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    WoW - Why are Paladins KOS?

    I kill pallys because they tend to be the most arrogent, immature and adolscent gankers. Now, I usually hit allliance only when I am hit. Further, I will never initiate with people more than 5 levels below me. Oh, this code of ethics is not so with the pallys on my server. More often than...
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    Best WOW PVE server on west coast?

    You really should go PvP. A "West Coast" server with low pop is Dragonmaw. Definitely go Horde, as the alliance is overpopulated with 14 year old morons. :rolleyes:
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    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    Sure... 1/80 (chance of the same server) times the independent 1/2 chance of the same side is 1/160. :D More formally, if you have event A = same server = 1/80 and event B = same side = 1/2 --> P(A & B) = P(A) * P(B) [assuming independence] = (1/80)*(1/2) = 1/160. Now, according to...
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    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    Bah. Alliance is just Blizzards love child. ;) I started a dwarf hunter and hit 15 in 8 hours. Took me 17 hours to do the same as hoard--so much more running.
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    Battle system in WoW

    Well, even though the game is click and wait, the PvP battles will soon heat up: Trying to get 60 before this begins (56 Tauren Druid right now).
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    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    WOW level 60? Could you do a "/played" and tell us you total days, hours, min? I have 11.5 days....
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    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    Ever notice that WoW has so many servers that having two people on the same server is dang near impossible? :mad: So much for [H] trading. ;)
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    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    With all the random threads containing a few names/servers, I think it is time we had a thread devoted to finding [H]er's on WoW: Server (main): Dragonmaw [PvP] Name: Beregirn Race: Tauren Class: Druid Level: 57 (as of 1-12-2005) [48 was as of 12-30-2004] Mount: Yes Guild...
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    WOW memory question.

    I was just in Stonetalon when I had a nasty hardcrash. The error report showed 92% memory utlization and I have a full gigabyte. Not much else running when I am gaming.
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    WoW Consumes You

    The non-pay to play concept was dear to me for years.... However, WoW looked too good to pass up. Furthermore, I often play and win a game in one month for the same $50 (read: Half-Life 2, Doom3, etc.). Hence, I thought, "Why not play for a month and decide later...." Well, after 4 days, I...
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    WoW Consumes You

    When I started WoW, the game seemed intimidating and a bit boring. However, after Blizzard worked out some of the server issues and made the game playable, I reached level 10. Once you pass level 10, the world really starts to open: Chimera flights, warping across the entire world, trade...
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    Super Computer Cost per MFlop and many more stats

    I think the webmaster is a Mac Head, but the numbers are fascinating. The G5 wins every GFLOP/MFLOP per dollar and is the cheapest SuperComputer to run.... Still, the new IBM BlueGeneL is amazingly powerful, if not a bit expensive.
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    Easy tune would be a lot better if you actually could use some of the controls for voltage and so forth. Then again, my NF3-150 mobo is kinda junky compared to the NF3-250s, so easy tune may have more options with the newer mobos. I can get about 70% of my max BIOS OC through easy tune.
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    Half Life 2 On Sale at Ames, IA Best Buy

    I think the activation uses Valve/Vivendi's clock, not your own. :D Though that would be the funniest "hack" ever.... I really don't know when I can play this game. I have 3 tests and a project due this week. Next week, when I have my "break", I get to work through differential...
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    Best Buy officially breaks HL2 street date

    No budding lawyers in here I guess.... For a non-lawyer to give advice on legal matters is a non-issue. The receiving party can do what they will with the info. Now, BB is a place of business and thus should listen to their customers. Even if the manager thought IceWind was full of...
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    Half Life 2 On Sale at Ames, IA Best Buy

    Just picked up a copy of Half-Life 2 at the Ames, IA Best Buy 30 min ago. $54.99.... I hope a sale comes in the next 30 days so I can get some cash back.
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    Half-Life 2 is officially available at all Best Buy stores immediately

    Just got my copy at the Ames, IA BB. $54.99
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    bh-5 memory still doing it.

    Works even better on AMD processors. :D j/k
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    Will this system play WOW or EQ2??

    1-2FPS in EQII at the very highest graphics mode on "spark's" system (from above link): - AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 - GeForce 6800Ultra - 2GB DDR SDRAM dual channel 2x 1GB PC3200. 3-3-3-8 latency SICK AS *$)@* :eek:
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    Will this system play WOW or EQ2??

    A64 3200+, 1 Gig of memory and a 6800GT OC = lag in Wow? WTF did they put into the game engine? :eek: If that computer can't play WoW at great settings, then 80%+ of potential WoW players are going to have a rude surprise when they start WoW. :(
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    HOT! 60% off IBM eServer 325 from IBM Clearance Dpt: Dual 246+2gigmem+SCSI hdd $1809

    Title says it all: Dual 246 Opterons 2 Gigs PC2700 ECC 36.7Gig SCSI Save $2200+ Your price: $1809 Link to IBM Clearance Site:
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    Switch to AMD?

    The NF4 should be out in retail soon (certainly before X-Mas). PCI-X is easy to find on most any Opteron Board: Tyan K8S or K8SPro or K8W PCI-E is coming soon, as seen above. Processor: OCing? Cheapo Sempron 3100+ should hit 2.6GHz Not OCing? AMD 3500+ is cheap and fast. Want...
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    8GB compactflash, $695.99 + shipping (preorder)

    You could by a nicely loaded laptop from Dell for this price yesterday. Dell must seriously need cash or volume to make the books look nice.... I bet Dell is trying to beef up the market share. Anyway, does this unit have compatability issues with older digital cams? I wonder if there is a...
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    how would this psu fair for my system?

    Well, the Whisper 431 might be OK, but you have a LOT of power sucking devices (6800Ultra alone is huge). Hence, I would step up to the Whisper 470 (ATX v 1.3 or 2.0). Moreover, you could move to a PowerStream 520 or other large PS.
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    PSU went Boom - As well as other things (pics)

    I think ripping down a PC might have been more interesting than hearing the debate. Looks like a PowMax?
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    Ultra X-Connect or OCZ Powerstream

    Every review containing both PSes that I have seen concludes that the OCZ is quite a bit better as a PS, though perhaps not quite as pretty. See the tech report thread lurking below this one.
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    TechReport's 8 PSU roundup.

    Not really for you, xonik, since you seem to have some understanding, but a general message: Statistical validity is a rare event on many websites. Who can blame the reviewers? Afterall, replication of a multiple hour/day task. Then again, if the website is your life, you should follow...
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    TechReport's 8 PSU roundup.

    If that is a point measurement, then this WHOLE REPORT is statistically INVALID. Without replication, no error rate can be established and thus no statistical inference. If 11.66 is in fact a mean from a replicated experiment, then the measurement is, at least for that unit, statistically...
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    Dell 17" E173p LCD for $249 FRIDAY ONLY

    Ripped from e173fp 17in LCD 450:1 contrast, 16ms response time $379 - 25% off code: 2SFW4LT4VNHK3S Exp 10/11 Stackable (combinable with other discounts) $35 off $350 coupon code: GF9KQ61KBBNR40 Dell e173p...
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    TechReport's 8 PSU roundup.

    What struck me is the UltraX Connect was, well, mediocre. I have seen a lot of people say the UltraX is great, but that review (at least for that unit) shows some potential doubts. Also, the NeoPower 12v was 11.66? That is terrible. Moreover, why didn't they just up the volts on the OCZ...
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    OCZ PowerStream 520w PSU

    Fits fine in my PC-65.
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    AMD dual core opteron details

    Quad socket mobo with quad cores *dools^16*
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    AMD dual core opteron details

    I've read that the dual cores should be "plug n' play" into the current server boards with the AMD 8131 chipset. Talk about a cheap, fast and huge upgrade for current Opteron owners! As I recall, the reason for this easy upgrade is the on-die memory controller/chipset functions--the Opteron...
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    FX-55 for sale, not in stock

    This has been out for about a month in some mainstream magazines and websites (PCMag, etc.).
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    Antec NeoPower or OCZ PowerStream 520W ??

    The OCZ gets my vote too. My AthlonXP had serious booting issues with my POS Kingwin 450Watt 4 fan PS. With the 520, my system runs cooler (amazingly cooler in the room now) and boots without issue. The OCZ's rails are extremely solid, rarely varying more than 0.5%: +3.3V@28A, +5V@40A...
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    OC'in a 3000+ 90nm

    WOW. Talk about the opposite transition to 90nm from the Intel debacle. If these specs pan out for most people, AMD will have achieved what neither IBM (G5) nor Intel (Prescott) has accomplished.
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    OK dont laugh, need help selecting a PSU for a P2

    The PS dandragonrage recommended should work fine. You could also check FS/FT.
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    Time to stock up on Cheap Printer paper? 10K for 40 bucks

    Notice that this paper is likely not too good for a laser printer. Yet, I picked some up for my copiers--usually the 20lbs 84 bright is a nice general use paper.
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    Dual Xeons + WinXP

    Be careful with the hyperthreading in dual CPUs. Some tests show a performance hit with HT enabled....