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    Recommend an Awesome Game!

    If your pc can handle it, Metro 2033 was a ton of fun. All the Half Life games were awesome, Dino Crisis 1 and 2 for the Playstation. Oh and all the Assassin's Creed games have been sweet.
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    Recommend an Awesome Game!

    Dang that brings back memories. The only game I can think of that required that you dip your instruction manual in water to progress. Good times.
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    Need a new TV

    I was debating between my panny 65" and the LG 65" with the passive glasses.The pq on the LG is pretty good but It had some pretty bad bleeding on the LG. It is edge lit from what I remember and going with the panasonic was one of the best purchases ever. Zero problems aside from DNLA issues...
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    FS: 4x WD 1TB RE4 Enterprise Drives (Brand New) is it like this one only sata 2? Have they been registered yet?
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    120G SSD for 99 today only

    As long as the reviews on the ocz ssds are bad, I'm staying away. Micro centers reviews all seem favorable but everywhere else scar me away. I'd rather have an intel or samsung
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    Need a new TV

    If you want to save a few bucks on your electric bill and don't care about having the best picture, get a LCD/led. Even the new Led lit tvs can't match the black levels of an older Plasma as well as the pq. As far as a samsung, I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole after their lawsuits and...
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    Need Help w/ Cooling HOT Receiver

    It would be easy to hook up a usb port to a couple of 140mm fans in the space. I would maybe consider tackling the problem at the source. If there is room, maybe open up the receiver and throw in a 80/92mm fan right on the heatsinks.
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    Low power, "good enough" performing HTPC?

    I've had some people tell me that my Plasma is a electric hog and is horrible with power. The cost maybe $30 bucks more a year. I had a point I was going to make but my a.d.d is kicking in and I'm to lazy to undo what I just typed. 30 watts here, 50 watts there, I guess if I was that worried...
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    Engadget: How-to: Build a multi-talented HTPC for (roughly) $1,000

    Get a cheaper 1155 board ($50-$75) $40 case with psu, I-5 2120 ($175 ish) 4 gigs of ddr3 ($50 ish) Gt430 $50 2tb hard drive ($150 ish) and maybe even a 64-128gig ssd ($100 ish) $600= DONE and that is even overkill to some extent.
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    Do I have a solid HTPC build?

    Get a big old hard drive... you're gonna need it!
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    My first sale on here, be easy. Lots of cheap stuff

    External Hard drive is now SOLD
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    New A Couple Small Flat HDMI Cables...

    1.5 feet. $2.39 shipped They are from Hong Kong and they will take awhile but they work good
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    Low power, "good enough" performing HTPC?

    +8, don't bother with an atom as it will be struggling. The 1155 is the way to go unless you can find a deal on an older 775 build. I have a dual core 775 with 2 gigs of ram and a 430gt video card and it plays anything I throw at it;blu-ray, 3-d movies, whatever with out any problems
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    New Home Cinema/HIFI system Newb

    It really depends on what you want. Is 5.1 surround good enough or do you want 7.1? Do you want a receiver with networking to stream stuff like Pandora? Do you need it to play in 2 different zones? I got a deal on a Denon 2112 and I love it but it may be overkill for you and the price has gone...
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    My first sale on here, be easy. Lots of cheap stuff

    External hard drive temporarily not for sale as my parents are using it to back up their crashed computer
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    Intel i5 2500k and 2 drive NAS for sale

    Where were you a month ago before I started building a htpc instead of a nas..?!.oh wells
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    My first sale on here, be easy. Lots of cheap stuff

    Crap, I am sorry, I will see what went wrong. EDIT: Should be fixed now, Thank you.
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    My first sale on here, be easy. Lots of cheap stuff

    I know I am a "noob" but I have been on EVGA and selling for years. I have included my heat and ebay name is 8_left_turns Dell wireless keyboard and mouse (No usb receiver)...
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    New Tomb Raider Teaser Released Ahead of E3 2012

    I will still be getting this. Looks cool and different enough for me.
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    First Ever Build!

    Are you supposed to instal av on the ssd or your secondary hds? I just bought a 64 gig and I had many of the same questions..
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    And I thought I was cool filling up a terabyte... holy crap!
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    HDD prices

    Seems that a lot of hds have had issues recently. I would go with WD just because they are so big. They seem to take care of warranty stuff fairly well too.
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    Crucial M4 256GB or Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 240GB???

    That m4 is looking pretty sweet with the deals they have going on.
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Pretty cool!
  25. A a nuts shell.......

    ROFL. pretty good
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    Monoprice USB to HDMI converter question

    What other outputs does your laptop have?
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    HDMI audio

    You have to set it up on the tv every time? If so, sounds like an old tv not auto detecting input source.
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    My Man Cave in progress

    or at least aimed to the listening position...
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    Black Mesa: Source appears to be inbound soon

    Been waiting forever for this.
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    What's your Favorite Old-School Game?

    Metal Gear for NES!
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    Windows 7 Software Raid Mirror - No Warning when failed?

    Thanks for bringing this up, I am about to do raid 1 with windows. Now I am not so sure.
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    Dead Island is apparently getting a "Game of the Year" Edition

    I don't think any mod would make me play that stinker again. It got boring quick.
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    I maybe interested in your 80 gig intel ssd if you still have it. Is it sata 2? What model is...

    I maybe interested in your 80 gig intel ssd if you still have it. Is it sata 2? What model is it? Thanks
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    HTPC Input devices.....what do you use?

    I just bought a cheap hp windows remote for $15 bucks shipped. The harmonys are nice but I'd rather save the money at this point and worry about it last.
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    Custom House Home Theater

    Maybe those are ceiling speakers on each side of the projector he uses as rear surrounds.
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    Question about 3DTV with HTPC

    I have a panasonic st 30 65" I just play a sbs 3d file from my htpc and hit the 3d button on my remote and it works great. I have a gt430 graphics card but not sure about the br player how you are doing it...
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    Request for suggestions

    If I am casually listening to music while I am doing something, I keep one of my subs on in zone 1 and turn my ceiling speakers on to take care of the mids and highs. If I am out side, I have porch speakers and I turn on the other sub that is closer and even though it is inside, it is still very...
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    Music too loud. Talking too quiet

    If you really want to go all technical and you have some sort of adjustment, the human voice is generally somewhere in the 1K range and you could bump that up a little but as others have stated, cut out the lows a little, bump up the center channel as well as trying dts.