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    3D Mark has lost its way - 2020 update

    I've used 3D Mark ever since the beginning. I find it very useful for building PCs and testing performance and stability against a known standard baseline, or even generic performance expectations from like builds. When I build and sell a system I almost always include a 3D Mark benchmark and...
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    SOLD: Unopened Refurb 1080TI Zotac AMP Edition

    SOLD to Deluded ————- I had a Zotac 1080TI card fail. Sent it back, and Zotac sent me a refurb. I haven't even opened the box or unsealed it. I'm not going to use it, as I already have an RTX 2080 card in use on my gaming machine. $425 shipped PS - I'm not going to sell to someone that...
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    4K Firestick $25 shipped from Amazon for Prime Members (half off)
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    How to virtualize Church Service

    My pastors asked a small group of us parishioners to think about how we could have Church online in the Coronovirus wave. Skype, Facebook Live, etc. probably less than 100 people. Looking for suggestions to explore, as this is not my wheelhouse.
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    Newegg - $120 x570 motherboard - free shipping subscribers only.

    Gigabyte UD x570 use promocode EMCDEDF29:
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    Tom Clancy's The Division 2 = $3 on Uplay
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    Could a video card work perfectly for everything but fail in VR?

    I sold a used 1080 TI that worked perfectly to a guy on craigslist. The guy contacted me a couple days later and asked me for warranty information. He said the card worked fine for everything except for VR. I don’t have VR so I never tested that. He said when he hooked up his VR system it...
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    X99 Gigabyte Gaming Ultra defaulting to 25 watts on PCI-E ports?

    I bought a Fusion IO Scale PCI-E 3.2TB SSD for use in my X99 gaming box as a games drive. I'm learning about these drives, and was doing the install and learned that my PCI-E slot 2 and 4 are both registering as 25 watt max. The manual says this IO card can benefit from the max power provision...
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    After Xbox 360 - Microsoft was originally planning to go all digital and ROMless right?

    My buddy and I were discussing the plans for the Xbox design after Xbox 360. As I recall in preliminary rumors it was said to be an all digital version. With no physical media -- all being downloaded from MS Xbox Live servers directly -- but that concept caused an outrage and got scraped...
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    Crypto and 2019 tax year question

    Ut Oh...
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    How do you retreive a GPU's serial number electronically?

    If the sticker is hard to read, is there a way the serial number electronically. I did a cursory websearch and didn't come up with anything. I didn't see anything of the sort in GPU-Z.
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    Out of Warranty Video Card Repair Expense?

    I have an out of warranty Zotac 1080TI that has begun to artifact. I reached out Zotac to ask what repair work costs when outside of warranty and have heard nothing back. If they reply, then I'll update this post. What kind of repair work are you aware of for cards out of warranty? Pricing...
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    Anyone else using cudominer?

    Ive been using it the last couple months. I think it seems to be dying? The last week profits have declined every day, to where now they are half what they were a week ago. Just me?
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    Wait - do x570 motherboards require a Ryzen 3xxx CPU to run the PCI-E 4.0 NVME?

    I bought some gear today, a 2700x, and a 1TB PCI-E 4.0 NVME, and was close to pulling the trigger on an Asus Tuf x570 board, but I happened across a video review where it was noted you'll only get 3.0 PCI-E speeds on the Tuf board NVME slots if you run a first or second gen Ryzen. Is that...
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    Which x570 board (Poll)

    Asus Tuf x570 wifi $180 Or Gigabyte Auros Elite wifi $180 Will use a cheap 2700x for now and eventually upgrade CPUs when they come down in price. Will buy cas 16, PC3600 RAM.
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    Good prebuilt PC deals - a compilation BF thread - ie Alienware 9700, 2080 super = $1.1K

    Post the best deals you see for BF and CM here on prebuilt PCs This one from slick deals seems pretty insane for $1.1K Alienware 9700K 2080 Super 1TB NVME 16GB 2933 DDR4...
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    Cheapest x570 boards — any real concerns?

    Originally I had read the same quality VRMs were used top to bottom on the x570 boards. Is that still the case? Any legit reason to spend more than $130-$140 for a cheap X570 board? Besides bells and whistles most won’t need? ASRock Phantom or ASRock Pro cost $130-$140 for instance...
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    Best Marketing/Promotional Advertisement?

    I'm going to suggest this is the best marketing for a PC product I've ever seen. A Cougar Panzer Evo case. What's the best you've seen? List the advertisement you've seen that could potentially sell you a product you weren't necessarily in the market for.
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    Computer reboots or black screens when game is launched. PSU or GPU issue?

    On eBay I sold a fellow a 1080TI that I got refurbished direct from Zotac. I didn't use the card first other than to do a 3DMark 20 minute stress test in my gaming machine to make sure it worked before I sent it out. It passed just fine as expected. I boxed it back up and sent it to the guy...
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    What TV Tuner Cards supports 3 or 4 simulateneous TV inputs?

    A friend of mine wants to hook up four 32" HDTVs to his PC (with a 1660TI) graphics card and a six core Ryzen to show four live game feeds on TV -- with the capability to pull up a security cam, webpage, or youtube on one of the monitors as well. I know the graphics card will output 4...
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    FS: BNIB - Unused MSI 1650 Gaming X

    SOLD I bought this a couple days ago and it just arrived tonight. Doesn't fit in my Shuttle H170 case. :rolleyes: I wanted this because it's only an...
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    Black Forest Gummy Bears - So Soft, So Supple - you know you love them - $8 for 6lbs. Don't start preaching - you know you like them too.
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    Quad head video card needed for displaying 4 different sources (2 TV, 1 webpage, 1 cinema)

    A buddy wants to setup four 32" monitors by his pool. He want's four different live sources on them. The displays will show: (1) his security camera's which are hosted on a local intranet website. (2) for TV signals (USB TV Tuners) for different pro sports games. (1) for a movie - bluray -...
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    X99 PC Issue. Cast your bets.

    interesting thing happened this weekend to my main rig. Works normally. I power it down normally like always. Later that day I go to power it up and the fans all come on 100%, (case fans, AIO CPU radiator Pump, and graphics card) but the motherboard is completely dark (No RGB lighting at all)...
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    X99 PC Issue. Cast your bets.

    interesting thing happened this weekend to my main rig. Works normally. I power it down normally like always. Later that day I go to power it up and the fans all come on 100%, (case fans, AIO CPU radiator Pump, and graphics card) but the motherboard is completely dark (No RGB lighting at all)...
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    X99 PC Issue. Cast your bets.

    interesting thing happened this weekend to my main rig. Works normally. I power it down normally like always. Later that day I go to power it up and the fans all come on 100%, (case fans, AIO CPU radiator Pump, and graphics card) but the motherboard is completely dark (No RGB lighting at all)...
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    alt coins a r e d y i n g ...

    Turned my mining rig off a couple days ago. Not covering electricity right now. hiatus until profits come back...? or maybe the gold rush is over...
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    Gaming PC - custom - 2600x, 1660TI, 240GB NVME OS, 1TB platter, VR Ready .99 cent, no reserve I built this PC to sell. Found decent deals on the parts, had fun putting it together. I build a PC from time to time just to keep up with different types of PC hardware tech, then sell it. I enjoy it. Pretty nice machine for not...
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    My [brand] SSD died in [X amount of time].

    I'll start... My Team Group L5 LITE 2.5" 240GB SATA III 2D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) died in just a couple days of use. Bought this for a PC I'm selling as an OS drive. I got the machine installed and working, then the drive died a couple days later. I won't be ordering from...
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    FS: eight Zotac 1080TI - refurb - 2x unopened, 6 used for ~30 minutes each.

    ALL SOLD - sold 3 here and the rest on eBay. They were $440 before shipping tax on sale in this thread. I bought them in late June and they have 90 day warranties through Zotac. I've not registered...
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    2080 for $462 at staples

    Ripped from slickdeals...
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    Metro 2033 Exodus and Ray Tracing...

    I swapped out a 1080TI for a 2080 in a pretty lateral move so I could experience Ray Tracing. I've downloaded the Star Wars Ray Tracing demo, since you can't interact with it, and it's capped at 24 frames per second - it might as well just be pre-recorded FMV game video - how could I tell the...
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    You know someone in marketing doesn't know their stuff when they...

    This thread might be good for some laughs. Post pictures or links where the marketing dept for a tech product clearly doesn't know what they are doing... I'll start: Motherboard is upside down in the promotional shot.
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    1160ti deal on ebay? comparable to 1070 for $200ish shipped. $240 in cart. $37 back in ebay bucks. Final price $203.25 --- Seem pretty comparable to 1070 speeds at hashing, but uses less power.
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    FS: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse digital movies anywhere code - $6

    SOLD! Digital Code for sale from 4K/BluRay redeemable at movies anywhere. $6 Sold to patnmel97
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    Who is still mining?

    I've mined with six 1070 cards for the last year, but had sold everything else off before that. Seems like mining profits are finally starting to nose back up even with my higher than optimal .13 kwh electricity cost...
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    The Worlds Best of Best 16 core gaming CPU. Introducing the 3950x $750. 16 core 32 thread, 72MB cache, 4.7GHz boost speeds. Heralded by AMD as the best of the best. The first 16 core gaming CPU. Ummm Show me a game that benefits significantly from 16 cores and 32 threads...
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    34", 3440x1440 Resolution - pixels are just too darn small for Windows 10 and office work...

    I've used this Alienware 34" gaming monitor primarily for gaming for close to 1.5 years now. I really like it, but the pixels are too small for office work. I've been working from home more lately and I'm using it double duty as an office monitor. Windows 10 scaling still sucks (text gets...
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    16-20 person LAN party in Kansas City Missouri area July 13, 2019

    I'm hosting a 16-20 person LAN party in Blue Springs Missouri on July 13. If anyone is interested from the forums here, sound off. Games list as of now: Rune Blur Golf With Friends Overwatch Command and Conquer Renegade X Fistful of Frags Pics of last year's event...
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    yeah right