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    SOLD: BenQ MH530 HD Projector

    Price reduced again, this is a steal
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    SOLD: BenQ MH530 HD Projector

    Price reduced
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    SOLD: BenQ MH530 HD Projector

    Product Link: BenQ MH530 Full HD 1080p Home Entertainment Projector 16:9FHD 1920x1080 10000:1 Contrast Ratio 3200 Colorific Lumens with DLP Dark Chip 3 Instant Restart Auto Power Off Quick Cooling Wall Color Correction, Closed Caption HDMI In 1.4ax1, Audio Outx1 SOLD shipped to continental...
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    SOLD: ViewSonic XG2401 24-inch 144Hz $175 shipped CONUS

    ViewSonic XG2401 24-inch 144Hz 1080p Gaming Display with 1ms, HDMI, DisplayPort and FreeSync Technology New, only pulled out of box once to verify it works, it is in the box with all original packing TN Panel 1920 x 1080; 144Hz; 1ms (GTG) 350 cd/m2, 120M:1, 1000:1 DisplayPort, HDMI x...
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    SOLD: Corsair H100i V2 Water Cooler (New) $68 shipped

    This water cooler is new, still in shrink wrap. $68 shipped - Continental U.S.
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    NAS suggestion

    You can build an unRaid box out of about anything, use any size drives, run Docker for things like Plex server to stream from and get a ROKU That is what I do. Good luck
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    Finalizing decision on new case for Skylake build: one important question remains

    You should not have any issues with either of those cases
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    Light bars for DDR4 & 16 or 32gb?

    could also get these
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    Microsoft Accused Of Releasing 'Worst Patch Yet' For Windows 10

    The biggest issue with Win10 is that it forces updates unless you run Pro version and use a group policy to stop them. Not all updates are bad, but some have caused serious issue and I rather not be the first to get them.
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    2011 v3 or 1151 questions on upgrade path.

    get whatever is cheaper
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    Upgrading my case, please help me!!

    As the owner of a 450D I will tell you go get the Enthoo Pro M, the 450D is a good case, but you will be happier with the Pro M.
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    SilverStone TD03 Slim AIO Liquid Cooler Review

    Not really that small, not as good as the air cooler they compared it to and the mounting system appears to be crappy.
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    Familiar with Fractal Define R5? Help me configure this case please

    Do not set a computer case on carpet, there are tons of inexpensive flat surfaces you can purchase from your local hardware store. Hell, I would sit in on a piece of cardboard if needed, just do not put it on carpet.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 600Q EATX Case Review @ [H]

    The R5 is better if you need mass storage and this is the primary reason I chose it, but for silence I think the Corsair is going to be a better choice. The point he makes about the bottom mounted RAD is accurate. The R5 is very noisy with the top open.
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    Print Books On The Rise Again In The US

    I do not see the point in physical books. I do get one from the library if it is my only choice, but usually I can borrow the ebook without having to go there. I am not against physical books, but I love my kindle and it is my preferred way to read. I guess it is great that those of you who...
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    need membory help with Asus Z170-A

    QVL is BS ignore it.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 600Q EATX Case Review @ [H]

    Case seems overly large for no reason, it has very few hard drive mounts for such a large case. It also seemed like there wasn't that many tie downs for cable management on the back. That is really the only negative I can think of. Seems like a solid choice.
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    mATX Case

    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Everything about it is good.
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    ASUS Will NOT Replace my Mobo After I Damaged it Myself.

    At no point did the OP say he didn't do the damage, in fact his last comment implies he did do that damage but didn't think it could have impacted the boards functionality. It sucks yes, but he should have been more careful. ASUS Tech support is lacking I agree, but if you damage the PCB...
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    Mushkin/Mushkin Enhanced - where they stand in the court of PC builder opinion

    Still make good RAM, still have amazing customer service.
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    [Scratch Build] Node - 3D Printed PC Case

    would love a break down of the major pieces, what you 3d printed and what other parts you used. How many different pieces make up the shell of the case? What kind of printer did you use? anyway, looks really good!
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    Lian Li case closest in style to PC-X900

    I want to like it, the front is very clean, but I always need one 5.25 bay and the top is ugly with the cutouts. I also dislike how they did the HDD/SSD mounts. For such an expensive case they should have been more inventive.
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    what brand of motherboard has HORIZONTAL M.2 slot at NVME speed?

    I assume he is just confused or only read the specs on the secondary M.2 slot which is only 10gb He also didn't really say what CPU he want planning to use. Yeah if you want a Z97 MB that one you posted has what you need.
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    Windows 10: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

    My windows 10 PC was running great until a forced update last month and then is started crash rebooting at night when idle. I think I have it figured out now, but man these forced updates are such a bad idea. I should have an easy option to prevent auto updates. I will probably have to hack the...
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    [SCRATCHBUILD] One Pillar Pagoda PC Viet Nam Project

    amazing work, 7 days wow. Great job!
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    MSI CPU Guard 1151 Addresses Skylake Bending

    If your CPU breaks due to bending you did something wrong. I know plenty of people who have broken something by accident in short they were not careful enough or made a mistake it happens. It is not the fault of the CPU.
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    Philips Hue Excludes 3rd Party Bulbs With Firmware Update

    I didn't even know what this was until I looked it up. This seems like such a niche product I say who cares, buy something else. I will just program some drones to follow me around the house with fancy lights.
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M vs. Fractal Design Define R5

    The drive cage mounts are not consistent. Some of mine were very solid and others had more movement that I wanted. You can put a screw into the cage to lock each HDD in place. I would agree the HDD cage is one area they could improve on. I wish Lian Li would make something I like. it seems...
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    Top 10 PC Games Of 2015

    Hacknet - never heard of it, but now I am going to try it Rocket League - awesome game City Skylines - not convinced, but I will consider it Ori- Yes please Heroes of the storm - honestly I am tired of this genre of game, but I will agree it is well done Dirt Rally - pfft driving games whatever...
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M vs. Fractal Design Define R5

    No worries. 450D is an airflow case and not a great choice if you want something silent. The top fans seem to make a lot of noise even at low RPMs for me, but this may be due to the tight space my case fits into ( its air noise not actually fan or vibration). I actually have the top fans set...
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M vs. Fractal Design Define R5

    I am actually using this for my storage box which is my Old I7-920 with a bunch of hard drives in it. I added a single Noctua fan to the front and kept the stock fans. It stays cool. I left the top closed. My main system uses a Corsair 450D which is good enough. I was able to get the R5...
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    Independence Day: Resurgence Official Trailer

    well it seems stupid, but I will watch it anyway when its on netflix or something
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M vs. Fractal Design Define R5

    I have a define R5 and I will say that I do like it, very good case, no complaints other than sometimes getting the door on is a pain in the butt and the default fans while good enough do not push a ton of air. I wanted a Enthoo Pro M, but could not find one when I needed it. It is the exact...
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    Motherboard and audio Quality

    Some motherboards have higher quality sound cards built in to them, but honestly I think the more they add the more issues we get. I have an ASUS Ranger and the sound quality is good for what I use it for, but I think if I had to do it again I would just buy a separate sound card. I wouldn't...
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    Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    The R5 has a better designed bottom filter , more HDD bays and better cable routing due to the slant of the MB tray The Suppressor F51 offers a top fan filter and E-ATX support. I think it also does a better job at filtering the front intake. The R5 allows air unfiltered into the sides of the...
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    Which pair of sticks are the better choice?

    Forget the stats you are looking at, if you want to know which ones are more likely to hit the rated speed it is going to be the 3200mhz chips In fact I would suggest you get the Tridentz 3200mhz set.
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    How are cases compatible with mobo's onboard USB 3.0 header

    Your answer has nothing to do with the OP question Motherboard USB headers are all the same, there are USB 2.0 style headers and 3.0 style headers. If your motherboard does not have USB 3.0 and your case does you can get a converter cable to make it work for your front USB ports.
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    520w enough for 970?

    Standard GTX 660 is rated for 140Watts GTX 970 requires 145watts You should be fine. Nvidia says 500W PSU minimum, but they are guessing based on having no idea what else you might have in there. People drastically overestimate the amount of power they need all the time.