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  1. INOX

    iOS 15 Beta

    Late to update and everything especially the browser is running real slow. Have not seen a fix that worked except rolling back the update. Any suggesions?
  2. INOX

    Best exchange to buy on?

    Coinbase keeps almost all of their currency offline in cold storage vaults limiting what a hacker could do the exchange, so there's that.
  3. INOX

    Microsoft Family

    Ah good deal. Thank you.
  4. INOX

    Microsoft Family

    i got an email seeing some of my kids friends joined my Microsoft Family account. I have no idea what this means. Maybe something to do with XBox. Why would his friends need to join “my family”? Does this affect my bill? To join does this mean they have my login / password. I’ll ask my son...
  5. INOX

    Need new gaming rig for kid

    he may be 11 years old at the most so I'm pretty sure anything with lights will be cool. Thanks for all the input.
  6. INOX

    Need new gaming rig for kid

    I didn't say I wanted them to buy anything and I'm not their gaming psychiatrist. They asked for a recommendation for a gaming PC and that's what I gave them. The kids parents are an engineer and a doctor their budget was $1500 so $1200 and I don't have to provide tech support is fine.
  7. INOX

    Need new gaming rig for kid

    Really didn't think to ask if he has an X-Box or PS4. I'll make that suggestion as well. Thanks
  8. INOX

    Need new gaming rig for kid

    Over priced for a complete system? Or overpriced in that you can build it cheaper? This is for my friends kid and honestly I don’t want have to install an OS and antivirus and be free tech support.
  9. INOX

    Need new gaming rig for kid

    Thinking about this one:
  10. INOX

    Need new gaming rig for kid

    i haven’t gamed in over 10 years. Budget is 1000-1500. Must be able to play Call of Duty and room for growth. What’s the most bang for buck out there? I rather just buy it but if it’s better to with something semi robust and add a GPU and PSU then I’m okay with that too.
  11. INOX

    Suggest a cheap laptop

    Sweet. Thanks! $567.07 after taxes on the T440. Shipping was free.
  12. INOX

    Man Makes LED Engagement Ring

    Ill give that to Korra someday.
  13. INOX

    Six foot one and tons of fun.

    Six foot one and tons of fun.
  14. INOX

    AMD Opteron 165 CCBBE0610DPMW

    Keep that CPU in CAL O. :cool:
  15. INOX

    howdy howdy howdy

    howdy howdy howdy
  16. INOX

    Hey there. Good to hear from ya.

    Hey there. Good to hear from ya.
  17. INOX

    HTC Thunderbolt cases

    I like it. I want something I can easily mount to my motorcycle without buying a separate mount. Otter box is great though.
  18. INOX

    HTC Thunderbolt $129

    Wireless Amazon has HTC Thunderbolt for $129 for new Verizon customers. I hope it this wasn't already posted.
  19. INOX

    hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Just got back from south Texas visiting family. How's...

    hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Just got back from south Texas visiting family. How's everything? How's Aton doing? How do you like being a new dad.
  20. INOX

    Big Ratpadz XT Question

    large enough so that you can throw your laptop on it and it won't bake your thighs.
  21. INOX

    John Mellencamp Likens Internet to an A-Bomb

    I have the sudden urge to make a mix tape for my girlfriend.
  22. INOX

    John Mellencamp Likens Internet to an A-Bomb

    Back in the 80's, I would record music onto cassette while listening to Casey Kasum on the radio. Was that illegal?
  23. INOX

    US Students Not So Worldly Wise

    This comes from years of telling our kids "you're so much better and smarter than we were" blah blah blah. I could care less about writing in cursive. Kids need to learn the basics (reading & math) and have those lessons reinforced periodically. Having their asses kicked occassionaly for...
  24. INOX

    Internet Explorer Turns 15

    All the memories...all the porn.
  25. INOX

    Technology Gone Wrong: Self-Lacing Shoes

    Remember the Kaepa shoes with 2 laces? Thats old school baby!
  26. INOX

    Bono And Friends Bought 5M Facebook Shares

    I'd buy low GoogleMe shares --- if they had any. article.
  27. INOX

    Finger Painting on the Apple iPad

    amazing how talented some people are, but i bet i could own him in Counter-Strike!....j/k
  28. INOX

    Opera 10.54 Released

    Any problems with the Linux version? I have 10.10. latest is 10.11. When I go to update it reads that I already have the most current. I'll update it anyways.
  29. INOX

    Quote of the Day

    He should take his own advice and apply them to taxes.
  30. INOX

    Opera 10.54 Released

    No wonder its so fast.
  31. INOX

    The Growing Geek iPhone Backlash

    I'm thinking about doing away with my cell phone completly. Does that count? :D
  32. INOX

    Xbox 360 Slim Teardown & Noise Test

    Its kinda funny, I know when my kid gets up to play the X-Box. Even though he is being quiet w/ the volume down, I can still hear the machine. Crazy loud. Glad to see an improvement. Next up, the Water Cooled X-Box Waif.
  33. INOX

    Fancy linux?

    I installed Ubuntu on my crap Labtop circa 2005 w/ ATI shared memory/video card. Runs great.
  34. INOX

    Expanded desktop on ATI card Ubuntu 10.4

    Does this help?
  35. INOX

    Whats a good Texas Hold Em program

    I'll give the ddpoker a shot. I use pokerstars on my other machines but now my main rig is Linux. There was a pokerth on the software center but for some reason it would not install.
  36. INOX

    Whats a good Texas Hold Em program

    Yes, really.
  37. INOX

    Whats a good Texas Hold Em program

    For both real and play money? I have Ubuntu 10.4.
  38. INOX

    Ubuntu 10.4 Wireless Network Connection Problem

    I figured it out. I went to Hardware Drivers but since I wasn't connected to the Internet it couldn't find any problems. So I directly connected to my router and the Internet came up fine. I went back to Hard Drivers and updated and it found my wireless adapter and downloaded drivers for it...