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  1. guitarslingerchris

    "The Controversial Gun Motherboard": Gigabyte G1 Assassin Lga2011 4-Chan Memory Support Rare Motherboards X79 Chipset

    The G1 Sniper boards have been some of my favorite. My Z77 board was amazing for a long time.
  2. guitarslingerchris

    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    This, I dropped Tygon back in the 2000s due to various issues over time and Primochill LRT has been my favorite to use by far.
  3. guitarslingerchris

    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    How about 1080ti SLI with a single D5, 2x 360s and a 480 and the same with two 980 Tis and several other SLI variations over the almost 20 years now of watercooling. The water spending longer in the waterblocks separately is almost guaranteed to be a net gain if the flow isn't abysmal and you...
  4. guitarslingerchris

    FS: Ryzen 3900x/Asrock X570M Pro4 combo

    FWIW I have that board in my living room PC and it's been an awesome board.
  5. guitarslingerchris

    WTB: PS5 | FS: FormD T1, Thinkpad X1C, M1 MacBook Air, Corsair K70, Keychron K2

    I really wish I'd seen that X1 Carbon a couple weeks ago. I just bought a cheap 4th gen on eBay and I'd have much rather gone 6th gen.
  6. guitarslingerchris

    Reniging on a deal

    Reading your reply in his thread and then this nonsense is far worse than anything the seller did. P.S. Renege.
  7. guitarslingerchris

    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    I meant more like why spend $500 on a board unless you really need the features on it. I've done the same stupid things myself but I luckily got over it. I've done some LN2 and TEC cooling and I've done some obscenely overstuffed builds that might have slightly justified the highest end boards...
  8. guitarslingerchris

    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    If you didn't have a VERY specific purpose then you wasted $500 for sure. WTF were you thinking exactly if you were going to be able to regret that kind of purchase?
  9. guitarslingerchris

    AMD 3900X 350.00

    PM incoming
  10. guitarslingerchris

    5800X Sanded Flat

    He claimed perfection actually and then gave no indication he achieved it or that it helped the CPU.
  11. guitarslingerchris

    5800X Sanded Flat

    Plenty of us get it. I assume I'm not the only one in here to lap a CPU and corresponding waterblock or similar into compliance but as has already been mentioned most coolers are machined to match the convex nature of most CPU lids these days and if you don't flatten both then you may well have...
  12. guitarslingerchris

    5800X Sanded Flat

    I don't think a blurry reflection shot and a screenshot hiding the individual core temps is going to make you any more enthusiastic supporters than your sleazy car salesman eBay ad did.
  13. guitarslingerchris

    5800X Sanded Flat

    I don't think you understand what it is we are mocking.
  14. guitarslingerchris

    5800X Sanded Flat

    What manufacturer suggested the retail price for that sanding job exactly?
  15. guitarslingerchris

    SOLD: Ryzen 9 3900X $330 with Free Shipping. With or without Wraith Cooler in Original Box

    I'm guessing he sold it because he hasn't been online since Wednesday and a friend messaged him about it and hasn't got a reply since Wednesday.
  16. guitarslingerchris

    Need to rent/borrow a delidding tool for 7980XE

    I've got a RockItCool for LGA 2066 I don't think will be seeing any more use. If you want to pay shipping both ways or make me an offer you can have it.
  17. guitarslingerchris

    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    You might as well risk it in stocks or give it straight to them instead of making them lose some in overhead in their charity schemes... it is going to the same people regardless.
  18. guitarslingerchris

    WTB: PC Power & Cooling modular cables [SOLVED]

    PCP&C isn't using ultra special high amp connectors especially since that looks like an OCZ era unit and not the older beefy outlive you types and as the above poster said they should handle the load perfectly fine.
  19. guitarslingerchris

    Forget monoblocks, EK just launched its first multiblock!

    Not much considering I have two EK nickel blocks that never saw anything other than distilled water and the plating flaked off so badly I eventually just left one in some vinegar for awhile to get the rest off. That being said, I've owned 3 EK monoblocks since that along with several GPU blocks...
  20. guitarslingerchris

    WTB: PC Power & Cooling modular cables [SOLVED]

    I actually remembered them wrong but if you search for aviation connector you should be able to find what you need pretty easily and cheaply. If you want to be super specific about what you get then look on Mouser or Digikey but I'm pretty sure they'll be on Amazon as well.
  21. guitarslingerchris

    WTB: PC Power & Cooling modular cables [SOLVED]

    Would be time consuming but that set of cables would be relatively easy to make if you bought a set from another power supply and just put the aircraft connectors on the PSU side.
  22. guitarslingerchris

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X in iMac Pro

    And if you have suction cups for pulling up floor panels the iMac comes apart in seconds with no screws.
  23. guitarslingerchris

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X in iMac Pro

    This seems like a lot of complaining for an all-in-one device. I don't think suction cups on a glass front is any harder than another all-in-one 27" and it's certainly not any harder than your average Dell laptop disassembly which is basically what it is with a giant color-accurate* monitor...
  24. guitarslingerchris

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X in iMac Pro

    This is a silly comment as the 27" iMac was for a long time the best Apple bang for buck by FAR and honestly a hell of a deal especially refurb.
  25. guitarslingerchris

    WTB: 3950x

    Maybe at an indecent price but certainly not a decent one :D
  26. guitarslingerchris

    Windows 10 is getting a modern Task Manager for your games.

    I think you confused huge upgrade with more bullshit.
  27. guitarslingerchris

    FS: Samsung Galaxy S20 ATT, Gigabyte X299 Aorus Ultra Gaming Mobo + EK RGB Monoblock

    Bump, mobo+monoblock still waiting for a new home.
  28. guitarslingerchris

    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    I don't know how I forgot to post this months ago but I was designing/building a new open-air case for my living room PC and I kind of got sidetracked building a guitar, among other things, and this is how my living room PC has sat for way too long. Ryzen 3600, 32gb of something rgb and a 1080...
  29. guitarslingerchris

    Oculus to require a Facebook account

    Damn, I wanted to keep my Rift but here is the dealbreaker.
  30. guitarslingerchris

    WTB: X79 Motherboard - Sabertooth, Rampage, something quality to use as my main system

    If you really want a cheap enthusiast platform X99 is far cheaper to get into and that expensive DDR3 you want to use doesn't make sense when DDR4 is also dirt cheap... even new you can probably get 2x8gb brand name for $60.
  31. guitarslingerchris

    HOT! Viper Steel 2 x 8 = 16gb 4400mhz DDR4 Samsung B-Die $115 Free Shipping - 2 Days Only.

    Maybe you should try being less entitled about what others are allowed to express? Hypocrite... lol.
  32. guitarslingerchris

    AMD is smoother, and other debunkings of r/amd zingers

    You can attack me if you want, Dan, but you keep making my point for me only to then call it irrelevant. If you think the 3950x stock and 7820x @ 5ghz are not equivalent in Windows then why is that outside of the retail perspective? What processes is Windows taking advantage of with the extra...
  33. guitarslingerchris

    AMD is smoother, and other debunkings of r/amd zingers

    I stated that I DID fresh install and my friend did not. I also stated that your argument would be exactly what it is and then you go on to say that your anecdotal comparisons are more valid than mine and everyone elses so what am I missing?
  34. guitarslingerchris

    AMD is smoother, and other debunkings of r/amd zingers

    1. I actually reinstall quite often. I was not migrating an old install but I also wasn't going from an install that was more than 6 months old. 2. Friend with a nearly identical setup, 5ghz 7800x, made the swap to a 3900x and different board but same SSD/RAM as well and migrated his Win10...
  35. guitarslingerchris

    AMD is smoother, and other debunkings of r/amd zingers

    Say what you want but my 3950x is SMOOOOOOOTH compared to the 5ghz 7820x I ran before it. The Windows experience as a whole is more responsive on the same SSD and RAM and peripherals. I know for a fact it isn't faster at everything (workload dependent) but the whole experience is better in...