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    850 watts more than enough?

    ....there's never a reason, ever to skimp on the psu. Just getting by is not the answer.
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    Quieter replacement for Earthwatts 380

    The BFG 550 LS would do just fine too!!
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    Reviews for a PC power and Cooling

    PC Power and Cooling had american plants.....hmmmmm
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    Tagan BZ 1300W PSU @ [H]

    I was visiting the tagen site and wow....seems you all are the only ones who do a complete review.... I was flabergasted to see all the reviews that recommend this same PSU.... Gideon Tech,,PC Perspective, Big Bruin,,,,Bjorn3d,,,,Extremeoutervision...
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    PCP&C 860W sufficient for GeForce GTX 280 SLI?

    The PCP&C 860W will be more than enough to power your rig!
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    BFG PSU/ JonGerow

    It should also be pointed out that GURU probably is as well versed in PSU`s as most anybody who posts in these forums!!
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    New PCPC TurboCool860 - perfect, except for one hugh problem>

    I now have 4 PC Power & Cooling PSU`s. I do not find them loud at all!! But mind you I do understand those who do find them loud! Personally I can over look loud for peace of mind and solid workmanship!! Merry Christmas!!
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    Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250w Power Supply be honest I hardly doubt that! But then again I would put the PC Power & Cooling 1k against the Coolermaster 1250w PSU any day of the week! In fact lets get even bolder....1 year from now both PSU running continiously at max output the PC Power & Cooling will be...
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    Tagan Says [H] Reviews are Paid For.....

    It`s easy to pop into a forum and try to sound all cool..... Am I being too brutally honest?
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    Ultra X3 1600w Power Supply @ [H]

    7yr warranty on the PCP&C 1kw!! Peace!!
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    Tagan Says [H] Reviews are Paid For.....

    are you sure muskin got the cash?
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    Tagan Says [H] Reviews are Paid For.....

    So there is another PSU that is made exactly like the Tagen? People throw that word rebadged around as if any PSU that is made by another company for somebody else is rebadged! Even though we know that corsair Contracts out to other companies that doesn`t make Corsair PSU`s rebadged...
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    Tagan Says [H] Reviews are Paid For.....

    Then we have another one by GalvanizedWanker -- Quote: I would like to see you guys ship a sample to jonnyguru and compare the results to the [H] Enthusiust review. I mean, of all the people you should be comparing methods with, you should at least look to someone who has the means to PROPERLY...
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    Tagan Says [H] Reviews are Paid For.....

    Seems to me a lot of stuff was said in that thread over at the Tagen forums. In fact I particularly got a goof laugh from GalvanizedWanker -- actually it`s not suprising that H would rate the tagen as they did. They have a...
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    Ultra X3 1600w Power Supply @ [H]

    very well done review!!!
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR @ [H]

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    Corsair 620HX VS. Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Modular

    I would run with the Thermaltake!! Good Luck!!
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    Seasonic S12II-500 Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Yes the Antec is made by Seasonic... but NO it is not a Seasonic...... Peace!!!
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    500W PSU from Apevia QPACK2?

    Those Apeva power supplies reminds me of my first power supply.... 'the infamous OKIA brand which usually comes bundled with a case...lolol
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    Flattery or Competition

    Personally I seriously doubt it........ I do know they have been talking to various people for several months and from what I am told OCZ has something to do with this....... Have fun peeps!!
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    700 watt power supplys

    Actually Zippy is happy where they are at I would say!! Look at all the flak PC Power & Cooling gets for being noise...yet the gaming market isn`t really where PC Power & Cooling makes there money...thus IMO there not doing anything about the noise issues. Peace!!
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    Is this a power supply issue?

    I had that same issue about a year ago..... I also thought power supply but it turned out be a hardware issue. So I iether leave the comp totally on or turn it totally off!! Good Luck on your trouble shooting!!
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR @ [H]

    I totally agree!! The review was a good solid review!! It has always been the hyperbole that was not warranted!! Peace!! -- Good Day and Happy 4th!!
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR @ [H]

    I found much of the information you refer to printd on the box and most people who buy a PC Power & Cooling PSU contrary to what you think have done there homewaor and already have the info that you statd would be nice... Even if they provided that information - you think somebody who just...
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR @ [H]

    Teapo caps in and of themselves are hardly crap!! Even the good people at have stated in the past that Teapo caps when peoperly ventilated and used ina PSU are not bad caps!! When used on a mother board they seem to have issues... What I find interesting is PC Power & Cooling...
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR @ [H]

    Disappointed in th review ? No, I am not!! You need to consider who is doing the reviewing as well as there past comments and opinions on the PC Power & Cooling line well before they got there hands on one!! There comments are well documented on these forums..... Needless to say we all...
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    XG Vortec 600w ATX 12V AC Power Supply $9.99 Free Shipping

    Your kidding right???
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    16A enough for a 8800GTS?

    8800 nice card..... almost any PSU that comes included in a case reality a crap shoot.... not so nice!! Why scrimp on th PSU?
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    8800 GTS - $50-75 budget - HELP!

    Please don`t cheap out on your PSU.... The corsair that is being recommended is a nice PSU!! That 8800 deserves better than a $50 -$75 PSU!!
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    PSU needs in sticky outdated/down

    That is a nice PSU!! I would recommend that PSU!! Good Luck!!
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    OCZ 1000w Power Supply Duel @ [H]

    So what does this have to do with the acquisition of PC Power & Cooling?? Didn`t the 1010 come out before.... Anyways,,,things don`t change over night and word is that OCZ will be consolidating there own lines of PSU`s into one.... thats what i am hearing though... Peace!!
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    My PCP&C 510 in rock solid system caught fire, help!

    So nothing was modified.....yet you broke the take pictures possibly or to look around? Yet I fear the key sentence is nothing was modified that would have AFFECTED the outcome.. The seal is there for a reason and if anything was moddified... well as AndyOCZ said -- It will...
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    My PCP&C 510 in rock solid system caught fire, help!

    It has been posted on other forums that once you contact PC Power & Cooling PSU`s that once you let them know you had a problem they will immediately ship you out another unit and usually you will have it in hand within 24hrs!! No questions asked !! I understand they also will provide you with...
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    Corsair 620w or Thermaltake 700w?

    The Thermaltake is a nice unit!! You will be happy with iether!!
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    OCZ and PC Power and Cooling

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    OCZ and PC Power and Cooling

    efficiency is not all its cracked up to be... Personally I would rather have a PC Power & Cooling PSU that I know I will not be doing a RMA in 6 months to a year..... Better efficiency does not equate a better built PSU.... Even JonnyGURU says that is true!!
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    Ultra X3 1000W @ [H]

    I would respewctfully havew to disagree with that statement!! Just because a PSU has a higher efficiency than another PSU does not equate to a better built PSU!! In all fairness just because a PSU has a higher effeciency does not mean that 6 months to a year from now you won`t be doing a...
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    which high end PSU

    I only use PC Power & Cooling PSU`s!! One thing is for certain--you can`t go wrong with PC Power & Cooling!!
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    Replace Compaq Bestec 250w PSU

    coolermaster.....stay away....
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    What would you recommend

    cool colored UV fans,,,,,,,,with a shiny gild case...wowza...