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    AdoredTV pre Computex roundup Zen 2 leaked information

    I think I have found my new motherboard! Was planning to keep my B450 ITX, and upgrade to either the 3600 or 3700X, but I think I might just spend money on a new board.
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    New Microcode is out

    Was any of that needed?
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    New Microcode is out

    Oh, they fixed this issue this past Monday? Well damn, if I didn't have to leave out for work last Sunday, I could've saved a few bucks. Ordered a M.2 to SATA adapter last week, and installed it yesterday.
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    After 24 Years, Doom II’s Final Secret Has Been Found

    That's how it was done back then. You struggled, and struggled, died multiple times, became so frustrated to where you either beat the game by sheer luck/determination, you stopped playing for a while, or you broke down and bought a guide. Dialup was sometimes a bit too slow to search for tips...
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    Twitter Finds New Excuses to Shut Down Folks They Don't Like

    You mention 'publicly funded assets', which has the implication that Twitter and other social media platforms should not be allowed to silence differing opinions, which means some form of governmental regulation, then go on to complain about Net Neutrality and the like as if you're against...
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Finalizing Merger

    I'm guessing that lots of people didn't pay attention to when T-Mobile bought MetroPCS back in 2012/2013. MetroPCS customers were informed that the CDMA network was being switched over to GSM, and that they would need a compatible phone, if they already didn't have one. More than likely, most...
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Finalizing Merger

    It kinda works like that on T-Mobile; once you go past 50GB, you're throttled to 2G speeds on congested towers, otherwise you still have full LTE speeds. Right now, I'm at 73.2GB, and I haven't been slowed yet. In the three years I've been on Simple Choice, I've only been throttled three times...
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    Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

    At least it's still the normal color...kinda.
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Finalizing Merger

    T-Mobile did buy MetroPCS...
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    Man, those were the days. Crown Vics, Caprices and others made for wonderful highway trips. Couldn't help but to fall asleep.
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    Real Time Graphics are Progressing Nicely

    But, there are REAL BEARS, SNAKES, and BOAR in the forest, I'd rather deal with virtual ones.
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    Samsung Releases 970 PRO and EVO SSDs

    I was reading TechReport's review the other day, and they weren't running the Spectre/Meltdown patches on their test systems, yet had similar results. From Jeff's comment (#5) on:
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    Elon's Tunnel Under Los Angeles May Get Fast Tracked

    I bet people east of the fault would love to have beachfront property.
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    DOJ Economist Claims AT&T/Time Warner Merger Will Cost Customers up to $571M More Per Year

    I guess it's because some haven't been paying attention since TWC became its own, separate entity before being purchased (along with BrightHouse) by Charter?
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    When I said "reboot", I meant reboot. Not shutdown and me turning it back on, but reboot. Android phones can and do reboot with faulty/degraded batteries. I've had several Android phones, and have seen such many times. You get everything from random app crashes to reboots and shutdowns.
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    Tell that to my Note 4 that would randomly reboot at anywhere from 30%-70% due to a degraded battery, and my OG Moto X that will reboot at 40%. Until I swapped the battery, the Note 4 would never enter battery saver mode unless it displayed <20%, which at that time, it would shut down.
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    Sometimes, the potential fine for bending or breaking laws pales in comparison to the profits you can make.
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    Flat-Earther Successfully Blasts Off in Homemade Rocket

    I was waiting to see if the guy got to some kind of point, but it was "I'll get to that later" for the first half of the video. At least I know that cameras used in the US mirror the moon differently than ones sold in South Africa... I think.
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    Flat-Earther Successfully Blasts Off in Homemade Rocket

    If I could generate Cliff's notes on this video, I'd use them myself. My brain is somewhat stuck in a "what the fuck" loop.
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    Flat-Earther Successfully Blasts Off in Homemade Rocket

    I made it 14+ minutes in...
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    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    Is it something the government is forcing people/companies to do, or is it a choice being made by said people/companies?
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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    I know what you're saying, but isn't this accident a combination of a failure of Uber's autonomous system, distracted driving and jaywalking? It's like a perfect storm.
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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    Don't most marked crosswalks have some kind of signal near them if they're not at an intersection?
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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    You must not drive that often. People do this ALL THE TIME. I'm ~15mi northwest of Birmingham, AL, where old US78/AL5 runs towards Jasper; it's absolutely fucking dark along several sections of this highway, and people routinely drive 10+mph over the speed limit. Every so often, there's either...
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    Swarm Technologies Tells FCC to Suck It

    I think 47 CFR 25.102 is why the FCC is involved:
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    I've seen break-ins and read of home invasions in fairly well to do neighborhoods, ones with great police response even. I'm just not that trusting of people, some may run off if someone notices them, others need the fear of harm/death.
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    I'd rather have the option of defending myself with deadly force (if need be) than waiting for the police to show up afterwards. I lived in a (not so good) neighborhood that was a five minute walk from a police precinct. Someone tried breaking into my house, ran them off with a shotgun. Guess...
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    As someone born in, and has lived in Mobile for most of my life; shootings at schools such as Murphy, Williamson, LeFlore, Blount (majority or predominantly black schools) are common occurrences usually related to gang activity or people thinking themselves as "thugs". In the middle and high...
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    Tesla's Semi Truck is Really Fast

    When they either don't work, or are "stuck".
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    Tesla's Semi Truck is Really Fast

    I still want to know how much this thing weighs, since the heavier the power unit is, the less freight you can carry.
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    E-waste Recycler Facing Prison for Copyright Infringement

    You might wanna go back and read post #51.
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    Elon Musk's Satellite Broadband Clears Crucial U.S. Hurdle

    Gotta say, the faster I can get off of HughesNet, the better. Kinda sucks when your only options for home internet service are either not-so-good cell service, or crap satellite internet.
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    Amazon Begins Whole Foods Delivery Service to Prime Members in Select Cities

    I remember being told (long ago when I worked for Walmart), that if I didn't attend the morning "safety" meetings, they would fire me. Told the assistant manager to either show me where it was listed on the employment site, or call corporate. He told me to go back to work. Never attended a...
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    Facebook Wants to be the New Twitch

    I mainly watch people like TFS and Maximillian Dood because they're just basically themselves while playing. I used to not see the point in watching others play games, and thought it was just a stupid fad that'll die out; but seeing whether people like a game or not helps better than some...
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    Elon Musk’s $500 Boring Company Flamethrower Up for Pre-order

    Roman candles, bottle rockets, bang snaps... If it was either a projectile, could induce some pain, or made a loud enough noise to scare people, it was a 'toy'. Childhood was such fun, dangerous, but fun.
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    Elon Musk’s $500 Boring Company Flamethrower Up for Pre-order

    Ah, the days of running around with our homemade 'flamethrowers', trying to set each other on fire...
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    Normal Phones Doing Normal Dude Stuff on a Budget

    I don't know if I can even stomach not having a case on my V30. Used a magnetic mount in my semi, and did not want the adhesive metal pad marring that beautiful finish. Dropped it a few times, and the cheap, somewhat nice-looking case I have on it has done a nice job. Still wish T-Mobile...