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  1. Wrench

    What are you protecting your steam deck with?

    DBrand "leather" I ordered the skin prior to getting my Deck by a few months. I'm still undecided if I love it or want it off. Also have a kill switch and no the leather doesn't. Kind of but it's SNUG.
  2. Wrench

    Official PS5 Thread

    Keep an eye on BB and GameStop. They've been getting local store stock but the only way to get it is to select local pick up and purchase it online. We got lucky and checked BB on a Saturday at around 10am and they were for sale local pick up only at my closest BB. Friend got one off Gamestop...
  3. Wrench

    Elegoo "up to" 25% off sale resin and FDM printers.

    Don't know about their FDM printers, all of their resin printers are highly recommended and easy to use. For someone new the Mars 2 or 3 would be great to learn on. If you want FDM I would look at an Ender 3 for 190 or an Ender 3 v2 for 100 more
  4. Wrench

    Elegoo "up to" 25% off sale resin and FDM printers.

    Father's Day sale not OMG amazing but definitely cheaper then Amazon. Free shipping over $100 BUT it's coming out of China so there's also the wait.
  5. Wrench

    Amazon WD Black 5tb p10 external hdd $99 for the next 3ih hours

    NOT the SDD its the HDD
  6. Wrench

    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    9 pages in spoiler warning. Just my take The actor that played Jet carried the whole show. He was awesome IMO you can tell he is a fan of the source material. As far as the rest. I didn't expect a frame by frame line by line arch by arch copy. That being said. I felt nothing when they revealed...
  7. Wrench

    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    I think targets webpage is bugged or something. Just had one in the cart and boom empty at check out.
  8. Wrench

    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    I was cooking dinner figured they'd go up at 12 est. My son came running into the kitchen at 6 saying gamestop was selling them. Almost missed it. Snagged one. Amazon I kept refreshing the page and by the time it showed stock they were gone in minutes
  9. Wrench

    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    No biggie, managed to get one for my son through GameStop was trying to pick up a second if I could for myself. I'll get one on round 2. THanks though.
  10. Wrench

    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    Doesn't work anymore
  11. Wrench

    Pixel 4

    I've been a hardcore Android user since day one. I jumped to T Mobile just to get the N1 lol. Rooted it and loved it. Nexus devices or HTC after and always rooted. Pixel came out and I only had XL's. Funny thing. After I got my Pixel XL I stopped rooting. The original XL was perfect. Pixel 2...
  12. Wrench

    Android 10 released!

    Updated the wives Pixel 3 and my 2XL as well as the kids P2's to 10. I had zero issues. Phone runs smoother apps open faster. Wife could not make calls (verizon) Stumbled onto an article researching the issue. Uninstall My Verizon app and reinstall all issues are fixed. Neither of us have sensor...
  13. Wrench

    DOOM Co-creator John Romero Teases New Game

    Daikatana 2 finally:ROFLMAO:
  14. Wrench

    Lukewarm: Steam Winter Sale [H]as started

    Any opinions on Warhammer Inquisitor? Looks cool Diablo style 40k.
  15. Wrench

    Oculus Rift Is $329 at Best Buy

    Also on Amazon for the same price
  16. Wrench

    Sony xb950 bluetooth 2017 model Amazon deal of the day

    Deals over back up to $180 $88 normally around $150 or more Great headphones at a awesome price.
  17. Wrench

    Standing Desks “Increase Pain” and Slow Down Mental Ability, Study Suggests

    Sitting is the absolute worst thing for your body, weak abs tight lower back, weak hip flexors, posture suffers shoulders round the list goes on.
  18. Wrench

    Kentucky Governor Blames Video Games for Florida School Shooting

    I'm thinking blame falls primarily on the FBI here.
  19. Wrench

    Kentucky Governor Blames Video Games for Florida School Shooting

    I think if you take someone who is already fucked in the head and feed them violent media of any type it probably won't help them out. That being said I'm not for banning or controlling any item.
  20. Wrench

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    I've been on boosted. Saturated the screen takes a red tinge and reds in general pop way to much. I wish they'd unlock contrast and saturation and let us customize it. Finger print scanner I have zero issues.
  21. Wrench

    Android 8.1 beta

    Downloading now on my Pixel 1 XL
  22. Wrench

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Google is now investigating the issue. If they were to find a widespread issue what would their recourse be a recall?
  23. Wrench

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Is the burn in truly an issue though. My XL has burn in in the same spots. It's a RMA unit 6 months old or so. I never noticed until the article showed how to test for it. His screen My phone
  24. Wrench

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Honest opinions from Pixel XL to XL 2 users. Is it worth the jump? I use my XL for everything Netflix, YouTube, browsing, book reading, mp3 player, etc... I have no issue spending the cash on something I use so heavily. The larger storage capacity and front facing speakers are the major points...
  25. Wrench

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    As of today 10/14 theres a 20% off promotion look under the price theres a Buy 1 get 20% off hyperlink. Just snagged one for $8.79 cant beat that :) I wasn't going to look at this phone. I've been happy with my Pixel XL. The $400 trade in plus forward facing speakers sold me lol. I've missed...
  26. Wrench

    RTIC Cooler's 25% off any Blue/Grey Soft cooler

    Any size soft cooler, has to be the blue grey color. With code Thanks25 at check out deal expires 9/18/18. Keeps ice for 3-4 day's. These things are sweet.
  27. Wrench

    Wrench VR Prototype Trailer

    Training applications for new vehicle component designs are staggering. I hope this makes it to some manufacturers technical college.
  28. Wrench

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind the Scenes

    I'm sure it will be as stiff and awkward as her 2nd to last role in EP 7 Agreed 7 was an homage at least how I saw it. I still have very little hope after Mark Hamil's comments about how Luke is being portrayed.
  29. Wrench

    Zero Tolerance 0350 Blackwash finish $95 Amazon

    Deals over With prime. No clue how long it'll last
  30. Wrench

    Hacker Leaks Entire Season of Netflix Show after Extortion Demand Not Met

    I bet 90% of netflix users have no idea where to download the files and if they found them have no clue what to do with a torrent.
  31. Wrench

    Why You are Wrong that VR is Going to Fail

    It's debatable but honestly not worth the discussion
  32. Wrench

    Why You are Wrong that VR is Going to Fail

    Go to a store and tell me where you find the HDDVD section.
  33. Wrench

    Why You are Wrong that VR is Going to Fail

    VR won't fail the porn industry has already adopted it. Just like they helped VHS, DVD's, and Blu ray succeed.
  34. Wrench

    Steam Link.. Yay?

    I love mine for single player in the bedroom. Works great, multiplayer not so amazing. Video quality and graphics are better than a console IMO and runs smooth. I've played newest Deus Ex, GTA 5, and some older stuff. Use an Ethernet connection if your on the 2nd floor. going about 25' from...
  35. Wrench

    Need new phone...Replace HTC M8

    I loved my HTC M10, ended up leaving T-Mobile for Verizon and went with a Pixel XL (HTC device). I love the Pixel way more then the M10. I've used nothing but HTC devices since the G1 FWIW. So far the original Nexus and the Pixel are my absolute favorites
  36. Wrench

    Bluetooth Issues Affecting All Android Phones?

    Only issue I have on my Pixel is BT turns off after awhile on it's own. No other issues at all. Streaming is fine distance is great. Google knows about it and is working on a fix.
  37. Wrench

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone try using USB Ethernet adapters? Curious as to which ones work.
  38. Wrench

    Nintendo Switch

    Played Zelda on a 75" 1080p Vizio LCD. Looked fine to me. Played it out and about today as a handheld. Loved it, IMO this is where it shines. I'm pretty happy with it.
  39. Wrench

    Nintendo Switch

    Zelda is cool 1 2 switch is a rip off. If anything should have been a pack in game or not even bother.