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  1. skiddy

    Desktop GPU Sales Hit 20-Year Low

    Xbox 360 Arcades were under $200 as early as 2008, and were ~$150 MSRP by 2010. There were other versions that were $199 MSRP in later years as well.
  2. skiddy

    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    I still see over 200 in stock here at the Dallas Microcenter.
  3. skiddy

    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    Yeah, even some of the 720p tests are bottlednecked with a 3080. Pretty poor review considering there were 2-3 faster GPU's they could have used during that time.
  4. skiddy

    Possible to get a worthwhile ~$200-250 upgrade for GTX 1080?

    Aside from the already mentioned 6600XT/6650XT, used 2070 Supers or 1080ti's would probably give you the best boost in that range. IIRC those should be 20-30% better on a lot of titles compared to the normal 1080's. 3060ti's will also be around that performance level, but I doubt you could find...
  5. skiddy

    PC gaming is the only gaming market to experience growth in CY 2022

    Gee I wonder why. We went through 2 years of nearly every new GPU being bought by miners or scalpers immediately when it hit store's inventory. Notice the heavy shipment drop in the article correlates exactly when the Ethereum POS merge date was confirmed in Q2, and the price was already down...
  6. skiddy

    Swap 5950X for 5800x3d?

    I made this switch over the weekend after receiving an impromptu giftcard and using the Microcenter new customer coupon. So far the experience has been good. On my main gaming PC, I play FPS games at 1080p @ 240hz and 1440p @ 120hz for everything non-FPS. I've noticed higher minimum/average...
  7. skiddy

    Is It Worth Upgrading My GPU At This Point?

    I generally agree with jobert - I think the i5 will hold you back in quite a few games with a 6700XT. Will you get an overall boost? Sure, definitely, but you're going to be heavily CPU limited in almost any modern game. Early last year my brother has a skylake i5 paired with a 2080 and he was...
  8. skiddy

    Intel 2022 Keynote

    It’s a weird graph. It took me a triple take to figure what the hell is going on. I'm back and forth to whether or not I think they should have even mentioned the X3D on that chart.
  9. skiddy

    AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Reviews

    What were you expecting exactly? You're showing us a chart where $300 CPU's are performing on par with $500-800 chips. Clearly a beefier CPU is going to have minimal effect with a GPU bottleneck, as it does in most modern games in 4k. As someone that does a lot of encoding, the productivity...
  10. skiddy

    What video card for Plex? I used this with a 1660ti and I got 6 1080p transcodes without a hitch.
  11. skiddy

    Digitaltrends Top 6 Nvidia Cards of All Time List. Agree or disagree?

    It seems like they're mentioning generations and not the refreshes inside of them - the summary of the 1080 does mention the Ti and the performance increase it had. With that said, I personally believe the 1080ti was one of, if not the best card Nvidia has ever made. The card was a monster.
  12. skiddy

    Apples M2 looks like a beast.

    I’ll mostly stay out of this laptop gaming argument, but a quick anecdote as an avid gamer and road warrior that has a higher-end gaming laptop, I rarely use it and know no-one that games on the road. It seems extremely niche to me – if you game (outside of mobile devices), travel or move around...
  13. skiddy

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    A couple of months ago, my brother brought me into the custom keyboard world as a birthday gift. I've switched things around a bit. Here's my current setup: Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless Keyboard: IDOBAO ID80 Crystal (75%) Akko ASA Clear/White caps EG Aqua King Linear 62g switches Some...
  14. skiddy

    Daily Mining Profits

    I shut mine off the other day. After electricity costs, I would have maybe been netting $2-3 a day, and that's before ETH dropped another $500. I think my mining run is over - grossed ~$8k over the past 15 months which isn't too shabby for not spending any extra money on GPU's or mining hardware.
  15. skiddy

    Would using the M.2 port directly under the GPU matter in terms of temperatures?

    All different models and controllers (see red text in image), so it's not the best anecdote, but the ADATA SSD directly under my GPU is actually the coolest by a good margin. The 970 EVO below the GPU is actually wedged between a Thunderbolt card and a 10GbE card, which is likely why it is much...
  16. skiddy

    WTB: i5/i7 4th Gen/Xeon and GPU

  17. skiddy

    Samsung 2TB 980 Pro $229 from Dell

    Not getting the $50 popup unfortunately, but definitely a great deal if you can get it to work. Edit: it finally popped up after refreshing the page ~30 minutes later. Ordered and 5000 points pending.
  18. skiddy

    What's an ideal windows antivirus to use when mining?

    I used Webroot for many years and I could not get it to work with miners even if you whitelisted the executables or folders. Switched to Malwarebytes because of that and it's been fine.
  19. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    I think I'm done mining RTM for now. Not a fan of the extra heat and power from the 5950x/3900xt. I was still getting anywhere from 50-90 RTM a day. I'll sit on 10k in case it ever pumps in price.
  20. skiddy

    Daily Mining Profits

    Yeah my daily average went from $9-10, up to $16 yesterday (and now back down to normal). Not sure what happened tbh.
  21. skiddy

    WD 18TB Red Pro 7200 Rpm, $251 at Amazon

    Happy and sad I missed this. Things are getting tight with the 10tb/8tb drive arrays.
  22. skiddy

    FS: HDHomeRun Prime, Xeon S1150 combo, LGA1155 mobos, DOCSIS 3.1 Modem, DDR3 ECC

    Bump. Both OTA HDHomeruns sold. Prime still available.
  23. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    I'm getting between 70-80 RTM a day with a 5950x and 3900xt which is probably a little less than $2/day with my electricity rates. I'll probably keep at it until I get to sub 50 a day unless the pricing substantially changes, but I plan to just hold the 6k or so I have long-term. edit: actually...
  24. skiddy

    FS: HDHomeRun Prime, Xeon S1150 combo, LGA1155 mobos, DOCSIS 3.1 Modem, DDR3 ECC

    Bump. Still have these items for sale. Sold the TiVO stuff locally.
  25. skiddy

    Buy SN850 64.99 USD or WD SN550 42.99 USD or SK hynix Gold P31 55.99 500GB for Laptop Use or pay 83 for SN550 1TB

    The SK Hynix is vastly superior for laptops because of it's power usage, and it has very well-rounded performance as well. If I recall correctly with reviews, it was hanging with or trading blows with the Samsung's lineup and most of the other higher end drives with random I/O.
  26. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    Yesterday was the 1st day I made sub-100 (88), but I was gaming for ~4 hours, and upgraded the Plex server to a 5700G, so it was offline for a while. I also seem to have quite a few random stratum hangs while using the Supernova pool, and I sometimes have to restart the mining clients on...
  27. skiddy

    Random Buffering Issues with Media Server...

    Glad to hear it's resolved. I know the 660 supports NVENC, but I'd imagine it's pretty limited on capabilities. I recall the 1050ti's were the cheaper GPU's of choice for Plex transcoding in recent years, but I doubt they're that affordable for what they are during these crazy GPU times.
  28. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    I made one sell on Dex-trade, but I'm not a big fan of the site. The rest have been on Southxchange which I have no complaints. You can sell for BTC or DASH. Yeah agreed. I was making 500ish/day with my 5950x + 2700k a month ago, and it's about half that now adding a 3900xt into the mix.
  29. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    This is pretty nuts, sitting right under $0.05 now. I should have hoarded, sold ~10k for $0.01 in the last month :(. Still got 4k and making between 200-300 a day.
  30. skiddy

    Random Buffering Issues with Media Server...

    Yeah if you weren't on the latest version of PMS, the dash may have looked different, but the actual client won't tell you IIRC ('original quality' means you're direct stream/play though). You'd have to look on the actual Plex Server interface under activity/dashboard to see details or the Plex...
  31. skiddy

    Random Buffering Issues with Media Server...

    Yeah I only mentioned it because I degraded my SSD so much that it couldn't even do 10MB/s writes, but that's not the case here. The screenshot shows how hardware transcoding is verified via the dashboard. The main suggestion I can make is if it is HW transcoding, try disabling it and use a...
  32. skiddy

    Random Buffering Issues with Media Server...

    You've tried most of the troubleshooting/testing I would have gone through. Is Plex installed onto an SSD on this machine? Do you have any clients that do pure Direct Play (not Direct Stream)? I ask because if you're doing any transcoding (even direct stream + audio transcode), it will cache...
  33. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    Sitting pretty at nearly $0.016 today - quite the turnaround after my last post. I got my 3900XT that normally runs ESXi chugging away at this now too.
  34. skiddy

    Bitcoin and XRP, Time to buy

    I'm gonna hold. Put $329 into it over the last month, and it's now worth ~$1363. It's all money from mining so I just see it as play money. If I somehow net a few grand from it, I may consider selling.
  35. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    Price is down ~40% in the last couple weeks. I'm going to just keep it running only on my 5950x for the time being. Doesn't seem worth stressing out my weaker CPUs.
  36. skiddy

    FS: HDHomeRun Prime, Xeon S1150 combo, LGA1155 mobos, DOCSIS 3.1 Modem, DDR3 ECC

    Necro bump. Changed up some pricing, added a Unifi AP, HDHomerun units, and a couple of S1155 boards.
  37. skiddy

    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    I use the supernova pool and have had zero issues. Changed my payouts between 150 and 1000 and they go immediately once the threshold is hit. Have mined ~5300 RTM in the past 10 days. Not too shabby.