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    Intel Video card rumor <

    Not to be an ass, but last time I checked Nintendo was outselling both companies. So you may want to revise that a little.
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    Intel Video card rumor <

    Look at Intels previous processor technology. They managed to pull that off pretty easily.
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    Recommendations on 3rd slot physics?

    Does that even work right now?
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    AMD Tri-core CPU Codenames and Features Revealed

    Still, by the time it comes out it will probably be pretty useless. If it were November then different story.
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    I did, just upgraded from my single to a quad core. Only reason I did really. Was hoping AMD would have had something by now. Plan on switching back once they are out.
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    Help with an unknown CPU? Athlon Pro3+

    Why doesnt that suprise me. ECS is gaaaarbage. Dont know how companies like that can still exist.
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    GPU-Z Released

    Radeon 7000, RAWR! 26MHZ > all OMG!
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    HL1 PhysX mod

    It doesnt need the card, some people seem to be confused about that. Just because Ageia PhysX are involved it doesn't mean you need the card to drive it, it just means they are using the API, something like Havok.
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    Upgrading from Radeon X1900 XT

    Id have to look at banchies but if you go with a DX10 card that cheap you wouldnt really gain any performance. Id save up more money to be honest and buy a bigger card.
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    WTS 2xIntel Xeon 3600DP/2M/800

    Bump with ebay linkage No e-bay links - Vertigo Acid
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    Sorry I didn't read every page of replies to the article but something has me confused. Enough people are seeming to get upset that AMD might be selling some (not all) of the X3's that were slated to be X4's, but had a bad proc on it so it is technically crippled. This is new? AMD has...
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    WTS 2xIntel Xeon 3600DP/2M/800

    Bump teh Xeons Will be listing them on eBay soon.
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    Big Water 735 removal

    Sweet, thanks man.
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    Big Water 735 removal

    How the heck do you get the sticky bracket off the back of the motherboard?? Damn thing isn't budging!
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    WTS 2xIntel Xeon 3600DP/2M/800

    Selfish bump for the Xeon goodness!
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    WTS 2xIntel Xeon 3600DP/2M/800

    Just RMA'd em and got 2 new ones from Intel (the one's im selling). They are brand new advanced replacements, not repaired. No HSF. Looking to sell for $300 CDN+Shipping No reasonable offer refused. Either PM me or email
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    Need dual socket 604 mobo

    That supports DDR2 ECC and PCI-E 8x or 16x! I have a couple of 3600DP/2M/800s that need a home lol If anyone has access to one they dont need let me know! Willing to pay obviously... Cheers
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    LF Dual socket 604 mobo

    Sorry, reposted in multi processing forum, my bad.
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    Dumb ECC Ram question

    ECC ram won't work in a non ECC board right? I don't mean the error correcting, I'm wondering if it'll work period. Reason why I am asking is because I have an Alienware ALX (Intel 7525 chipset I think)board with 2GB of DDR2 ECC RAM and 2x3600DP/2M/800s and I have nothing to test them on.
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    New setup including e4300

    Couple of spots really. I'll work on shortening the siggy :P
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    New setup including e4300

    Groovy, thanks!
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    New setup including e4300

    Hey, im looking to finally upgrade my A64 Athlon 3200+ with: E4300 MSI P35 Platinum Some decent ram that I havent chosen yet. My main question I need a specific stepping of 4300 to get good OCing or are they all very good overclockers. Reasoning behind the MSI board is that...
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    X1900 issues.

    Kinda sucks no one has run into this :(
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    Sager Laptops...

    Just wanted to know their track record, any known faults, consumer reports etc.
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    X1900 issues.

    Nearly any game. Of note World of Warcraft, which worked fine with my 6600gts in SLi and my GFs x850 and her old 6600, and EVE Online.
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    X1900 issues.

    Some of you might remember me posting a month or 2 ago about not being able to (sanely) run any game in windowed mode. It causes massive frame lag and bogs down the whole system. I have tried drivers, OCing (including altering voltages etc) and a few other things and nothing has seemed to...
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    w00t for my first AM2!

    Yeah I have the same packaging for the s754 3000+s I just got in... Id have an AM2 system by now but im waiting till a decent board with the nforce 590 chipset is out. Cant find the K9N Diamond Plus aaaaanywhere.
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    Wonder if I can use my old 6600 with nvidias version of it along with my x1900...apparently its similar.. BTW you dont NEED all three cards for physics with ATI, they say there is a 2+1 and 1+1 solution...
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    Man, Conroe is kicking our ,,,,,,,, I feel sooo sad now.

    Yes conroe is beating AMDs old waiting for K8L then making my choice.
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    64 Bit Computing - What happened?

    I think your confused...the 'bits' on a video card is the pipeline (bandwidth basically)...not the instruction set.
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    AM2 Processor availability

    Yeah, you can buy it. But will you actually have it in 1-3 days? Doubt it. I can list whatever I want...doesnt mean I actually have it. EDIT: Oh its a 4400, blech I mean the 5000+ and the FX-62 mainly.
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    AM2 Processor availability

    Yeah my wholesalers have a 2800 sempron, 3200 A64 and the 3500. Ingram claims 2-3 week ship time...
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    AM2 Availability??

    Argh, ive been hijacked! Has anyone seen chip availability other then on e-tailers?
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    Conroe vs. AMD FX-62

    Its been said but Conroe is a biiig upgrade for intel arcitecture wise, AM2 is just so they can release K8L down the road.. Conroe will hold the crown then K8L will come out...then we will see either way because then itll be more equal footing.
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    AM2 Availability??

    Gah then Ingram Micro is the suck... And the 5000+ isnt anything upgrading to AM2 to get dual core and K8L when it ships :)
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    AM2 Availability??

    They show it but are they AVAILABLE or is there a wait time...
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    What exactly is AMD's AM2 product strategy through next year and beyond?

    Um its the same price for mobos and procs and you get a socket thats relevant for the next few years. Worth the money id say.
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    AM2 Availability??

    Argh I hate launches...was talking to a wholesaler and they said that AM2 was a special order and was 2-3 weeks??? Bah I wanted to upgrade before the weekend :P
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    x1900xt and windowed mode

    Don't know if yall remember this but a while ago I was having issues with playing games in windowed mode on my x1900. Ive tried locking down the clock speeds and jacking up the voltage but it didnt seem to help. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue and found a fix :)
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    Why Ageia will Fail

    The drop in FPS isnt due to latency its the fact that the GPU has to render more "stuff" Also, even if Ageia fails, who cares. It's gotten the ball rolling for some pretty cool chit.