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    GTX1070Ti won't display

    So early this morning I turned on the PC but it didn't display The pc did seem to boot but as I said no display. I reverted to the integrated video and it worked. I didn't have time to troubleshoot as my kid was starting its online class. So I'll have to wait till he finishes. Thing is that I...
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    Gigabyte B85M DS3H reboots after a few seconds

    I have a mobo that boots, the fan spins for a few seconds and reboots. I timed anywhere from about 8 to 15 seconds. If I keep it on, sometimes it posts for a few seconds and reboots and not post again for several times. furthermore, every now and then it will post and run for hours completely...
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    AMD raytracing techdemo

    With the release of DX12 ultimate, AMD released a tech demo. No info on what its running on, but big navi comes to mind I hope its an early alpha, cause it kind of sucks. Not impressed at all. Also seems to be running at a low framerate.
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    1997's Blade Runner classic getting remastered for consoles, Steam I wasn't aware this game even existed. But apparently it was quite good.
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    AMD CPU/GPU enters the SuperComputer market with a bang

    AMD CPUs and GPUs will power the future world's fastest supercomputer, 10x faster than current leader El Capitan, is a fully AMD powered system that promises to obliterate every other...
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    GeforceNow on low end hardware

    I have an old AMD E350 cpu/mb combo. I figured I could try GeforceNow on it and see how it fared. I figured it should do well as it has integrated AMD graphics with video acceleration. So I installed GeforceNow on Windows 10 with a 500GB HDD and 2GB DDR3 2gb proved to be too low as the HDD kept...
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    EVGA's GeForce RTX 2060 KO is available for $300 on Amazon

    The price it should have always been.
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    Yet another nvidia GPU powered super computer

    With EPYC cpus US Navy orders AMD, Nvidia-powered supercomputer with 590TB of RAM
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order $14.06 Europe and Latin America $24.06 Holyday Sale $10.00 coupon on epic games store ---> $14.06 +$10.00 another coupon redeemable after using the 1st coupon.
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    [Epic Store] RAYMAN LEGENDS

    Available until December 6th
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    Free 1 month Origin Access

    Yesterday I received an email from EA granting a free Origin Access 1 month trial. The wording is dubious to say the least as I seems like I already redeemed the code, but rest assured it is real.
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    NVIDIA to add ReShade filters to GeForce Experience According to videocarz, nvidia will be incorporating ReShade filters to Geforce Experice via Freestyle. They should be available by the time the GTX1660 Super is released.
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Its inevitable when you build a lot of hype, you'll end up dissapointing. Stadia is coming out soon but not with many of its promised features.
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    Any PS1 Metal Gear remaster?

    AFAIK the only remaster is the GameCube version with upgraded graphics. Is there any other? the PS3/Xbox360 HD collection only comes with the MG 2, 3 and 4. Maybe some mods for the PC or PS1 emulators?
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    MS Flight Simulator

    I've been plalying the flight simulator series since it came out on the Apple II and C-64 Looks amazing. Can't wait.
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    Jedi Outcast coming to Switch and PS4

    Apparently NOT a remaster. I'd love to see a PC remaster with RayTracing. The game was awesome, but lighting and shadows sucked. I played it not so long ago at 4K
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    Any xbox game pass PC deals?

    My kid wants to buy minecraft and Forza. (which means I have to buy minecraft and Forza) :D:D I was thinking about getting xbox game pass instead. Any deals?
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    Could nvidia next gen be a chiplet design?

    This is all conjecture by me, but let me elaborate. BTW I don't think this is coming with Ampere. While I have my doubts that AMD is capable of delivering a chiplet design anytime soon (much less with Big Navi) simply because it would have to be a crossfire design as there would be 2 (or more)...
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    So everyone is doing the water puddle

    So it seems like almost every new upcoming RTX game is doing the water puddle to show off refletions...
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    Watch Dogs Legion raytracing trailer

    Looks nice, but it doesn't look like objects cast shadows and water doesn't splash.
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    alternative to disk2vhd?

    Is there an alternative to disk2vhd? I need to upload a pc to azure. disk2vhd makes the vhd as a dynamic disk and azure needs fixed disk. Also it can make the disk size that has fraction of gb. for example the vhd can be 128.5 gb and it needs to be 129 for it to work on azure.
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    Farewell my GTX1070 best card I ever had.

    But not quite for the reasons you'd think. I got it 2 years ago for a little over $350. At the time I didn't really have time to game as I was traveling a lot and I was curious about minig ETH and since I already have the parts needed, I setup a mining rig. In about 5 months I mined my first...
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    AMD does it again.

    AMD rebrands its Radeon 500 series to create new 600 series offerings
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    Nvidia Killer

    AMD's reportedly working on a GPU they're calling "Nvidia Killer" Apparently AMD is working on RDNA 2 on 7nm+ process with hybrid raytracing, supposedly faster than anything nvidia has today. Coming in 2020...
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    Navi vs Turing architechture comparison.

    Very interesting article comparing the differences between Navi and Turing from Techspot. Yup it is not Anandtech nor Ars Technica...
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    RTX 2060S and RTX2070S just cut down RTX2070/2080?

    Well duh you might say. But it seems the super versions are not cutdown gpus but actually retail RTX2070/2080 cards "repurposed" as super by disabling some cores and upping the clocks...
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    My Shield TV just died.

    So when I came back from family vacation in cancun I realized the Shield TV won't power up. I suspect (actually hope) it's the power adapter. Does anyone know the pinout so I can test with a multimeter?
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    So what happened to Direct ML?

    DirectML was supposed to bring denoising and super-resolution, sort of DLSS or Radeon Image Sharpening. Its supposed to be hardware agnostic. But AFAIK no upcoming games support it.
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    The AMD Next Horizon Gaming Keynote Live Stream

    AMD is presenting Navi and Ryzen 3000 at E3 at 3pm PST AMDs youtube channel Anands live blog
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    Ryme Free on the Epic Store. Till May 30 Artwork reminds me of Zelda on the Switch
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    Nvidia is preparing something SUPER

    Nvidia is announcing something, probably at COMPUTEX What could it be? I don't think its a video card, but I do think its gaming related. Maybe the SheildTV succesor that was rumored a while back?
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    Frostbite Hair Demo

    I'm not really impressed by the demo but I guess its a welcome addition to frostbite. I wonder if its based on hairworks, tressfx or propietary.
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    Sims 4 FREE!!!

    I gotta say I pirated the game a few weeks ago as my kid wanted to give it a try. Now I can have peace of mind. :D:D
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    Sorry, no RTX2080 performance for $300 on Navi

    So a Sapphire rep apparently spilled the beans on Navi Expect RTX 2070/2060 performance for $499/399 and NO hardware...
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    Geforce Now dropped major feature.

    So a few months ago I realized that I could play my entire steam library on the Shield TV. I just had to "install" them on the cloud. Geforce Now cloud would give a message that the game was not compatible, but they would still work. I tested lots of older games, like KOTOR, F1 2015, Grid...
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    Street Fighter V FREE on Steam

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    Reflection Demo on GTX1070Ti

    So I tested the SW RTX reflection demo on my GTX1070Ti and see how it looked/performed. I got like 8~12 fps at 1080p. That was expected, but IQ was far from what I've seen on the videos, specially reflections on Phasma. It just didn't look right, lots of noise. I'll post some pics later, as...
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    Assasins Creed Unity Free, support Notre Dame Cathedral

    Ubisoft is giving away Assasins Creed Unity as support to Notre Dame Cathedral
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    Rise of Skywalker

    Teaser Tráiler.
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    GTX 1660 (RX580/590 killer) is out,1.html,1.html,1.html...