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    Should I?

    Been watching VR tech for quite some time, but haven't jumped into it yet. Seems the tech is a bit stale at the moment since I haven't seen any new products in a while. I was intrigued by a post on Hot Hardware about a fan-made MOD for Half Lige 2 and adapting it for VR. This apparently has...
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    Sextortion Scammers Sent Organizations Bomb Scare Emails Demanding Bitcoin

    Someone at my place of business called the cops because of getting that email causing an evacuation of my building. Made me miss an important meeting. I should go break their shit.
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    Make and Repair Your Own Cat5 Cables

    This is by far a more superior RJ45 tool (or 11 because you can buy different inserts). Gives positive crimp feedback with a nice "Click". Front loading makes more sense than a side loading tool for cabling. Although expensive, it will eventually become one of those "Old Tools" that lives in...
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    SEC Warnings about Bitcoin and Israel Mulls Pulling Cryptocurrency Stocks

    The Security Exchange Commission has the gallantry to put out a warning about cryptocurrencies? Why do we even have a SEC, their absolutely worthless. All market segments are manipulated and the SEC does nothing. What a bunch of idiots.
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    All-Electric "Flying Car" Takes First Test Flight in Germany

    The video doesn't demonstrate the Bernoulli's Principal at all. Wing area not enough to support actual flight unless (and I guess) it was moving at great speed. Just an expansive drone with a single point of failure. just saying