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    WTB Cheap DDR3

    I have 2x4gb G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 sticks that I just replaced and want to get rid of.
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    We already have the Super line, so I guess the next one would be Super Duper.
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    Dark souls 3 83%off

    Dark Souls 3 is really good. I'd recommend picking it up. They really aren't that hard. In DS3, if you can beat the very first boss, you can probably get through the entire game. DS3 is also much more accessible than other games in the series, since your character is pretty capable at the...
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    Rift S / Quest retail buying tips has had them for a while today. I finally ordered a Quest.
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    Here's Why Graphics Card Pricing Could Shoot Up In 2020

    I'm not going to go through the whole chart, but the 2080 launched at $799, not $700. The 2080 Super (released almost a year later) was $699, though the chart seems to be tracking launch prices, not mid-cycle refreshes or price drops.
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    Prey Is $9.99

    I was kind of tempted... and then I realized that Prey is in Game Pass for PC.
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    LG OLED TV Sale

    Funny how really good deals are showing up a week after I finally jumped on a 55" B8 for $1000... all while I'm still waiting for it to actually arrive! I'd probably get the E8 if I hadn't already jumped on the earlier one.
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    Best Buy WD 10TB External $160

    I bought one on Friday. They say that they're still working on it. Seems like a good drive for an off-site backup (encrypt, backup all my stuff, and throw it in my storage cabinet at work)
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    Save Zero Dollars by Opting for Intel's iGPU-Disabled CPUs

    Given that I've used an igpu in the past two weeks as a backup (970 that went bad. Using a 1060 now...), I really wouldn't want to give it up on a new CPU. I mean, it's not great and is no replacement for a dedicated GPU, but its useful in a pinch. I might consider an igpu-less processor if...
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    Fanatical Staff Picks of 2018 Bundle - Up to 5 games, starting at $1

    I see Super Cloudbuilt on there, which I'd highly recommend to anyone.
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    Analyst Predicts PS5, Next-Gen Xbox Will Offer 4K, 240 FPS, Virtual Reality

    240 FPS was a typo. He meant 24. People didn’t notice* the drop from 60 to 30, and the drop from 30 to 24 is much smaller. *: ask a random non-techie guy on the internet ...I wish that I was joking.
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    thoughts on oculus go?

    I blame the Oculus Go for making me buy a Vive Pro. The Go looks better than the base-level Vive, and it annoyed the heck out of me to have this little $200 headset that looked better than my full Vive setup (at least as far as the screen and lenses were concerned; I know that the graphical...
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    Warranty experience with those Easystore 8GB WD Reds

    I have a drive that my NAS says is failing, and needs replacement. What is your experience with warranties on this particular drive? Can I send it in without the enclosure? If I send it in with the enclosure (and broken clips) will that void it? And even if that works, what are my chances of...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I'm looking forward to what the consensus is on some of these 2.x slot coolers for the 20 series and the NCase M1. It'd be really nice if the heatsink can compare with the Arctic Accelero and we just need to replace the fans.
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    HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Launches in September

    My VR setup is also my itx HTPC. ...Woo. Maybe 2nd gen will use USB.
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    Anyone go fanless? How was that? (Seasonic Prime 600W Titanium fanless)

    That's getting more difficult with Displayport's length limitations and higher resolution monitors.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Has anyone tried the new NJ450-SXL passive SFX-L power supply in the M1? It sounds like it could be an exciting product.
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    Best Practices for Changing GPUs

    What I generally do is pump the power button a few times after disconnecting it from power. That should get rid of any residual power in the system.
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    Flash the bios on a 1070 TI Founders edition to enable fan stop?

    Right. The solution for my regular 1070 was to run some console commands that let me flash the bios of a different vendor, rather than mod the Nvidia one.
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    GTX 1080 FTW2 dual 8 pin.. can one 6 work?

    The extra pins are mostly to guarantee that there's sufficient wattage. If there is, it'll work without issue. If not, it could put undue strain on the PSU and possibly not even work and/or crash.
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    Flash the bios on a 1070 TI Founders edition to enable fan stop?

    I have an Nvidia 1070 TI Founders edition graphics card on which I have replaced the stock cooler with an Arctic Accelero for quieter operation. However, the bios on the card will make the fans run at a minimum of 27%, which isn't loud by any means, but I'd like to push down the idle noise...
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    Spyro Reignited Trilogy Coming Sept. 21st

    I really liked Spyro 1 back in the day(dunno why I never got very far in the sequels), so I’m glad to see this. PS1 games especially need graphics overhauls due to the technology of the time, and I’m always a fan of platformers. Has this been confirmed for PC, or just the consoles?
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    20% off anything at Ebay, today only

    Well, at least that went 20% off on its own.
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    Paranoia thread: what would you do if GPU failed?

    More NintySwitch time :)
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    MoviePass CEO Brags About How Much Data it Collects

    Well, given that I can't even be bothered to watch movies these days, let alone sign up for yet another service for it...
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    Dark Souls 3 (PC) + Ashes of Ariandel DLC for $12

    I already have Dark Souls 3, but not the DLC... Here’s hoping that the loot box has other stuff that I want...
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    Thin/light laptop, XPS 13 competitors?

    Did anyone else have problems with coil whine on the XPS 13? I bought and returned two of them because of it. It seemed like a good machine otherwise, but it was really irritating.
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    Warren Buffet Is Pretty Certain That Cryptocurrencies Will End Badly

    Kinda tempted to sell my 1070 and hold out until the next generation comes out... I can get by with just integrated video + consoles... right? Though, of course, there's no guarantee that the next generation of cards will be any easier to get a hold of.
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    MacBook Users Claim Apple Overstates Standby Battery Life and Resists Repairs

    I've definitely seen this on my work macbook. The amount it drains is variable, so it's probably based on what's running (and how those processes keep the CPU awake). I've seen probably up to 40% disappear overnight. Average is 10-25% Having a macbook for work has taught me that I never want to...
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    Intel RMA does this sound right to you?

    Hmm... I did an RMA with Intel early last year without issue. They even offered an advanced RMA.
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    Just a guess, but a I think that I’ve returned 3 games or so. All of them were broken pieces of garbage in the early days of VR. For a brief period of time, I was willing to try out just about anything VR with “very positive” reviews without doing much research. I still think that VR is...
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    Okami HD Will Be Locked at 30fps

    And now I feel stupid for not playing the game years ago on the PS3, since a version with a proper framerate may never exist.
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    Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams Are Making an R-Rated “Star Trek”

    I can see how they could easily go into R-rated territory and keep things in-line with TNG trek's world view (between the violent Klingons and Riker's many "adventures") but somehow I fear that it'll be more in Tarantino's world view and suddenly they're swearing like it's Pulp Fiction and/or...
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    WD My Book Duo + WD Drive Utilities - stuck on configuring disks

    So, I was trying to get a WD My Book Duo back up and running with new disks, and it initially complained that the drives weren't configured. I told it to create a new RAID 0 volume (I'd *prefer* just a spanned volume to reduce the risks of data loss, but since that doesn't seem possible, RAID 0...
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    iPad keyboard autocomplete ads?

    It's not web searches, it's "suggested words" when typing in a text box, and I had it show up again today on this very website while writing a post (this time, a bunch of console names) No 3rd party keyboards. Don't know how to search for malicious apps, though I barely run anything that isn't...
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    Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests

    Which is also inconvenient. If I want to watch a movie, it’s because it fits into my schedule now, not 5 days (or, from a recent experience with GameFly, 20 days) from now.
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    Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests

    I think that the death of Blockbuster has made things a lot harder. Sure, Redbox has new movies cheaply, but it’s very limited and streaming rentals are generally pretty expensive, both on the high and low end. Stuff like Netflix is ok if you just want to watch “a movie.” When I’ve been looking...
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    Patreon’s New Service Fee Spurs Concern That Creators Will Lose Patrons

    I read Christopher Franklin’s post on it, and he questions even how Patreon earns more money on it, since now, 10 pledges of $1 each are now broken up into 10 charges. So Patreon itself incurs 10 processing fees: He basically sees it as a...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    Got around to shucking them, but broke the clips :| 7SGMB and 7SGLW Both 256MB Thailand Reds Edit: Aaaannnddd: I got the first drive that I was replacing into the enclosure. It seems to do some basic encryption on the drive, since it showed as uninitialized, but it works. I wish that I had...
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    NVIDIA TITAN V $3000

    Sell part of a bitcoin for it, then mine it right back :p