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    For Sale: Miscellaneous PC Stuff Grab Boxes - Just Pay Shipping

    To make it worth my while I would have to use a flat rate box that is more expensive than those above. Plus, like I mentioned that's a lot of trouble for me to go down there and get them and pack them up. I just want this stuff gone so I want it as low impact on me as possible.
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    For Sale: Miscellaneous PC Stuff Grab Boxes - Just Pay Shipping

    Sorry for the delay. I received a lot of interest but mostly in people wanting different size/weight/courier combinations than I originally had. Then, Christmas happened and I had to deal with famly in town. I have gone back and found some different size boxes. It's all still the same...
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    For Sale: Miscellaneous PC Stuff Grab Boxes - Just Pay Shipping

    Possible. I am in the Denver metro (north side).
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    For Sale: Miscellaneous PC Stuff Grab Boxes - Just Pay Shipping

    thanks for the PMs -- they are all replied at this point. I'm continuing to find stuff in my storage and I'm packing these boxes full. If you'd like a little more or a little less (based on your shipping quote) let me know and I might be able to make "small" "medium" and "large" boxes. The...
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    For Sale: Miscellaneous PC Stuff Grab Boxes - Just Pay Shipping

    The time has come for me to clean out my workshop. I'm packing up boxes of random things that I've accumulated over the years. Anything and everything could be in these but I don't guarantee what is in which box. Some of the items I've packed up so far include: nVidia Quadro PCIe Cards...
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    International Travel, Advice?

    This is a little bit of thread necro but I travel overseas for work a lot -- mostly to Ireland, England, Germany, and Japan. I am a T-Mo customer and the free international roaming described above works PERFECTLY. I just got back from two weeks in Japan. When I got back I had a grand total of...
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    Windows 10 build 14393.5 is available and it's the Anniversary Update

    Not just console apps. It's a full Ubuntu installation (basically, it's Ubuntu Core to start). If you add the appropriate GUI libraries you can run GUI apps, too. I did this so I can run xtrkcad (my preferred model railroad tool).
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    Opening a GIT repository (or whatever this is that I have!)

    What is a bare git repository? | Jon Saints
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    Opening a GIT repository (or whatever this is that I have!)

    Actually, this sounds to me like the upstream repo is a bare repo rather than a normal source-based repo. In a bare repo, all you'll see as a user looking at it is the metadata. Try this: 1) extra the tarball to a location on disk 2) create a new scratch directory and "cd" into it 3) perform...
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    2 free Pathfinder RPG ebooks

    I am really pissed I missed this. I am ramping up a new campaign and would have loved to have these.
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    Obsession With "Female" Digital Servants Needs To Change

    In a similar vein, I read an article that leveraged industry data from Garmin and TomTom that said the psychologically both men and women respond positively and with trust to "caucasian" female voices. Thus, this is why all of their GPS default to this type of voice. My point is that I don't...
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    Stupid Question - Someone Explain Networking Notation/Terminology to Me

    Ah,yes. That makes perfect sense. I had never heard of CIDR notation before.
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    Stupid Question - Someone Explain Networking Notation/Terminology to Me

    When I see a subnet written as: or What does the notation with the slash mean? I have pieced together that it has something to do with the subnet but I have not found a place that explains this at length. I *never* used this terminology when I was going through...
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    Watch Google’s Robot Dog Play With A Real Dog

    Big Dog *can* operate completely autonomously but for most of the demo videos you see it in human control mode for safety and other feature demonstrations. Similar to how Google's autonomous car project works.
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    WTB Thread - Outfitting My New Home Theater

    bumping since I'm still basically looking for everything.
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    WTB Thread - Outfitting My New Home Theater

    I have refs on he@t and eBay, both as svet-am I will be using this thread to look for stuff I need as I put together my new game room / home theater. I am willing to ship but give preference to people within 35 miles of Broomfield, CO so that I can turn this around quickly. 1) Turtle Beach...
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    Recommend a Cable Vendor - DVI-I and VGA D-Sub

    The StarTech cables are good but if you read the comment history the vendor selling the cables is spotty. I found those when I was doing my research and got turned off by the seller since it's not Amazon direct.
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    Recommend a Cable Vendor - DVI-I and VGA D-Sub

    I am doing 25 feet but I need to be able to drive 1920x1080 over it. This is technically possible when all 15 wires are bonded out in the cable but I've discovered that many cable vendors (including MonoPrice sometimes) are not doing so.
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    Where Can I Purchase MS Office 2013?

    There are incompatibilities with Excel, Access (this is the BIG one) and OneNote. Many formulas being used in 2013 are now flagged by Excel 2016 as "malicious" and turning off that scanning has to happen every time the application is opened. There's not a "remember this setting for the future"...
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    Need Antenna Recommendation. Stations are 35-50 Miles out.

    I am using the Winegard MS-2002 to great success: Winegard MS-2002 HDTV Antenna without Cable: Electronics I am in metro Denver and routinely pick up stations out of Fort Collins (60+ miles away)
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    Recommend a Cable Vendor - DVI-I and VGA D-Sub

    I am about to run some connections for a projector. I will be running DVI-I and VGA in this project and I've realized in my research that cable vendors can be very hit or miss -- even the beloved MonoPrice. I am especially looking for robust VGA cables that have all 15 pins bonded out so that...
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    Can you set the date back to uninstall win 10 in that 30 days time frame?

    Yup, that's how it works. Now, I've personally seen that if you're +/- a day or so around the cut-off that the garbage collection may not have removed the directory yet and you can get lucky. Any more than that, though, and you're screwed.
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    What's a good, easy solution to remotely control a PC?

    I keep hearing this but I *always* use RDP over an SSH tunnel with no problems.
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    Replacing a SSL Certificate on IIS 7 (Windows Home Server)

    Thanks. I ended up figuring this out on my own, actually. It was, surprisingly, much easier than I thought. What miffed me a bit was that after doing a bunch of other work on WHS, he ended up deciding he wanted to use Ubuntu Server. So, I spent a lot of the weekend helping him do that.
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    Microsoft Making Free Windows 10 Upgrade Available To Small Businesses

    there, I fixed that for you. It's an easy mistake to make.
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    Replacing a SSL Certificate on IIS 7 (Windows Home Server)

    I have *TONS* of experience doing this on Linux but absolutely zero on Windows server. I have a buddy that's set up a WHS and he has a self-signed cert he'd like to use with it. I found articles on doing this process on full Windows Server but those assume that IIS7 has *no* certificates...
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    Steam’s ARG Backfires On Valve

    that's content, not a game. something like a TF3 would be development on a new game.
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    Windows 10 and torrenting?

    Not true. They use RHEL under the hood (Netezza just sits on top of Linux) and Red Hat supplies all of their sources for Linux on their FTP.
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    Windows 10 and torrenting?

    but I also get the source to Linux. Let's see Microsoft do the same before you start going on with false equivalency. :rolleyes:
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    Windows 10 and torrenting?

    They're not, honestly. I had thought of this on my own (I've never seen an article talking about it). There was a post several above that pointed out the obvious and that I've pointed out to you before in other threads. Microsoft is not being totally transparent about what's in the telemetry...
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    Chart That Tells You When Your Job Will Be Done By A Robot

    define "alive." I spent some time in both the heart of Africa as well as southeast Asia (mostly Thailand and Cambodia) last year. Most of the day-to-day people I ran into subsisted on less than what most Americans would consider one meal per day. For example, I made friends with a really...
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    Windows 10 Budges A Bit As Masses Cling To Windows 7

    Not true by a long shot! I'm actually seeing more and more go OTA. In the past year, my OTA scans in Denver metro have *added* 15 new stations. I think the broadcasters see what is going on and are switching to OTA because it's a cheaper/easier way to get their programming (and hence their...
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    Windows 10 Budges A Bit As Masses Cling To Windows 7

    If you follow Microsoft news then it's pretty obvious that XBOX ONE is the heir apparent to replace WMC. From what I've read they even see SmartGlass as the replacement for WMC extenders. BUT, *right now* we have nothing but "plans" for this rather than an actual solution. They could go a...
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    Windows 10 Budges A Bit As Masses Cling To Windows 7

    I have tried it on some test machines and every time I do I find another new, different reason to avoid it. The most recent is the parental controls. Microsoft *claims* that it lets parents filter apps out using the Family Safety portal. In reality, you cannot filter an app until it's been...
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    Ubuntu Won’t Be Reaching Its Goal Of 200 Million Users This Year

    Actually, most industrial equipment (eg, those in manufacturing plants, etc.) run some variant of Windows Embedded. I was shocked when I heard about that, too, but it is the truth from all of the folks I've worked with in that industry.
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    Unreal Engine 4 Augmented Reality Fight Scene

    I still don't know why people are still trying to do Augmented Reality in the *entertainment* domain. It's the kind of thing that just screams of industrial applications. For example, I really see it being useful for things like museum tours (additional info about exhibits and directions...
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    Adding a program to startup in W10

    This is the best way in that it's the most equivalent to what you would do on Win7
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    Transport Tycoon Deluxe. I have a save game that goes back to ~1997.
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    Retailers Disable Chip Card Readers During Holidays For Being Too Slow

    This is LARGELY true most systems but I have paid attention and noticed that the systems in use at Target and Home Deport (for example) don't actually read the card until the cashier is done ringing items. In fact, if you insert the card early the system will tell you to remove it and wait...
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    Where Can I Purchase MS Office 2013?

    Thanks. I'll have to keep looking, though. Home and Student doesnt include Access.