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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    My bet is the tower combined aluminium and aborted babis, v1-v40 in the vaccines are the pefect combination. 4b paid out so far for vaccines, 1-10000 to 1-32 on 20 years for autism. Might evenbe linked to maasive ammounts of glyso being fed to children curtisy of our corrupt FDA and politicians.
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    Lady Gaga Could Appear in Cyberpunk 2077

    That's dissapointing it's the same feeling I had when Bill Nye showed up in one my favoritw scifi shows.
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    Astronauts From Failed Launch Will Return to the ISS Today

    Just hope they do not up a coat hanger with a lemon on it as astronots do not survive long afterwards.
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    Huawei Caught Using DSLR Shots in P30 Marketing

    Just about everything presented for consumers from top to bottom is a fabrication built on thousands apon thousands of lies.
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    Nvidia Adds Metro Exodus to RTX Bundle

    Throw in a hefty trade in for 1080ti and 980ti then just maybe might consider it. Or my modding obsession somehow outpaces by 1080ti as it did with the 980ti.
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    A "Historic Achievement": SpaceX Successfully Docks "Crew Dragon" with the ISS

    One positive with the female crash dummy the tax payers will save a bunch on spray in perms.
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    Even though she is white she understands the real issue facing the country...
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    Samsung Loads McAfee Antivirus Onto Smart TVs

    One of the reasons I keep sticking with projectors, even though the prices at the 86 inch are now very tempting.
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    LOL poor deceived workers, MS is working on a lot more effective ways to kill en mass than this.
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    Hayabusa2 Probe Captures Dust From an Asteroid

    I would normally say space is the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement, but maybe in this case it was made in Studio Ghibli's basement.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    Very hypicritcal from the Disney Masonic 33 club, no surprise kitten/MK programming is not explotation.
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    Sprint Sues AT&T over Its Fake 5G Branding

    Considering our wonderful FCC let AT&T screw the tax payers out of 3 billion I'm all for it.
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    YouTube Altering Recommendations to Show Less Flat Earth Conspiracies

    I believe they should stop people from showing the masked wire harness slip ups or all the air bubbles in space.
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    Tesla Supercharger Sabotaged: The Latest in a Series of Weird Anti-Tesla Incidents

    It's always important to have plenty of useful idiots properly educated and blinded to the fact they are helping accelerate the agenda.
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    After 12 years at IBM at 205/201 the hiring was not so much about skills. With an internal server called rtpeagle created for 2+ hour lunch parties for special people they were not to concerned with abilities to do the job. If you were special you could ruin 25k in 5i cards in a day and get...
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    Astronauts are Inspecting the ISS's Air Leak Right Now

    I hope the USA and China can fix all the air bubbles swirling in space. I have always wondered why there are so many and where they are coming from.
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    Mastercard and Microsoft Team up to Give Citizens a Global Digital Identity

    Sounds great the global court is already setup for non ecumenical citizens.
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    Data Centers Consume 2% of the World's Energy

    Wonder how much the mega one in Utah will consume, that senators claimed to have no knowledge of.
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    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    Yes because most of the work has nothing to do with the ks or extended ks goals. Chris said you could fly through the city but now it's just a big set piece for instant death.
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    Cliff Bleszinski Swears Off Making Videogames Forever

    I would add Chris Roberts with SC/sq42 as well.
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    Jaguar Land Rover Tests Traffic Light Connection Technology

    Due to long drives sometimes required I already do this for fun. Sadly all my work can be done remotely but IBM, NetApp and many others refuse to allow it.
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    I would not worry as I've seen first hand how much Japanese and Chinese players are willing to spend in mobile games.
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    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    Horribly sad.
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    China News Agency Reveals First AI Anchor

    Glad to see China will be able to fake news that is on par with all American news agencies.
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    U.S. Restricts Exports to Fujian Jinhua for Stealing Trade Secrets from Micron

    Lol EU, China and Russian can easily defeat the gutted USA with no military intervention
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    AMD Chief Confirms New High-End GPU: "We Will Be Competitive in High-End Graphics"

    I sure hope so, the Volt mod performance I thought was impressive. I have no desire to upgrade my 1080ti to the rtx ti.
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    Netflix’s Cutthroat Work Culture a "Nightmare"

    If only minorities by title at IBM and Netapp that made fun of my heritage openly could of have recieved the same treatment.
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    IBM to Acquire Red Hat in Deal Valued at $34 Billion

    Back when I started they needed someone with in depth sco and Netware knowledge. All the nefinity servers supported Redhat at a much later date. Maybe IBM will work the same magic like they did with lotus and netobjects.
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    Overtime Now Optional at Rockstar Studio after Allegations of "100-Hour Weeks"

    First union averaged 110+ hours for 6 months, 1400 3.12 severs to migrate, lost 21lbs and was miserable. Left to go to IBM IBM ASM development 100+ hours for 4 months, eye strain and hand numbness. after close to 12 years left because of everything needs OT per management. Left to go to...
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    Tesla Secures Land for $2 Billion China Gigafactory

    A country with gross intellcataul property theft and not including human rights or the organ harvesting. I believe it could and will end poorly. China copies it's own innovators with cheap knock offs I see no reason for them to change.
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    Federal Agents Can Access Deleted Data from Car Infotainment Systems

    As any good communist would say privacy is not important unless you have something to hide. I wonder if the USA gove will try gold confisacstion or taking your savings like Greece.
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    Some Citizens Are Concerned About New Robotic Patrols in NYC

    Humanity is devided into two groups in order for the enlightenment to happen one needs to be removed. The world is being moved to a single decision I think the lone gunmen really summed it up in the 911 episode that aired before 911.
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    Eminem's Performance of "Venom" Was Recorded with Google Pixel 3 Phones

    His best work for similar to Sasha fierce or Nikki's Roman are: Rare honesty from the industry in the lyrics.
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    If they are educated living in cars they need to pickup and move. I have moved across many states for better income and upward mobility. Tried to comp my second home in SF, prices are very high as suspected. Only 3 homed were matched and I'm on 30 acres there were zero homes on .5 acre. What...
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    Nvidia Fakes the Moon Landing

    Once you speed up the footage it becomes very obvious. One space is a trillion dollar scam on tax payers. Mostly impotantantly it is part of a very large deception that has been in play for a longtime. Eveyone worldwide preaches the same message as aliens and it's ecuminism. 1984 Olympicsics...
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    Six Years Later, Star Citizen Is Still Raking It In

    If you compare charts for each year they are way below every other year. Every citizencon has been a dumpster fire with 200mill burning in it. This one was no exception and now he's moving towards releasing a minimum value tech demo release. We have dev saying he saw a demo in 2010, Chris and a...