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    Computer no longer posts!

    Thanks for the reply. Turns out one of the sticks of ram went bad. Very weird. Figured it would at least post with bad ram but it turns out it wouldnt (must have been very dead). Anyway, thanks for the help, -Juce
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    Computer no longer posts!

    Ok, here's the specs: Q6600 Corsair HX520W PSU 8800GT Gigabyte DSR2 Mobo 2x750 GB WD HDDs (raid 0) Sony DVD drive Computer worked for about two years. Now, it does not even post, but ALL the fans (psu fan, cpu fan, gpu fan) work. This made me believe it was either a cpu or mobo issue...
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    new to SFF builds and need help

    yup, stock cooler. I think there's room for a smaller aftermarket cooler, but I'm not overclocking so it wasn't necessary.
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    new to SFF builds and need help

    Hey, I actually just build a SFF with around the budget you mentioned. Here's what I'm using: Case - LIAN LI PC-A01B Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R Video Card - 8800GT EVGA Power Supply - Corsair 520HX Hard Drives (I have two of these in a raid 0) - Western Digital 750GB WD7500AAKS...
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    GA-G33M-DS2R raid0 driver question

    Any input please? It takes like 4 hours to format these drives so I'd like to do this right so i wont have to do it again. Thanks a bunch, -justin
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    GA-G33M-DS2R raid0 driver question

    Thanks. Which driver from the cd should i use?
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    GA-G33M-DS2R raid0 driver question

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    GA-G33M-DS2R raid0 driver question

    Some background: I installed what I thought were the right raid drivers onto the hdds and set up a RAID0. But, after booting the computer, it said one of the hdds had an error. So, i disconnected the other hdd and ran the WD diagnostic check on the hdd. It said it was fine, so I'm assuming i...
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    Question About SATA and Micro ATX motherboards

    thanks man, I'm goin to bed so i'll check the board for more updates later. Oh, WD has a 750GB hdd for 150 which is really attractive. peace.
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    Question About SATA and Micro ATX motherboards

    Building from scratch. I've built 3 pc's all within the year so I know most of the basic stuff, it's just that this build has to have a lot of storage. So I figured I'd try to do a sata raid with two 500gb harddrives (and I've never done anything with raid before). I also want to make this a...
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    Question About SATA and Micro ATX motherboards

    I've done research, but I'm still completely lost about sata raid. Basically, I just want to get two 500gb hdds and combine them using raid (to allow 1gb of storage). Also, I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a microATX board that could achieve this. I'm completely ignorant of how sata...
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    College Build...critique please...

    Yea, really, drop the mobo. Get the cheaper ds3 or the p35 gigabyte offering and spend the extra money towards an 8800GTX. Higher end motherboards offer almost no performance gain (except some overclock better, but you aren't trying to overclock). So, spending 190 on a motherboard is pretty...
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    College Build...critique please...

    Yea. The 620HX and 520HX are also highly reccomended (I own a 620HX). They're good quality psu's with modular cables which are nice. The problem is that they cost more. I tried to make pretty much the cheapest configuration (with decent parts, the gamestream seems pretty highly reccomended...
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    College Build...critique please...

    ASUS Black SATA DVD-ROM Drive Model DVD-E616A3T - Retail $19.99 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80562Q6600 - Retail $319.99 G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ - Retail...
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    Need Help. Computer won't get past bios boot screen.

    Here are the specs: E6600 Gigabyte DS3 2GB Crucial Ballistix Corsair 620HX 8800GTS 160GB WD 7200RPM The computer was fine earlier today, but when I turned it on at around 5, it wouldn't get past the bios boot screen. If I click delete, it will enter the menu for the bios options, but...
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    Whine coming from PC when there's CPU usage..

    You have an 8800? Mine makes a whining noise when I run ATItool. Just a thought. -Juce
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    Taxing Online

    I purchased something online and they included a tax... Can they include a tax if it doesn't ship from the state I live in? I was under the impression that they could only charge for tax if it shipped from the state I lived in... Thanks, -Juce
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    What happened here? (56k warning)

    Wow... Nice camera. I'd just RMA the card.
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    Overclocking now available in Vista

    Ok. I installed it and it worked the first time. Then, I restarted and now it does the kernal thing again even if I run it as an administrator. Does the 32bit version require you to do the driver signing thing as well? I have the latest video drivers and have an 8800GTS.
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    Best, most cost effecient LGA 775 Motherboard?

    I vote for ds3... I own one. GREAT board for 125 bucks. Bios are so incredibly easy to use. My friend's p5w dh deluxe was very confusing to use for me. I have my OC to 3.51 with 1.475 volts. My advice... Get an E6600, ds3, and some buffalo firestix. Good performance and great value for...
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    I'll need a better CPU cooler, please help

    Tuniq will be better than the 9700 but not by much... I have a Tuniq and my temps are great. I have my vcore at 1.475 running at 390x9 and my load temps are 55-56 with it occasionally shooting up to 57. But then again... What really affected my temps was changing the case. I used to have a...
  22. J

    Corsair Nautilus or Tuniq Tower?

    Given the option, I'd definitely go with the watercooling. But, for aircooling... the Tuniq can't be beaten. If price isn't an issue, I'd go with the water cooling. -Juce
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    G.Skill HZ - Best D9 for it's price? Xbit got Elpidas...
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    What is this thing?

    Yea... That thing came with my coolermaster case. If I recall correctly it was a magnet. I just used to to magnetize my screw driver but Im not really sure what it's supposed to be used for..
  25. J

    Question about Fans

    I have a 620HX... It came with a couple 4-pin molex connectors that say fan-only. So, I used these to power the two fans in my old case. I recently bought an Antec Ninehundred and it has a ton of fans. My question is... can I use the regular 4-pin molex connectors to power the fans or do I...
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    Need help with cutting a hole

    Wow, thanks a bunch for the replies. I have a dremel at my house... Any tips on what bits I should use to cut a hole? Thanks a lot for the help. If the edges aren't clean or to my liking ill probably get edge molding.
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    Need help with cutting a hole I wanted to do something like this^ It's called H molding? It's the orange rubber thing around the hole he cut. -juce
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    Need help with cutting a hole

    I'm thinking about cutting some holes in my case to make room for a fan. I don't want the edges to be all sharp and stuff so I was wondering if anyone knows if they sell some kind of rubber sutff or something that can wrap around the edges to make it look nice and prevent it from being sharp...
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    8800 series

    I think they're probably binned higher. I got an evga GTS and got a stable overclock at 600/2000. But, my friend got an OC edition of a BFG GTS (the regular edition was sold out and the OC edition was like 10-20 more). His got to 650/2000 stable. They're probably binned higher, but I wish...
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    Worth extra money for better RAM?

    I dont think so. Spent an extra 100 dollars for crucial ballistix... But, I wish I had simply gotten the G.Skill with 5-5-5-15 timings and saved like 100 bucks. No real noticeable difference I think. But, I'm still happy with my system. But I think the 100 bucks would of been better spent...
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    OCing BFG 8800GTS..settings dont stick

    Use AtiTool. Set the clock, then set it to start up via registry and tell AtiTool to start on Start up... Should work.
  32. J

    OCCT - New Intel C2D Stabiltiy Testing application

    Nice program. Orthos was stable for 8 hours... but this thing failed after 3 minutes. Brought the voltage up one notch and passed this test. Very nice. PLEASE try to make a gpu OCing program thats compatible with Vista. I would seriously pay for it... -juce
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    overclocking memory on a ds3

    Hey stain. Click Ctrl+F1 (I think its ctrl+f1...) in your bios to unlock the memory options. If you want your ram to run at a higher speed set the ram multiplier to 2.5 (2.5*378 = 975mhz) or even 3 (3*378 = 1134Mhz). Be warned though, I have a DS3 (micron D9s don't OC that well on a ds3 in...
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    The Official Core 2 OverClocking Database *READ 1st Post for Instructions*

    Stock heatsink from Intel. Undervolted it to 1.15 volts and ran orthos stable for 27 hours.
  35. J

    Crap My memory went out of stock 2 days before puchase :(

    My friend bought the last pair of those sticks... Get Crucial Ballistix PC2 6400. They use micron D9s as well.
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    atitool and ntune wont work in vista?

    Yup... You can right click the program and click "run as administrator." But, it still won't work. I uninstalled Vista and reinstalled XP for two reasons... I couldn't overclock my GPU and my mic didn't work. I later figured out my mic didn't work because I had it turned off... I felt...
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    DS3 Rev 2.0 + Tuniq Tower 120

    My friend pointed out to me that some people are having problems with the pins on the back of the ds3 touching metal backplate of the tuniq tower 120 (which I happened to see AFTER I installed my tuniq tower...). I already have mine installed and didn't have this problem. I'm kind of scared...
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    Retail eVGA 680i... wtf open box ?

    Someone milked their dick on your motherboard.