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    FS: Asus P8P67 Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo, i5-2500k, BFG 550W PSU, GTX 760, etc.

    I have for sale: 1x Asus P8P67 Pro (Rev 3.0) Motherboard, LGA 1155, Used (working) - $75 shipped 1x i5-2500k processor - $55 shipped (can include Intel stock heatsink for extra $5) 1x Core 2 Duo E6750 (LGA 775) - $30 shipped 1x BFG 550W PSU - refurb unit, working - $30 shipped 1x EVGA GTX...
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    Really enjoyed the article, especially because I just upgraded from a GTX 760 to a GTX 1070 Ti, so I know firsthand how large the performance jump can be when going up multiple generations. One question: In 2013, how many people were even playing at 1440p? I don't really think 2K monitors were...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 960 4GB

    Bump! PM me if you have any questions or would like to make an offer!
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    FS: EVGA GTX 960 4GB

    I have for sale: 1x EVGA GTX 960 4GB - SKU 04G-P4-3960-KR SOLD This is a refurbished card from EVGA that I received on a warranty return. This card has not been used in any way by me. It will be shipped to you in the EVGA box. Because of the age of the original card I sent back for warranty...
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    New Zealand Makes Cyberbullying A Crime

    Another nail in the coffin of free speech worldwide.
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    Uber France CEO Taken Into Custody

    Uber is providing a service that is functionally identical (ride for hire) to the one that taxi drivers provide. The government has long regulated taxis in a very heavy-handed manner, some would say for good reasons, such as ensuring that people who get in a cab are doing so with a licensed and...
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    In Wake Of Hack, No Federal Background Checks

    She can't even read off the prepared statements correctly... I'm sure this is a trying time for her organization, and I'm sure it's a high pressure scenario to be grilled by a panel, but these are normal job functions for a high level management position within the federal government, and anyone...
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    Update On PC Version Of Batman: Arkham Knight

    I agree, and I think it's been clearly shown that if companies make games that can be shown to be worth the price and are of good quality on day one release, people reward that company by buying copies. Don't you think the next Elder Scrolls game is going to sell millions of pre-orders? Fallout...
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    Disney World Theme Parks Banning Selfie Sticks

    Yeah, when some dipshit in front of someone on the ride loses their phone or their stick because they are holding it out in front of them on a fast-moving vehicle, and it flies backward and smacks a rider in the face or gets caught in the mechanism, Disney is going to be in a lot of trouble...
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    Revenge Porn Is Becoming a Criminal Offense in U.K.

    I completely agree with your sentiment - people whose photos are posted publicly (or online) by a former trusted partner are absolutely victims. The people who post photos of their exes that were intended for private use only are committing a criminal act, in my opinion. However, I'm not...
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    Treasury Dept: Tor a Big Source of Bank Fraud

    "Screwdrivers a big source of car theft; regulatory action imminent, more news at 11"
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    European Parliament Votes in Favor of Breaking Up Google

    They have the authority to regulate how they do business regarding consumers and operations in the EU. This is a little bit sticky, because an EU citizen could perform a search that uses computing resources located in North America to actually perform the search and serve the results, and the...
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    You know, there's always a possibility that using robots to do menial, repeatable, hazardous, or undesirable jobs will just free up people to perform other economic activity that better benefits society. Instead of paying people to make our food, we can pay them to do something else that adds...
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    Most of Crytek's UK Staff Have Stopped Going to Work

    I know "innovation" in gaming is harder to come by these days (especially since so many games have gone the XP & unlocks route of progression typically reserved for MMOs), and since most games are just cleverly decorated Skinner boxes, it takes a lot for a developer to make a truly revolutionary...
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    Should the US Regulate Broadband Internet Access as a Utility?

    Pretty sure the broadband problem and net neutrality could be solved pretty easily with two words: "common carrier". Regulate Internet traffic as a common carrier just like the phone system, which protects the internet companies from prosecution based on the data that travels down their lines...
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    Amazon Granted 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent

    You could if you set up the arrangement to do something novel, innovative, and non-obvious to one skilled in the art. If you take a standard lighting setup and swap one of the lights for blue, you have NOT created a novel arrangement. You've done something that would be obvious to someone...
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    Amazon Granted 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent

    I don't see anything novel or innovative about this methodology. It's like they've attempted to patent a set of instructions on how to use existing technology, which isn't really patentable. They haven't developed a new piece of equipment or a new method of producing something unique, they've...
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    Google Wants to Teach You How to Breastfeed Your Baby

    So the information is available in several formats already (healthcare industry, books, person-to-person advice, training sessions), and you guys are all upset that Google is now making it available in an electronic format? Seems odd.
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    Court Orders YouTube To Remove Anti-Islamic Film

    This was a copyright case. The actress who was the plaintiff contended that the footage she was filmed in was claimed to be involved in something different and then was used in this film without her consent, therefore violating her copyright interests to her own performance. This had nothing...
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    Apple: Feds Don't Have Access To Our Servers

    "The feds don't have access to our servers..... that we know of." If there isn't a backdoor or "gentlemen's agreement" for access, it wouldn't surprise me if there was a little closet in the datacenter of the nearest ISP that the traffic passes through. Wasn't it an AT&T employee that...
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    Insurance Won't Cover Game Studio Flood Damage

    Generally, yes. Malfunctions of equipment, backing up sewage, etc. would be covered under your standard homeowner's policy. Now, if the sewage backs up because you got 4 feet of rain, it might be considered part of the "flood damage". But if your pipes burst on a summer day in a clear sky...
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    Technology Gone Wrong: Urine Detection Device

    If you knew anything about MARTA you would know that this is about the mentally unstable homeless people who are on all sorts of intoxicants who probably live in that elevator. MARTA has three real problems: 1) they're practically insolvent and will never make money with their current system...
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    Using 3D Painting To Repair Or Alter Metal Parts

    It's cold sintering. The kinetic energy turns into energy to bond the atoms together at the molecular level (or heat energy which THEN bonds the atoms together). The energy doesn't necessarily have to turn into heat first, but it may. An ideal cold sinter would NOT turn into heat first, because...
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    Postal Startup Draws the Scrutiny of the USPS

    Maybe defined-benefit pensions are really, really stupid for long-term retirement planning, especially when we agree to let people retire at 55 and then guarantee them 90% of their pay for life. Why is it that government workers get golden parachute pensions that are taxpayer guaranteed? Why...
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    'The Elder Scrolls Online' Will Have a Subscription Fee

    League of Legends is not an MMO, and buying currency in LoL will not increase your power on a long-term basis. It gets you access to cosmetics and champions. Almost every F2P MMO I've ever participated in lets you progress reasonably in the first 10 levels or so and then hits you with a "pay...
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    U.S. Adds 200 EV Charging Stations in April

    All of your points are valid, but every intermediate step for getting power to the grid is present as well, not just in the oil industry. Or did you think coal sprouted out of the ground underneath coal plants? Based on all the energy we have to expend to get resources from place to place and...
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    America Needs A Cyber Bill Of Rights

    The paper bill of rights works just fine for cyber activities. No unreasonable searches or seizures (i.e. without a warrant), guarantee the security of people in their 'effects' (the best part about this terms is that it is so open-ended that it encompasses all forms of personal property and...
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    AT&T Extends Upgrade Period to Two Years

    While I know you're being sarcastic, I'm wondering if (when?) some information will come out suggesting serious collusion between all the major wireless providers. It seems like you have a 3 step flowchart to getting a wireless carrier: 1. Which companies have good reception in my area? 2...
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    GameStop Stock Closes Week Down 19%

    Gamestop is the Best Buy of game stores, except if Best Buy only sold used Monster Cables for 95% of MSRP.
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    Apple Dodged Paying Billions In Taxes, Subcommittee Says

    This is false. Their state income tax rate maxes out at about 10% marginal. I'm sure there are some relatively high earners with really bad accountants (or none at all) who MIGHT come CLOSE to paying a 60% TOTAL tax rate when Federal, State, FICA, sales, etc. are all taken out of gross pay...
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    Nordstrom No Longer Tracking Customer Phones

    I feel like Google recently had a bit of a scandal that revolved around this exact same reasoning. I think the result should be the same - if any entity intends to track or monitor another person in an otherwise public place by electronic means, a sign should be prominetly displayed at...
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    New Bill Pushes For A La Carte Cable TV

    I think this is a "be careful what you wish for" situation. Most TV providers negotiate with "networks" who sell a host of channels. Channels like Discovery and the Science channel are produced by the same network, so Comcast (for example) contracts for all of Discovery's channel lineup and...
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    Borderlands 2 $10 gamersgate

    Got one for my wife. I grabbed BL2 + Season Pass when it was $25 from Amazon. Jeez, GamersGate's site is getting hammered.
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    Verizon CEO: Try a la Carte to Protect Cable

    Watch out. You guys will get the a la carte you want, but your bill will end up being $200/mo for the 18 channels you want versus $175 for the 300 channels, because each network will negotiate a price assuming it won't be part of a package deal, and the telcos will have to pay more for it...
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    Accidental Tweet of the Day

    Really? The amount of government assistance that flows into the small town I grew up in is staggering. Let me tell you also, almost no one in that town was starving. In fact, more people were obese and had diabetes and heart disease from the cheap garbage food they were buying by the dump-truck...
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    EA Crowned Worst Company In America

    There's probably also a proximity bias because EA just pooped out a big, fat glob of SimCity all over people's hopes and dreams. It's been a few years since BoA got any news time about "accidentally" foreclosing on houses they didn't have mortgages for or contributing to the collapse of our...
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    Congress May Try to Regulate Violent Video Games

    There's no reason you need to own a plasma TV of size greater than 32" either, because it takes up too much electricity that could be used to heat the homes of underprivileged children. Also, it's dangerous for your eyesight, and since the taxpayers are about to have to have an interest in that...
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    Borderlands 2 & Season Pass - $24.99 - Amazon

    Thanks OP! I actually just fired up Borderlands 1 today and was lusting after BL2 in the Steam Store. $25 for the game + season pass is great, and I had a $15 Amazon gift card to use. Awesome.
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    No Penalty For Apple's Non-Compliance With Warranty Ruling

    So your argument is that electronics manufacturers simply choose to charge EU residents more because they can, and that the higher prices have nothing to do with the VAT and the higher cost of doing business in the EU due to the government's intense meddling and regulations? Economics demands...