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    LG Flex LX3 4K 42″ Bendable OLED 120Hz

    no this isn't an ultrawide though. the immersiveness of an ultrawide can't be beat by a 16:9 screen, I don't care how big it is
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    *HOT HOT HOT*LG UltraGear 38" Class WQHD IPS Curved Gaming Monitor 1600p 1099 marked down from 1599

    What ultrawide oled exists that doesn’t have abysmal 1440p rez?
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    *HOT HOT HOT*LG UltraGear 38" Class WQHD IPS Curved Gaming Monitor 1600p 1099 marked down from 1599 I bought this a month ago while it was on sale for 1200, and its honestly the best monitor I've ever had
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    LG Flex LX3 4K 42″ Bendable OLED 120Hz

    someone call me when they make a 38 inch ultrawide oled at 1600p minimum
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    Gave up and bought the GTX 1650.

    I’m surprised ppl are still playing the UT series in 2022
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    3090 Ti Owner's Club

    also i hopped on that evga 3090ti deal and got mine coming on Friday :D
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    3090 Ti Owner's Club

    You say this so confidently like youre an oracle lol. If etherum doesn't change it's proof of stake and crypto bounces back (like it's done EVERY SINGLE TIME) we will have another 30 series event. Scalping, stock issues and price gouging. If the cyclical market hasn't taught us that already...
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    Researching GPU's for gaming PC build between ( EVGA 3080 Ti 12GB vs. MSI Suprim 3080 Ti 12GB )

    Go with asus tuf. It's an overall cooler card than the evga one. I had that one and ended up returning it for the tuf because of thermals. You can easily throttle on it
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    Crytek Shuts Down Five Studios

    very underrated comment. Crysis was an amazing game in it's time.
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    Upgrading Intel 2230 Wifi Card

    A lot of times connecting a new wifi card in a laptop doesn't work, especially those mini pcie cards. I am speaking from experience, in my old HP laptop they had a whitelist of approved wifi cards and when mine broke and I tried replacing it with another intel branded wifi card it didnt work. I...
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    Skyrim Vs The Witcher 3

    Which is better?
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    ASUS' ZenBook 3

    Trackpad on the new XPS laptops are great.
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    recommend a laptop for a new college kid?

    Dell XPS 13 or 15. They are the best windows laptops ever made.
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    ASUS' ZenBook 3

    Wonder if this gives the new xps' a run for it's money.
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    Anyone Getting Their DOOM On?

    Maybe it's just me but the game looks very CODish.... This is just from watching other people play on youtube though.
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    Anyone Getting Their DOOM On?

    People who are playing on a 290x reference card with a 4770k at 1440p can you please chime in on how it plays and if you're able to max out everything?
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    Gaming Laptop Suggestion

    Gaming laptops will finally become a thing since USB type c has the bandwidth to power a full length card.
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    What outlet is this? Do they have any 9550 with i7 16gb and 512?
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    FS: $50 Microsoft Store card

    $45 Can buy anything from the microsoft store including a gift card.
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    Recommend a laptop for under $600

    ^Thanks for your help and suggestion. I really appreciate it. 2 questions. Is that last years flagship 15 inch xps (like 9550 is 15'/16')? Why are you selling it for more than $200 than the MS store? I understand you added an SSD and extra RAM but that can't possibly warrant that much of an...
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    Recommend a laptop for under $600

    Would like a 15inch FHD display. Will be mainly used for watching movies at 1080p and browsing/multitasking. No gaming
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    LG 98-Inch 8K Super UHD TV Ready For Production

    What's the point of these? I mean they're almost no 4K content and 4K TV's have been out for a few years now. I can't imagine seeing any 8K content for at least 10-15 years. Gaming would be pointless. I guess the only use would areas such as enterprise, medical or video/photo editing.
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    Windows 10 Surpasses 200 Million Installs

    Can you tell me how you do this?
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    Adding a program to startup in W10

    Trying to get real temp to start when windows start but I'm not able to get it to do that. I dropped the shortcut in the startup folder by doing a windows + r and entering shell:Startup (which takes you to the start up folder) but I can't get it to start when windows starts
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    Recommendation For 15 Inch Laptop

    Is the cpu throttling only effecting the i5's and not i7's?
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    Few questions regarding dell's new XPS laptops

    Can you post a video? I really want to see that.
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    Recommendation For 15 Inch Laptop

    Hope the bios update gets fixed before mine arrives in 2 days
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    Recommendation For 15 Inch Laptop

    With the cpu throttling issue, you have to restart the laptop to get that fixed right?
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    Few questions regarding dell's new XPS laptops

    Don't play shooters on it?
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    Recommendation For 15 Inch Laptop

    There's an option for 1TB PCIE SSD but it's too expensive imo and I bought a Microsoft signature edition version and they only had a 256 of 512 option. I would recommend everyone buy from the microsoft store to avoid any of the bloatware. Also, to the guy who said it took 2 months to get his...
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    Recommendation For 15 Inch Laptop

    I just ordered a nearly maxed out xps 15. i7, 4k, 512, 16
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    Few questions regarding dell's new XPS laptops

    Thanks a lot for your reply (and all the repliers). Since making this topic I have done a bit of research on this laptop and it honestly seems like it's the "holy grail" of windows laptops atm. My prefence windows and I need a windows keyboard as a lot of work I do is in excel (the shortcuts...
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    Few questions regarding dell's new XPS laptops

    Forgot to add, any thoughts on the asus zenbook?
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    Few questions regarding dell's new XPS laptops

    I've had my sig rig (a laptop) for nearly 5 years and it's time to upgrade. It looks like that the best all around laptop these days in dell. The last dell I bought was over 10 years ago. FYI, I'm really looking for longevity, I only buy laptops once every 5 years and I'm hoping this one will...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    Is this mostly a MP game with a horrible SP thrown in (like CoD series)? I was looking into this game because I wanted a fun star wars story line game to play in SP.
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    What is the GeForce release cycle?

    What about the second generation for the GTX 1080? I like to wait till they work out all the kinks on the cards.