithm to display content and not chronological order? People refresh/return to the page more often to see more content, thus, see more ads. Twitter is looking how to monetize the platform as much as possible.
  34. odoe

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and derivatives experience.

    I've been on Ubuntu Gnome for a couple of months now and I'm liking it. I had some weird SELinux issues with Korora that were messing with my local Apache or I would have stayed on that. My current Ubuntu is stable. I prefer it over my Mac I use for work.
  35. odoe

    Like them or not, Google's Pixel phones will be the iPhone competitor we've demanded for years

    The people doing the event need some more media training some looked very uncomfortable. That said, I bit on the XL 128. My Note 3 acts up too much and I'm tired of running out of space and moving stuff around. If I don't like it I'll try the iPhone and sell one off later.
  36. odoe

    How Long will the Windows 10 wars last ???

    This thread is better suited for GenMay.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    The lack of stickers in this thread is disturbing. Lenovo T430s Plus 1TB in Optical bay 128GB mSATA
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    Been using the mobile version and I like it. I like the idea of having the little bubble thing.
  39. odoe

    Microsoft just got owned due to Win10 breaking privacy laws

    This turned into a Genmay thread quickly.