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    GIGABYTE AORUS AX370-Gaming 5 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Im using the K7 which I believe is similar if not the same bar being able to adjust BCLK My corsair LPX memory has ran @ 3200 using the XMP profile, super stable from day 1. 3.9GHz @1.35v on a 1600X Bumped it up to 4.0GHz @ 1.4v BIOS 1.392 CPU-Z DRAM Voltage stock XMP setting of 1.35 SOC...
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    Intel Core i7-7700K CPU Synthetic Benchmark Sneak Peek @ [H]

    Well this is disappointing :( although I still may end up purchasing one depending on Zen performance. Have been on a 2500K @ 4.4GHz with very mid level air cooling no issues since 2011! And the only thing to throw a spanner in the works has been BF1. Which tbh ran fine before they patched the...
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    BF3 64 player MP CPU benchmarks!

    good work m8. I wonder how my c2duo @ 4GHz stacks up to a sandybridge! I know I should upgrade but can't stomach ditching my whole rig bar drives and gfx card :( Are you using fraps to bench this? Might give it a go.
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    BF3 Tweaks and Help Thread

    Pretty sure the drawfps command sets it to 30 I removed that one and now get 60 showing on fraps. regarding turning off dx11, I got an error message from windows saying dx9 could not be located / turned on or something along those lines! Ofcourse a fresh install of windows 7 and only new ish...
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    If Quake was made today..

    bunny track for the win. Although not exactly modern.
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    If Quake was made today..

    first few mins BF3 campaign. Find myself on the side of the train being told to hit the space bar? What good will this do? why can't I jump back in through the window bounce someone out the train with a rocket switch to sniper and headshot them before they go outa LoS...?
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    BF3 Tweaks and Help Thread

    Also after anynews on the HT turn off. I am having to run my E8400 4.0GHz on one core due to stuttering and frame spikes. I can sit still and watch my fps vary by 20fps constantly :( Unfortunately one core doesn't quite cut it. If I run on ultra settings (6950 unlocked) the game smooths out as...
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    Stop with this "modern warfare" theme, bring back real FPS games

    have to agree, I recently got battlefield 3 and well ranked up to about 12 through all the prone idiots and omg where am i being shot from. Seriosuly if you are lying on the floor you should be dead, FO prone! and am now totally cba to the point I d/led quakelive. Had 10x more fun for 2 hours...