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    Intel rig help...

    Thanks for the help guys. It looks like I'll go with a P35 or P45 indeed. I would wait for the i7, but I'm not gonna use any parts from my old system... so I'm really trying to budget myself. I doubt there'll be inexpensive new Intel CPUs coming out.
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    Intel rig help...

    Hey guys, I used to be a hardcore overclocking madman last year, but I grew tired of it. Last rig I built has a an E6400 in it, with dual 8800 GTSs in an Asus motherboard... so it's a bit dated. I'm going to buil a new rig, but I wanted it purely for music production. Obviously, CPU and...
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    FS: Dell Inspiron 1520 high end laptop/notebook

    I am selling my Dell 1520 Inspiron laptop that was purchased brand new in December of 2007, which means it is only 4 months old and virtually brand new. Display: WSXGA 15.4 Gloss screen w/ TrueLife (1680 x 1050) CPU: Inspiron 1520, Intel Core 2 Duo T7250, 2.0GHz, 800Mhz 2M L2 Cache Color...
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    FS: M-Audio Firewire Solo Audio Interface

    thanks for at least letting me know there were some fellow producers in here.
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    FS: M-Audio Firewire Solo Audio Interface

    price lowered to 130
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    FS: M-Audio Firewire Solo Audio Interface

    bump I know there's got to be a small crowd of you hear... but this audio interface is meant for musicians and producers.
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    FS: M-Audio Firewire Solo Audio Interface

    Nearly brand new. In fact, I have a receipt dated for the 5th of Dec. from a local store indicating just how new this audio interface was used. Only used for live purposes so I cannot comment on its studio ability (like recording, etc.). But from the time I've had with it, it's sound quality is...
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    Any Dell Inspiron 1520 owners want to chime in?

    My headphone jack is staticy, you'd be surprised at the number of people that get a bad headphone jack. Still, I remedied this problem by buying a USB sound card. It sounds better than the stock sound card.
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    FS: Complete Core2Duo setup in SF Area

    All PMS replied. I have a lot of PMS... So to make things faster I will include pertinent information so you can figure out things to speed things up. Shipping weight for the PC is around 35 pounds. Shipping weight for 17" monitor is around 20 pounds. Cost of repackaging is 22 dollars...
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    FS: Complete Core2Duo setup in SF Area

    Updated details about international shipping.
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    FS: Complete Core2Duo setup in SF Area

    also added a 17" monitor for sale under the optional items.
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    FS: Complete Core2Duo setup in SF Area

    All pms replied.
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    FS: Complete Core2Duo setup in SF Area

    -Selling my desktop because I am buying a laptop. Here are the specs. PC SOLD guys. -Paypal verified and excellent heatware under quicksilverXP Optional Items 1. Logitech Z4i speaker system (white). 50 dollars + shipping (can ship this in its original box) 2. 22" Westinghouse...
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    LOTR Extended DVD's 8.99 each at BB w/ CC PM

    Wow.... LOTR has got to be the greatest trilogy ever made.
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    The World's Most Elegant & Luxurious Aluminum PC Case: Windy Soldam / Abee AS

    they're not outta business. That's old news from 06. Do more research.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Man... I'd like to replicate that type of blue. Pentosin isn't that blue and actually looks very green sometimes.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    yeah... where did you get it?
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    Whats better pa120.2 or something like mcr320?

    Depends... for space restrictions I'd take the PA. For example, if you have a smaller case that can only fit a 2x120mm rad internally and a 3x12mm externally, then I'd get the PA. A PA 120.2 would some good fans and a shroud will almost compete enough with the MCR 320 if you don't have the space.
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    The World's Most Elegant & Luxurious Aluminum PC Case: Windy Soldam / Abee AS

    I would trade two TJ09s and one TJ07 for the high end Soldam case in a second.
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    DDC pump - Petra Top necessity ??

    If you want 100% reliability for years to come... I wouldn't invest in a DDC pump. I'd go with a D5 as they seem a bit more reliable for the moment. If you get a DDC... I'd stick to the regular top instead of a modded one.
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    The World's Most Elegant & Luxurious Aluminum PC Case: Windy Soldam / Abee AS

    How much is shipping alone? I have a friend who lives in Japan? The actual cost of the case converted into U.S. dollars is 500?
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    New Quad Core + Dual Rad

    is Ntune as accurate as CoreTemp or TAT?
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    The World's Most Elegant & Luxurious Aluminum PC Case: Windy Soldam / Abee AS

    Someone should buy those companies... seriously. These cases are too nice to be only available in Japan. It's such a waste. I think these cases could seriously overtake Lian-Li and Silverstone and help define a new standard in cases.
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    8800gts 320mb, crappy Neverwinter Nights FPS

    Try running at a high res but don't run AA and put AF at like 8X. Put shadows to either medium or low.
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    620hx vs OP650

    OP650 has 8-pin.
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    EA Games for 08

    Sorry guys. I just meant the sports games for EA Sports. I want next-gen graphics.
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    EA Games for 08

    Anyone know if the PC will FINALLY get next-gen graphics for EA Sports games? I'm pissed off that NBA Live 07 looks like PS2. *Edit*- Sorry for the confusion. I meant for all the EA Sports games. Like NHL 08, Madden 08, and NBA Live 08.
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    Cooler Master Centurion 5 (CAC-T05-UB) $50 SHIPPED @ Newegg

    I think the Mystique for 25 at SVC is better.
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    Lost Planet Released 6/26/07

    Is it out yet?
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    NZXT New Gaming Release: Rogue

    It's a great looking case for SFF. Would be at the top of my list. I really like the ADAMAS by the way. Only thing preventing from getting it was the price. It's just too small for its own good (in the inside at elast) and for that price you can get a similarly priced case with a...
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    Antec Gallery Post Here!

    Nice. Very clean. How did you get the window? Or did you make the window yourself?
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    Swiftech Quiet power good?

    Right on... thanks for the reply. Don't think I'll ever go SLI so it looks like the Switech triple would suit me just fine... although just the "feeling" of having a ThermoChill rad is awesome... but if I felt that way about all the things I purchased... I'd go for a Mountain Mods case as well.
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    Swiftech Quiet power good?

    Considering the Thermochill, but if I'm going to cool either an 8800GTS or GTX and a Conroe (possibly quad core) in the future... would a Quiet Power Triple rad be enough? So I'm thinking the CPU can hit max 200w ( with Quad core being in the 200 range) and the GPU also in the 200w. How...
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    Heatsinks for TJ07

    What's the tallest a heatsink can be in the TJ07 so that the motherboard tray can still be removable? More specifically, would the Ultra-Extreme fit in a TJ07 and would the motherboard tray still be removable?