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    The Verge Ridiculed for "How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC" Video

    I noticed this several times when mainstream media reports on tech or on stuff out company does. Even if you contact the media about mistakes they wrote before releasing it, they discard it as "nobody really knows the difference anyhow" and they didn't change it. I stopped watching mainstream...
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    Speedier Broadband Standards? Pai’s FCC Says 25Mbps Is Fast Enough

    25Mbps for broadband is more than enough, home networks don't need more. 4g of 75Mbps is not enough for a single phone those NEED 1.4Gbps so you need 5g. Sounds legit.
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    Competition Heats up in the Global Gaming Notebook Market

    meh gaming notebooks always heat up :-p
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    US Senator Asks Government Agencies to Stop Using Flash

    Politics is about influencing the 99%, they don't care about frivolities like truth or hard data. Their audience gets their information through mainsteam media. If you see how mainstream media handles news and facts, you know how little actual facts most people get. We had our national TV over...
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    IBM Bans All Removable Storage, for All Staff, Everywhere

    Since they are a renowned tech company I hope they are not naïve about this. I mean do they also ban any other piece of technology that can hold data? Smartphones, mp3 players, smartwatches,...
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    Researchers Believe Aliens Could Send Malware and Destroy Humanity

    "researchers" ...right. So the only way they found to have computers that are not connected to a network is sending them to the moon? How are you going to use those computers? Either connect them remotely , ow wait that would put them in a network , or send people on a regular basis to go check...
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    Blockchain Startup Takes $11, Leaves Penis

    Discusssion ...TokennDesk. did you spill some sugary beverages on your keyboard lately. So they got $11, or $11 per backer , if they ended up with 200 backers that's $2200 , in the article it says something about $3000. How did it become millions. Did the culprit use his 3000 to but bitcoin...
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    False Hawaii Nuclear Alert Not a Mistake

    Indeed , in case of a real emergency I hope the night shift doesn't let the day shift send out the warning just so they can go home in time, waiting at the door eyeballing the clock
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    50 Cent Forgot He Accepted Bitcoin For Album, Finds $7 Million

    In the article they talk about 700 bitcoins ;-)
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    50 Cent Forgot He Accepted Bitcoin For Album, Finds $7 Million

    haha I thought the same thing, though it is plausible. He probably read this article
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    50 Cent Forgot He Accepted Bitcoin For Album, Finds $7 Million

    500 Cent:p, Either 50ct changed his name after finding the bitcoins or it's a 0 from the 70(0) bitcoins
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    Boeing Unveils New Cargo Drone with 500 Pound Capacity

    I wonder how much weight they added to get to the 747 number.
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    Why Hasn’t the Year of the Linux Desktop Happened Yet?

    afaik the main reason why people prefer windows is because it's what they grew up with and/or what they learned to use at school. Microsoft knows exactly why it gives all schools special deals on windows and office. Most people don't care enough to want to "learn" a new OS. Most linux distros I...
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    Boeing CEO: We’re Going to Beat Elon Musk to Mars

    I've lost a lot of respect when musk announced he wanted to sent mark Mars by shooting a car into space. That's just promotional bullshit. It serves no purpose and shows why privatisation of something like space isn't really a good thing. So if Boeing's project is a bit more scientific and would...
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    Scientists Create Stretchable Battery Made Entirely Out of Fabric

    So flexible screens and textile batteries, so when is the first pillow smartphone coming?
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    Giant 'Minecraft' Graphics Upgrade Delayed to 2018

    I wonder if the upgrade is for actual game or for the W10 app called Minecraft.
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    EVE Developers Pulling Out of VR

    I tried both rift and Oculus and I would buy one if the screens were better. Room scale games are in general as interesting as playing a Wii party game on your own. I think they haven't released a version with a higher resolution, because only a small amount of people have PC's that can run...
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    PC Gamer Proclaims Dual Shock 4 Best Controller for PC Gaming

    Since when is installing software a hurdle for a pc enthusiast? I've been using my ds3s for years with scptool service. Installed it once using a Bluetooth dongle. Never had any issues with it. Works very well. It's the only thing I used from my PS3 the last few years.
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    Samsung Officially Unveils $499 Odyssey Virtual Reality Headset

    If the screens would overlap , you'd not get depth at all. Both eyes need a different viewpoint to perceive depth. The newer gpus just use a better optimised pipeline for multiple renderviews, instead of the old one render pipeline to one renderview
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    Divinity: Original Sin II Out Now

    Well it's an RPG, so it's a similar type of game, but it's turn based combat. It has full controller support, splitscreen coop, online coop etc.
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    Divinity: Original Sin II Out Now

    yeey, the game I worked on the last few years on [H] Hope you like it ;)
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

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    NV Shield as a Game Console

    and Sheila was here name :D Is that a typo or a nick name for the shield ;)
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    Samsung Introducing New Quantum Dot Curved Monitors At CES 2017

    I wonder how this technology ages, if you end up with brighter bluer light after x years or not. Might not be so good for your eyes/night's sleep
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    Android Ransomware Infects LG Smart TV

    I never understood the need for smart TVs. It's slower and less secure than a PC. Things like TVs, fridges etc should not go online for any reason in my book. If my current TV dies, I'll probably never plug the new one into the network. TV makers should focus on making TVs. Fix the HDMI FPS lock...
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    Prenda's Porno Copyright Trolls Finally Arrested

    But with a name as John Steele you need to do something that has to do with stealing or porn , preferably both. I guess he nailed that. Or is that his stage name
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    Facebook Killed Everyone Today

    Is that your trick to fool the terminators ^_^
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    many cars and motorcycles use horsepower on the crank not on the wheel anyways, so if you measure it at the wheels it's always lower. They could indeed just dyno the engine, but it's not easy to compare combustion engines with electric engines anyhow. Totally different power curves
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    Teen Uncovers Route To Free Web Surfing On T-Mobile U.S. Network

    Yeah exactly what I was thinking. Bypassing their firewalls when you do a speedtest, isn't that a form false advertising. It's fooling your customers in my book. Poor kid with the gun cooky. If that's a gun, then I'm superman.
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    Beware: These Android Apps Will Drain Your Phone's Battery

    Yeah, the fb apps are a horrible waste of space memory and battery. I uninstalled them and use the site, my phone battery now easily lasts 30 to 50% longer. Apps like greenify are also nice, they allow you to shutdown the services that apps start to keep you constantly up to date(which you...
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    Retail RX 480 4GB to 8GB Memory Unlock Mod Works

    What he said, this is no blunder nor is it free memory. These cards didn't meet the specs for the 8gb version or weren't stable, so they are sold with a BIOS which makes them more stable but perform a bit less. It makes more sense to sell them cheaper than throwing them away. You might be...
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    Price Warriors Are Vandalizing GeForce 1080 Reviews

    I've seen prices up to €680 for 1070gtx and a crazy €899 for the 1080, I guess the retailers want to get rid of the older cards while the 10 range is under stocked. I want one but not at these prices, I'll have to wait a while guess.
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    Game Developer Barbie Is Here

    I think the headset is more plausible than the tablet, unless she's working on a mobile game
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces New Strix Series Gaming Line-Up

    Gaming laptop always feels like a contradiction too me :-)
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    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for First Quarter Fiscal 2017

    Hehe,is going to say the same thing ^^
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    I was talking about the OP(Original Post) that has numbers all over the post. :|
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    Many Of Your Android Apps Send Unnecessary Hidden Data

    I noticed this as well. The most basic apps on android have services running. 80 % of the apps I use have services and most of them don't need it. I wished google would be a little more strict about this or at least let me deny the service rights for some apps or hibernate specific apps' service...
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    @OP Was your cat attacking your numpad while you were typing this post :D
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    The Mad Plan to Clean Up Space Junk With A Laser Cannon

    I don't understand why people think blowing up stuff , makes it disappear. As far as I know you just get smaller parts which are harder to clean up.
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    Peter Molyneux: 'It's Over, I Will Not Speak To The Press Again'

    Molyneux is funny, he so craves to be in the center of attention that he organizes interviews with the press to say that he will not talk to the press.