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    So I installed my new Corsair H50 tonight...

    Upgraded from a Xigmatek Dark Knight. Load temps in OCCT Large Data Sets were 53-58c depending on room temp, sometimes as high as 63. H50 dropped it down to 45c with 2 tricools in push-pull on high and 48c on medium. This is with a Phenom II 920 @ 3500 1.425v. Very, very highly recommend this...
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    [W]arm? Corsair H50 $59.99 @ Best Buy Tempting. Beats a TRUE according to this review.
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    Intel allegedely paid tell to cap AMD shipments at 5%. Sounds pretty shady. This could be huge. :eek: edit: Doh! Forgot the link. Thanks Darundal
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    Viewsonic VP2365WB

    Where's the love? Thought this would be getting more attention here. 23" e-IPS for $300~ Tempting...:eek:
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    Phenom II 965 BE 125W

    Anyone here pick up one of these yet? How are they overclocking?
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    AMD unveils 6 core "Thuban"

    Hexacore Thuban is official AM2+/AM3. Due early next year. Speculated 3 MB L2 while retaining the 6 MB L3 and 45nm process. Tasty little upgrade path :)
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    Newegg: Phenom II 945 + ASUS M4A78+ for $194 Smokin :D
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    Core i7 comes to LGA1156

    Anyone else catch this?,9503.html i7 870: Quad core, hyperthreading, 2.93 GHz stock, 3.6-3.46 projected single core and dual core turbo. :D VERY intriguing. i7 power on an affordable platform.
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    2005FPW: 7800 GT or GTX?

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    Will PPU's be like GPU's?

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    CRT's using DVI-VGA converters

    I've been searching around and have only picked up bits and pieces. Can anyone weigh in on the picture quality of a CRT on a dual-dvi card using the included DVI-VGA converter? Or am I really better off buying a dedicated DVI-A to VGA cable? Monoprice has one that looks good but I'm not sure...
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    Boot Camp and 10.4.7

    Is there a way to dual boot with 10.4.7 yet? My buddy just got his iMac the other day (the same day 10.4.7 was sent out) with high hopes of dual booting windows to play some games but I guess its only compatible with 10.4.6. Will there be an update anytime soon or are there other means?
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    Epox 9npa+Ultra users

    Just thought I'd let you guys know, if you haven't noticed already. Most notable are 2 new RAM divider options, DDR366 and DDR300. Release notes: 1.Add 'Burst Length' and 'DRAM Bank Interleaving' item. 2.Fixed copy failure if copy file from PATA HDD to USB2.0 HDD. 3.Solved some old type...
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    WTB: Centurion 5 Side Panel W/ Window

    Please send PM.
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    Safe X1900XT Voltage?

    Does anyone know what a safe voltage for an X1900XT is. I'm trying to maximize my overclock but don't want to run into electromigration. Stock is 1.175 2d and 1.425 3d on the GPU and 2.086 on the memory.
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    FS: 2x512 Crucial Ballistix PC3200

    2-2-2-6 timings @ 200mhz but will do 2-2-2-5 perfectly at same speed. Highest clock tried was 250mhz. Stable @ 2.5-3-3-6 2.7v. Asking $80 shipped. Edit: Price reduced to $75 These are a matched set, also. BL6464Z402.16G and batch #CL1115YK8.
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    X850xt Oem

    Newegg is running a deal on a Sapphire X850XT OEM card. 164.74 shipped. Not bad.
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    Will PPU's be like GPU's?

    What do you guys think? Do you think we'll be seeing new/revised units every 6-8 months on them like we do now with video cards?
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    FS: Opteron 148 Retail

    CAB2E 0545CPAW Batch 0330. Includes original HSF, manuals, warranty, etc. $220 shipped OBO.
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    Oh the torture of it all

    My 165 came in from Monarch today. A day early too, with the Saver shipping (w00t for FedEx) Can't put it in until friday though when my SI-120 and panaflo comes in. This is brutal. It's a CCB1E with the 0550 VPMW steppings . Anyone on the boards have any experience with that particular one?
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    Dual Core Cache

    You guys have given me the dual core bug... but I have a question: Does 1mb of L2 compared to 2mb of L2 make a noticable difference? I'm looking at the 3800+ X2 and Opteron 165. I'm leaning towards the X2 because it's cheaper, has a 10x multi vs a 9x multi, and supposedly overclocks just as...
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    Opteron and 4 DIMM's

    Will an Opteron 148 in an Epox 9NPA Ultra run at 1T or 2T with 4 512mb DIMM's installed? If so how big/noticeable will the hit be?
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    2005FPW: 7800 GT or GTX?

    Which is going to run better and last longer? I'm looking for high quality settings at native resolution...
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    Need motherboard suggestions

    I'm finalizing a build and need some advice on a good motherboard. So far: Coolermaster Centurion 5 Opteron 148 Socket 939 2.2 ghz eVGA 7800 GT CO SE 1 gb Corsair Value Select LG DVD burner Sunbeam NUUO 550W PSU Hitachi T7K250 160gb Audigy 2 ZS The Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI's caught my...
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    Refurbed 2005FPW's

    Looking into buying myself a 2005FPW as a birthday present. It comes out to about 478 to my door for a refurbished one from Dell Outlet, or 503 for a brand new one through dell home, after coupons. Are the refurbs bad? Would there be massive backlight bleeding or dead pixels? The 35 bucks saved...
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    Startup Sound

    Anyone else have a Mac Mini or any other mac that is pretty picky about making the startup "BONG!"? Mine does it really sporadically. Is there any way to fix that?