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    Iptorrent Invites

    I'll take one
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    Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Alpha

    Blizz keeps catering to the casual gamer, so if you're looking for a more 'casual' LoL I'm guessing this will be it. I just like the use of characters that I know and enjoy. I don't expect this to be some world changing game, but I bet it doesn't completely suck goats either.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Seems pretty standard MMO to me but with slightly more engaging quest dialogue. If you're a fan of the setting I can see how it can be appealing. Graphics are fine, combat is a hair more interesting than WoW, and crafting was functional enough. I will say this about crafting, whoever...
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    Favorite type of liquor? And when you say computer stuff what are you thinking? list a couple...

    Favorite type of liquor? And when you say computer stuff what are you thinking? list a couple items. Yea....i'm your ss mwhahahahha. If I dont hear from you i'm sending you dildos and lube
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    Worst Game Ever Made

    E.V.O for super NES......horrible
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    nice link shmitty, thanks
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    World of Warcraft Movie announced!

    It will probably be crappy. I want this to not be true but I have a hard time seeing them picking a compelling storyline that fans and non fans will be able to enjoy. The fantasy genre without a strong franchise is really difficult to pull off well. I think the film(s) could be financially...
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    Anybody else enjoy Game Soundtracks

    GTA 3 Radio stations are great, favorite was KJAH. I've always enjoyed the SimCity game musics. All of them really. Blizzard does a solid job with their game music in general. Theme Hospital has some decent music, its cute and quirky, but I think it only has 3 tracks and can get to you...
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    I have 5 toons that I use for moneymaking and because I enjoy playing them with my tiny guild. I would love to transfer but I don't want to drop $100 to do so and again being that I don't play that much I don't think the economic situation is worth that much real money. I did MC and BWL last...
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    Battle for Middle Earth

    I really enjoyed 1&2. Used to play them both a lot with a couple of buddies. I lost my discs though and consequently the keys so I haven't been able to play them. So sad
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    I would never have seen some of the endgame content without LFR. I just don't have the time to farm the gear then to plan the raid to find 25 people to raid with etc anymore. I did in vanilla and I'd agree it was awesome. WTF moments were great. The rewards after all the pain leading up to them...
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    What Game to play on the Apocalypse :D

    Doomsday happened like 3 years ago basically. Since leap day has been going on since the earth was spinning.
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    heroics seem oddly easy for the most part.
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    Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2

    I couldn't even get through GTA 4, and if this one is as large as they say I'll be lost for at least 45 hours.
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    Canon FC-32MH

    So i've been moving my parents oput of their old house into a new place and found a box with about 10 32MB Canon CompactFlash Cards. We no longer have the camera that used them and I have no idea how we get the pictures of them...any ideas? I've only googled this topic lightly was hoping...
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    I know no one will believe me but def got head while playing WoW in college. She wanted to test my healing skills. Everyone died. Many times.
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    Broke My Sounds

    tom drinks his own pee
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    Broke My Sounds

    this failed....anyone else want to take a stab?
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    Broke My Sounds

    but that link worked i love you
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    Broke My Sounds

    32bit and i no longer have the box or original driver install cd....whore
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    Broke My Sounds

    So I was recently (possibly not too sober) cleaning up my hard drive removing old software and games and I accidentally removed some audio driver/software that enabled my on board sound card. Now I have no audio. I've tried installing RealTek and its not working. I have tried auto detecting...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I use the dash strike to pick of runners and round up groups. I use 7 sided because it can be cool, the move that pulls enemies to you is useful if you're tanking. dash is best for the damn treasure dudes because it roots and stuns. You should be actively using mantras. and I generally use...
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    Diablo III is getting killed on Metacritic

    I would give the game a solid 7 for the 3 hours I was ABLE to play last night. would have been an 8 or higher otherwise. The story isn't nearly as compelling as D2 but it has had some interesting turns and such and I am only in Act 2. Gameplay, physics, enviros, playing with friends, music...
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    Hard Gaming Diablo 3 BattleTag List

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    Diablo III, which class are you playing first?

    Monk maybe? I shouldn't be on this thread.... i'm strongly contemplating leaving work.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Had to DL the game 3 times because I kept getting errors. Hopefully playing tonight.
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    Remembering Max

    I always loved that pain pills were your health item. And yea, the story is pretty damn sweet.
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    ARMA II - Dayz Mod

    looks intense. I'd like to try ti but yea I saw a video of it today. Looks a tad buggy and such. I'm sure they will iron that out over time.
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    Diablo III, which class are you playing first?

    Monk then Demon Hunter. My cousin is covering the Witch Doctor so I'm hoping the Monk will be a nice compliment. I didn't try the demon hunter in the beta some I'm curious. I dislike being the majority class so I will hit the barb last, they are fun but yea.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I agree. I have a hard time seeing a pure dps spec being viable in later difficulties. At least solo.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    yay achvs!
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    The Halo CE Anniversary multiplayer Aficionado Joint Venture Foundation

    I'm DLing the CE tonight and I'll be online this weekend for sure. I LOVED 8v8 CTF on Blood Gulch and Sidewinder. I know I'm cliche but fucking a, loved it. Gamertag is same as [H] name see you there
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    All I have to do is click install....
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Damn those mini bosses and their thorns!!! I lost at least 4 HC characters to that shit. Ahhh!
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    Minecraft for 360?

    Comes out tomorrow. Was going to ask if anyone tried it, answered that question.
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    Diablo 3 MP Preparations

    That is what you say now, but in a month you'll be telling the doctor fixing your right forearm a different story. I've been working out in preparation. GRIP
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    Battlechess is on Kickstarter

    It was hilarious. I used to play it all the time on my aunt's old Mac. That was easily 18+ years ago.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Same here but I'm guessing that slows down dramatically in later levels. I realize that comparing wow crafting to D3 crafting isn't really useful but for example, leveling wow bsmithing is relatively easy until you're making high level items. Then it cots an arm and a leg for mats to make shit...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I'm strongly considering taking a day off
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    Recommendations for tower defense games?

    the SC2 TD is hard as balls, i retry it every month or so and still fail. sigh