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    For Sale: Miscellaneous PC Stuff Grab Boxes - Just Pay Shipping

    The time has come for me to clean out my workshop. I'm packing up boxes of random things that I've accumulated over the years. Anything and everything could be in these but I don't guarantee what is in which box. Some of the items I've packed up so far include: nVidia Quadro PCIe Cards...
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    Stupid Question - Someone Explain Networking Notation/Terminology to Me

    When I see a subnet written as: or What does the notation with the slash mean? I have pieced together that it has something to do with the subnet but I have not found a place that explains this at length. I *never* used this terminology when I was going through...
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    WTB Thread - Outfitting My New Home Theater

    I have refs on he@t and eBay, both as svet-am I will be using this thread to look for stuff I need as I put together my new game room / home theater. I am willing to ship but give preference to people within 35 miles of Broomfield, CO so that I can turn this around quickly. 1) Turtle Beach...
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    Recommend a Cable Vendor - DVI-I and VGA D-Sub

    I am about to run some connections for a projector. I will be running DVI-I and VGA in this project and I've realized in my research that cable vendors can be very hit or miss -- even the beloved MonoPrice. I am especially looking for robust VGA cables that have all 15 pins bonded out so that...
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    Replacing a SSL Certificate on IIS 7 (Windows Home Server)

    I have *TONS* of experience doing this on Linux but absolutely zero on Windows server. I have a buddy that's set up a WHS and he has a self-signed cert he'd like to use with it. I found articles on doing this process on full Windows Server but those assume that IIS7 has *no* certificates...
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    Where Can I Purchase MS Office 2013?

    I need to purchase a couple of licenses for Office 2013. Due to incompatibilities I cannot use Office 2016. All of the searching I've done only shows office 2016 for sale.
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    How Many Simultaneous SmartGlass Connections ?

    I was wondering what the limit is (is there one??) for how many simultaneous SmartGlass connections can happen for an XBOX 360 or an XBOX ONE. I am specifically interested in this from the vantage point of DVR but I'm also interested in other things like game streaming. I don't have much...
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    Windows Server 2016 -- Free Upgrade a la Windows 10?

    This come up in a lunchtime conversation and I think the answer is "no" but before I do any google searches I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom of [H].
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    WTB: Quick and Local 775 Core 2 Quad - Denver Metro

    I'm doing some upgrades for my daughter's astronomy machine and thought I had an extra Core 2 Quad for her machine (currently a low-end Core 2 Duo). I'd like to get this project done this weekend for her so she can do some lunar viewing this weekend. I'm looking local first. I'd like a 775...
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    Digital River ISO Downloads Gone?

    I need to download an ISO for Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) and I just went to use the normal Digital River download URL I have only to find that things have switched from a direct URL to a login-in click-through thing. Granted, it's been a while since I've done this so this might be *ancient*...
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    Checking the Status (Commit Log) of Arbitrary Git Repositories

    I have a directory that hosts a number of different Git repositories. All of these repositories are configured as bare repositories since they are shared amongst many users. What I'd like to do is automate checking the current commit tag in each of these repositories for other use within our...
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    WTB: DDR2 RAM, Intel Core2 CPU, Xeon Server Power Supply

    I need some random odds and ends right now: 8GB (4GB x 2) DDR2-800 SODIM for a Dell Latitude E6500 Intel Core2 Duo T9900 (3.06GHz) in Socket P for the same above Dell Latitude my refs are he@t and eBay, both as svet-am. I have non-CC PayPal standing by. PM me with details of what you have.
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    Windows 10 - saving settings across updates

    A friend of mine was asking about this and before I could respond I realized I might know the answer... On Windows 10 Pro, if a user customizes things like desktop themes, disabled certain services, disabled Windows Firewall (because they are using something else), set up automatic login...
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    Now Windows 7 / 8 Can't run DRM-Protected Games? Just saw this. I can't believe this (or maybe I can).:rolleyes:
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    Pinning Folders / Shorcuts to Start Menu in Windows 10

    I'm trying to help my mother-in-law get Windows 10 "familiar" for her and one thing that's stumped me is pinning shortcuts to libraries in the Start Menu. It looks possible from this screenshot of Windows Server 2016 but I cannot figure out how to do it.
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    Windows 10 Affecting Windows 7 Updates

    I'm having a weird issue that I'm hoping someone can clarify. I have a couple of laptops I used for testing. They had retail Windows 7 Pro keys on them. I did the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro as a test. They activated and ran just fine but I didn't like it so I rolled back to Windows 7...
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    WTB: PCIe x8 Video Card - Denver Metro Pickup??

    I would like to do some experiments with adding some more monitors to my desktop rig this weekend but I only have a PCIe x8 slot available. I'd prefer local pickup so that I can try it out without waiting for mail-order. None of the local shops around me have any PCIe x8. I can pay cash and...
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    Windows 10 - PCI Secondary Video Display Issue

    Alright, Windows 10 gurus, help me not be pissed off at Windows 10 for this.... My mainboard has an integrated PCI video card (a Matrox G200ew). I also have a PCIe NVidia 780Ti. I have three monitors hooked up to the NVidia card (2 DVI and 1 HDMI) that I use for primary computing and a...
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    Anyone Else Left Steam and Moved to GOG ?

    I just downloaded the GOG Galaxy client to redeem a game key that is only available on GOG. I must say I'm impressed. Task Manager shows that it is much lighter than Steam and some old freebie games I got on GOG years ago (and forgot about) are just sitting there DRM free.
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    Windows 10 Metro App Help - WatchESPN Sign-In

    I've always had a problem where ESPN3 auto-detects my Comcast subscription level incorrectly so I manually sign in and everything is hunky-dory. I'm testing Windows 10 at the moment and the WatchESPN metro app auto-detect my ISP but, like normal, detects it incorrectly. Is there a way to...
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    SuperMicro X8DT3/X8DTi Wake-On-LAN

    I'm using this board: I cannot get wake-on-lan to work with it. I have wake-on-lan working for my DX58SO2 so I know in principle that it's working on my network. I'm sending the magic packets from my ASUS AC68U running Tomato...
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    WTB - Witcher 3 STEAM

    I'd like to buy a copy of the Witcher 3 for STEAM only (not interested in GOG). I have PayPal ready to go. I'm an oldie around here, but my refs are he@t and eBay, both as svet-am.
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    WTB: D&D 4th Edition Books

    I'm trying to help a friend kickstart his way into D&D but he doesn't have much cash (eg, can't just buy on Amazon). We're playing with 4E rules, so he'd like to focus on 4E books. I'll be buying for him, so use my refs: eBay: svet-am - he@t: svet-am -...
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    Getting a udev Rule Working for Sony VAIO Stamina/Speed Switch

    I have a Sony VAIO Z610Y. This is one of the VAIO's that has the speed/stamina switch for moving between the Intel graphics and nVidia graphics. I see that there is a sysfs node for the switch located at /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop/gfx_switch_status. The contents of gfx_switch_status...
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    WTB: 8GB (2x4GB) PC2-6400 SODIMMs

    Just looking to upgrade my Dell Latitude E6500 a bit. I have Amazon and PayPal. Refs are eBay and He@t, both as svet-am PM me what you have any what you want for it. I prefer Crucial but I'll entertain anything.
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    Svet-Am's Cleaning Out The Old Mobile Devices Sale

    Svet-Am's Cleaning Out The Old Mobile Devices Sale I'm cleaning out older mobile phones/gadgets to make room for 2015's obsessions. My bottom line is that these things need to go. No reasonable offer refused or they will end up on eBay anyway. GROUND RULES 1) Claim dibs in the thread...
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    Smallest Chassis for an nVidia 580

    I am putting together my own steam box as a personal project. this has been an on-again/off-again project for a while but I'd like to get it wrapped up before some family come next week for Thanksgiving. Any recommendations?
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    Windows Server 2008 R2 ISO Download

    I had a hard drive that I use for backups crash and discovered that my ISO is now corrupt. Does Digital River host ISOs for products like Server 2008? Specifically, I need the Enterprise version but I *think* all of the editions share the same installer image. I've helped folks here in the...
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    What Am I Doing Wrong? Self-Signed SSL Cert Import

    For starters, I have a self-signed cert that I'm using on my self-hosted server. I have *successfully* imported my cert into Internet Explorer on a PC and it's working just fine there. Interestingly, I had to import my cert directly as a trusted CA Authority for it to work (don't know if...
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    Wyse R90LW - Compatibility for Video Add-In Cards on PCIe ??

    I recently acquired 3 Wyse R90LW's on eBay. They are all working great so far and I don't really have any complaints. I've updated them all to the latest BIOS that I saw online (1.0J-0T51; date 8/27/10). What I'm running into is that I seem to be hitting a PCIe compatibility issue with...
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    Help Me Identify an Old MS-DOS Football Game

    I had a game on my Tandy 1000sx (80286) circa 1991 that was a first-person football game. It came on 5.25" floppies and supported CGA, EGA, and Tandy graphics. I don't recall sound support but if it had any it was PC speaker only. I was chatting with a friend about it and cannot recall the title.
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    Web Site to Find Comparable Phones Based on Specs?

    I have a Windows Phone (specifically, the Lumia 820). I'd like to compare Android phones that have similar hardware. Is there a site that will let me put in HW specs and show me the phones that match? I thought GSMArena would have something like that but I don't see anything.
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    Multiple Monitors + Wacom Pen Tablets

    I have three monitors (1920x1200, each, 5760x1200 total) connected to my PC. When I attach my pen tablet, the cursor tracking appears to be trying to map the total horizontal resolution of the desktop into the tablet's space which is obviously not going to work. Has anyone else seen this...
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    Svet's Looking for Lots of Random Stuff Thread

    I've got a mixed bag of things that I'm looking for: 1) HTC/T-Mobile Shadow or Shadow2 cell phone. I prefer those that have box&docs if possible. 2) Intel x58-based mobo in good condition w/ IO shield 3) Microsoft Surface RT or Surface 2 -- I'm only looking for the ARM ones, not Intel...
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    Working Hours on Microsoft Calendar

    I'm trying to sync an office calendar to calendar via the instructions found here: I see in desktop Outlook that the sync looks to have worked properly and I see all of the calendar entries in *desktop* Outlook. In the web...
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    Migrating to CentOS 7 Tonight

    My CentOS 6 box has had a good run (right now on 6.5 with the latest patches) but many packes (eg, glibc and glib) are too far out of date for some of the services I need to run. I'll be upgrading to CentOS 7 tonight. I'm not planning on much sleep.
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    WTB: Used HO and N Scale Model Railroad Gear

    I know it's a *long* shot on this forum, but since I'm regular I figured I might as well. I'm about to start some serious kitbashing projects and I'm looking for flextrack, structures, rolling stock, etc. that folks don't want. I'm only interested in HO and N scale. If you ever dabbled in the...
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    Android Phone With Screen Like Nokia Lumia

    I got a great deal on a Nokia Lumia 820 on eBay so I've been playing around with it as an experiment. The most unexpected thing about it is how *awesome* the ClearBlack Display is. I've done some googling but I'm just more confused about the technology. I'm normally an Android guy, so...
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    VirtualBox Problem -- Cannot Get Linux Guest to Scale Display

    I hope this is a simple issue. I have CentOS 6.5 x86_64 running inside a VirtualBox 4.3.12 host. The host PC is Windows 7 Enterprise here at work. I have installed the Guest Additions (no problems -- everything compiled just fine) but I cannot get the display to scale. I'm stuck at 1024x768...
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    WTB: Full-ATX HTPC Chassis

    I'm looking for something in black that can support a full ATX mainboard and full-height PCI cards. Refs are he@t and eBay, both as svet-am. I can pay via PayPal or Amazon. Ideally, I'd like to be in the ~$125 or less (shipped) price range.