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  1. acairman

    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

  2. acairman

    Borderlands 3

    Just found this, no need for the cartel villa. I just tried it and it works. Wish i would of known about this 4 days ago. Farming location spreadsheet.
  3. acairman

    Borderlands 3

    Hours of farming, eyes watering and back hurting.
  4. acairman

    Borderlands 3

    Start the puzzle at the keyboard on the desk in the room where you get the mask piece for the fountain.
  5. acairman

    Predator Hunting Grounds

    March 27-29 according to your vid.
  6. acairman

    Borderlands 3

    RDR2= 115 gigs Cod : MW= 147 gigs
  7. acairman

    Borderlands 3

    Get all codes here.
  8. acairman

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood

    Got this code with a graphic card purchase. I have no idea if it is transferable or if it will work for anyone here. I already own the game. Who ever wants to try, have at it. Redeem on the Bethesda Launcher.
  9. acairman

    Borderlands 3
  10. acairman

    BF4 Free maps question

    Origin- Look under extra content for bf4
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    Rise of Skywalker

  12. acairman

    Borderlands 3

  13. acairman

    Rage 2

    Rage 2 PC (US) + DLC $39.59 at cdkeys
  14. acairman

    The Division 2

    acairman-acairman Ty
  15. acairman

    Destiny 2

    You were an excellent sherpa for us on that leviathan run. You have that mic/should be on the radio voice and the patience, with the ability to explain all the game mechanics in a easy to understand and through format. I can see were regularly might take it's toll. I would be more than happy if...
  16. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Get the plates here.I have been doing this for three weeks. I only man a hunter so only one for me.
  17. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Yes, not many use it. Add me to friend list Acairman#1987
  18. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Saw you running around today, but didn't want to bother you.
  19. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Friday- Trinity Ghoul Exotic Bow Saturday- Queenbreaker Exotic Fusion Rifle Today- Sixth Cayote Exotic Chest Armour. Random drops playing PVE Today i started playing in the morning and then on and off all day. 18 prime engrams and 7 eververse engrams. Escalation Protocol on Mars spits engrams...
  20. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Ordered this mic. Never owned a set of headphones before, that will have to be researched. I am down for raids anytime.
  21. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Best 4 hours in awhile.
  22. acairman

    Destiny 2

    I can not thank every one enough. Completed my first raid and only screwed up 10 times. Draax and Criccio did a perfect job of calling every thing out for me. I was only one without mic.
  23. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Added you on Bnet, anytime on friday as i am retired. I have only done single player stuff so my gear is what ever the game gave me. Light Level 521. Thanks i am on west coast at this time.
  24. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Friday sounds good. Available anytime.
  25. acairman

    A Nude Mod for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has Been Released

    Now we have titties in paititi. Now work on that ass.
  26. acairman

    Far Cry 5

    Lost on Mars is ready to play today.
  27. acairman

    Best Multiplayer FPS of all time...

    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix /thread
  28. acairman

    All Time Best Looking GPU

    EN7800GT DUAL/2DHTV/512M I have two of these that are brand new and never installed in a system.
  29. acairman

    Guy damages rare collectible graphics card :(

    I have a Gainward Golden Sample Ultra/1800 XP 5950 Ultra, brand new in box and never installed in a system.
  30. acairman

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Lara, and yes they had better not screw up the titties or the ass.
  31. acairman

    9 yr old dies after playing video game

    Here is another misleading title he uses for attention.
  32. acairman

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer Released

    Hopefully it won't be a letdown like the movie.
  33. acairman

    Humans Screw Much Better than Killer Robots

    Pic's of you screwing a motherboard.:LOL:
  34. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Yes, Im on the west coast. Will check back here and discord for a time.
  35. acairman

    Destiny 2

    Go here. I made a [H]ard Gaming Clan for Destiny 2 on PC. If anyone is interested is joining let me know and I will send you an invite. My user is under Amarvin250#1797