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    Best non-iPhone choice?

    Not sure what corporate email setup her company has but my company uses Good app. for the iPhone which is really bad. Her company is paying for it so of course a high-end phone make sense. She's decided on Note 3 and it will be our first Android phone in the house. Thank you for all your input.
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    Dell U2414h

    Just grabbed two with the $269.99 price, thanks. I have a Dell 3008WFP and it will be in the middle and two U2414H on either side as portrait mode. Not sure if this setup will look good or not but I need those space for some other applications/web pages for references.
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    Best non-iPhone choice?

    Thanks guys, she decided to go for Note 3 after seeing some of the posts here. Appreciated all your help.
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    Best non-iPhone choice?

    Nice site, will take a look. thanks.
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    Best non-iPhone choice?

    lol good catch! The phone will be FREE and paid by the company so any high-end top-of-the-line phone will be consider.
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    Best 30" monitor for 3x portrait

    That's some sweet setup in the thread!
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    Best non-iPhone choice?

    Thanks for the input. We have 2 iPhone 5 and Blackberry at home so we would like to experience the other side now ;) We may upgrade ours to iPhone 6 when it comes out.. but you never know. It's a good timing to try out non-iPhone when we have a chance.
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    Best non-iPhone choice?

    Hey friends, Need some input from you. My wife's employer will pay and replace her old blackberry phone for any new phone from any carrier and she already had an IPhone 5 as personal phone. She will use it mostly for corporate email and limited phone calls. What would you get? some of the...
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    Vengeance K70 - Whats similar?

    Loved my K70 (red switch). I searched a bit earlier and the price is always that high around $130!? Since there is no good deal so I decided to just buy it. It's money well spent!
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    Need suggestion on 30" monitor that produces less heat than 3008WFP

    Thanks for all the good info and suggestions. I guess I'll wait for 30" LED. One interesting note from SnowDog's link: Dell 3008 (30") consumes 4 times more Watt than the U2713 (27") model.. Huge difference between CCFL and...
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    Need suggestion on 30" monitor that produces less heat than 3008WFP

    Hello monitor guru, Can you suggest a 30-inch monitor that produce less heat? I have two Dell 3008WFP in my study and with them both on, my room temperature raises about 6 Fahrenheit. It's way too warm for me. Also when I touch the metal part of the 3008WFP frame and it's very hot! Is...
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    AMD Catalyst 11.1 & Catalyst 11.1a Hotfix

    After reading thru 5 pages of this thread, I decide to stay on 10.12a.. at least it's working great so far for me.
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    AMD 6970/6950 CFX and NVIDIA 580/570 SLI Review @ [H]

    Excellent review. Thanks again!
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    Will gtx 580 work with my CPU?

    Dan_D, thanks for the good read and informative response. I also want to agree with most here that it's really easy to OC the i7 920 and almost risk free. Worth a try and if it doesn't work out then you can easily switch back to stock speed.
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    6950 worst card ever?

    Good luck [H]ealer. My 6970 was very unstable until I totally wipe out the old drivers then it's golden now.
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    Triple 30" Monitors

    You're right about it sucks to have only ONE dual link DVI-D port on 69x0 that support 2560x1600 resolutions. But if you do CF with 3x30's, don't you only need to buy one adapter assuming there is no display port on any of the 30's? I thought you can utilize one dual link DVI on each card and...
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    3x 30" Portrait 6970 CF Eyefinity vs 580 SLI Surround Showdown

    Vega, thank you so much. This is very informative and valuable to me since I'm thinking about adding a 3rd 30 inch and another 6970 in the future. I also like your idea having computer(s) in another room.. interesting!
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    Quick comparison x-fire 5850's vs 6950's in eyefinity

    Thank you.. this is very helpful!
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    Which 6790 brand

    Do you mean shipped out from AMD?
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    10.12 Crashes on Monitor Sleep

    Had the same issues and like PynkFloydd mentioned above, I have it fixed by reinstall the drivers (10.12a hotfix) properly following the steps below: (ref: This is what the Caveman does for Driver freshness. You'll need two free...
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    Anyone having problems installing 10.12a or 10.12?

    I had 10.12 first and had Black SOD when computer went to sleep mode. Install 10.12a w/o clearing the registry and the issue was still there. Out of frustration, decided to uninstall/clear registry properly with CCleaner and Driver Sweeper then everything is smooth and no more crash. I did...
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    6970 Active DP->DVI Converter...

    Looks like only Sapphire includes miniDP<->DP cable. What&#8217;s in the Box: - XFX Radeon HD 6970 - Installation CD - Quick Installation Guide - Driver CD Installation Guide - XFX Serial Number Door Hanger - DVI to VGA Adapter SAPPHIRE 6970 CrossFire&#8482; Bridge Interconnect Cable...
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    HD69XX @ newegg

    Mine is scheduled to arrive this Friday (ordered on Wed).
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    Gaming @ 5760x1200 - 570 SLI or 6950/6970 CF?

    Thanks! It shows that 6970CF is on par of 580 SLI. Can't wait to see [H]'s review for this!
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    AMD Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the great reviews. 2560x1600 resolution is exactly what I want to know.
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    HD69XX @ newegg

    Bought a Sapphire 6970 as well. I wouldn't buy if egg's mark up the price so I decide to get it now so I won't kick myself later.
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    HD6970 vs gtx580 benchmarks

    Thanks for the links. I guess the only thing I'm waiting on are reviews.
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    Will the 6970 release really affect 6870 prices?

    Thanks, I'll watch the price starting next Wed.
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    Will the 6970 release really affect 6870 prices?

    I hope they don't mark up the 6900 cards too much when they come out!
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    Dual monitor, auto adjust on turn off.

    Sorry, what do you mean by "projector only"? Is it because that's what your computer recognized the 3011?
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    Triple monitor (3xU2411) or one 30" (U3011)

    I would say go for 30" now because you always can use more estate. I bought 2x24" first then bought 2x30" but now I don't know what to do with my 24"!
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    You're right.. no more 3008WFP from Dell's site!
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    Best 30" monitor - 2010 edition!

    Kasakka is right on target regarding to slowness of switching input source of 3008wfp. Beside that draw backup, it also get pretty hot and raise my room temperature high. It still a great monitor though that's why I bought another one!
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    Logitech G9 3-Year-Warranty

    Just called Logitech because my K300 keyboard has issue with certain keys. After a short troubleshooting with the CS, they will have a new one send on the way. 3 year warranty is really great and they did not ask for the receipt either.. only the S/N on the device!
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    The Great Keyboard N-Key Rollover (NKRO) Test/Round-up

    XArmor U9BL right shift + left shift + caps key pressed: the quick brown fox jumps right over the lazy dog
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    Dell 3008FWP for under $$1500!!!

    Thanks, Tai. That's what I heard as well. Does that mean the ebay seller would provide this info to the buyer and will be able to use this warranty? Since it's stating that "... with Dell Factory 2 Year Warranty" in the description.
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    Dell 3008FWP for under $$1500!!!

    Guys, how does Dell warranty works thru ebay seller? I assume Dell would want to see the original order receipt with your name when you make any warranty claim? Would Dell honor such warranty at all? Thanks in advance.
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    Dell U2410

    Thank you.. somehow I missed that.
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    Dell U2410

    It's $599 at dell's site now. Where can you get it for $499?
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    Eyefinity... so confused

    I've read a lot of posts here and like "shawnoen" says I plan to go with monitor with displayport because of seeing tons of issues people have with adapter. They are not cheap and it will cost more than $100 premium compare to an active adapter.