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    Password mamager strategy - USB stick, or?

    I use KeePass and keep the DB in my Dropbox.
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    <$800 Gaming and VMs

    Allright, thanks for the knowledge :).
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    <$800 Gaming and VMs

    Awesome, getting the faster Intel CPU along with the SSD would be great. My only concerns are the Crucial M4 and the HD6950. How does the M4 compare to the Samsung 830 and will the HD6950 have similar gaming performance to the 570 (I know it is slower than the 7870)? Thanks for your help!
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    <$800 Gaming and VMs

    Building a pc to use for gaming and a few Linux VMs for class. Would appreciate your thoughts on two different sets of components. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming and light VM use. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included...
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    Deny uTorrent upgrade, seems to be malware.

    I'm still on 2.2.1 Don't see any reason to upgrade
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    what router brand do you use?

    D-Link DIR-655 still going strong.
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    Anti-Piracy Lawyers Ripping Each Other Off

    I was implying that the lawyers were thieves. They are stealing from people.
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    Anti-Piracy Lawyers Ripping Each Other Off

    No honor among thieves.
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    Bad idea to use old rig as HTPC?

    I run an A8N-SLI deluxe with an AMD 3200, 1GB DDR400, Soundblaster 5.1 and an 8400GS. I've got Ubuntu 10.04 with XBMC on it and it runs flawlessly. Despite the 2GHz single core CPU I can play 1080p h.264 smooth as butter with the 8400GS and VDPAU. Very little work is required to set something...
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    Best format to rip DVD to?

    I rip to iso and then play with XBMC.
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    How many processes do you have on your Windows 7 machine?

    49 right now, with chrome, eclipse, and an x264 encode running.
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    Windows 7 Automatically Defragments My Flash Drive

    Clean install of Windows 7, unpartitioned FAT32 formatted Kingston DataTraveler. Opened up disk defragmenter and selected my hard disks (C, F, System Reserved) and hit the defragment button. I left a few seconds later, all the hard disks were analyzing and nothing was happening to the flash...
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    D-Link DIR-655 - Best Firmware?

    Happy with 1.33NA here.
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    So who keeps Windows Defender enabled?

    MSE disables Defender on my computers.
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    Part 2 - Best way to protect your PC online?

    I use robocopy to backup to a samba share on a linux box. Crude and simple.
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    Need some help with PFSense NAT.

    Destination should be your WAN ip address/interface. This is the packets destination before the address is translated.
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    Drive RPM

    +1 Platter density is more important for throughput than rpm.
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    Flash drive on plug-in, virus

    Plug it into a Linux PC, move the files you want off of it, reformat and copy the files back.
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    Google Chrome Ditches Http://

    Get rid of www, keep http://
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    Help Restriction FTP Server

    I believe you can put the users you want to chroot into their home directories in /etc/ftpchroot
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    COMPUTEX Bringing Back The Hot Chicks!

    Pics or it didn't happen.
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    Is it just me...

    No. Cisco makes expensive ugly boxes that do their jobs well. Apple make expensive pretty boxes that do their jobs dubiously.
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    DWA-556 Reboot When Shutdown

    Disable wake on LAN.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    College dorm connection over Easter break with most students gone. The download is being limited by the fast ethernet link to my room.
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    Mixing Processors

    I appreciate the link, but those are a bit outside my budget for this toy. I've managed to spend very little money so far because I got the complete server for $20 shipped. Two of those processors would be $46.50 shipped.
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    What's a good *nix server software for beginner/intermediate user?

    Well, your options are very open as it sounds like your hardware is nearly universally supported. I highly recommend FreeBSD as a production server OS, however if this is primarily a test machine and your main goal is learning about *NIX operating systems I have another recommendation. Learn it...
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    Turn off PSU when computer shuts down

    It's possible that Ubuntu doesn't have complete ACPI support for your system and just halted instead of powering off. I've experienced this problem before with Linux. What hardware are you running?
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    Mixing Processors

    Thanks for the response. It looks like this project is going to be more expensive than I anticipated. The only processors I can find that would match my current one are more expensive than what I paid for the entire server. It looks like my best option is to wait until I can find someone...
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    Mixing Processors

    Excuse my noobishness, I am mostly familiar with building desktop systems of the skt 939 era or newer. I have a Dell PowerEdge 2450 server with a single 866 Mhz PIII that I know very little about. I have been playing around with it and am interested in adding another processor. I am having a...
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    FPS Freak? anyone tryed it?

    Don't think you're the only one dude.
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    Running a HDD enclosure 24/7 with passive cooling

    I tried running a WD Caviar 320GB in one of these aluminum passively cooled enclosures 24 hours a day. I had trouble with overheating. I suggest using an actively cooled enclosure, green drive or not.
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    FPS Freak? anyone tryed it?

    Wahhhhhh Internets waz meen to me!
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    FPS Freak? anyone tryed it?

    If you can't see how it helps for yourself, then you are beyond hope.
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    FPS Freak? anyone tryed it?

    When you increase the radius of an arc the path of the arc becomes longer.
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    cod mw2 ?

    Yeah, its not an exploit in the sense of the javelin glitch, or getting in the rock on afghan. Its just unbalanced gameplay that needs to be patched, like the akimbo 1887s.
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    cod mw2 ?

    I saw a guy doing that on skidrow. He kept running down the same hallway and trying to run up beside my team. I camped the end of the hallway with a barrett and got him 4 times before he changed his route.
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    Windows 7 Experience rating?

    A slow Core 2 doesn't beat a fast X2. Also the integrated memory controller in the AMD system is much faster than the memory subsystem in the Core 2 system.